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Fair Warning

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Summary: “I’m afraid that you nor Death frighten me, Ms. Blake.”

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Anita Blake > Giles-CenteredEffieFR1316825345,97312 Jul 0712 Jul 07Yes
Title: Fair Warning
By: Effie
Disclaimer: I don’t own Anita Blake nor Btvs.
Summary: “I’m afraid that your nor Death frighten me, Ms. Blake.”
Warning: Implied torture; nothing graphic of any nature.

Anita’s POV

I fell forward, sagging against my binds. I gave a low moan through the gag and wondered where things had gone wrong. I was too tired to flinch or shudder as I heard Edward scream.

No, I knew exactly where things had gone wrong.

It hadn’t seemed like a stupid idea given that they were only kids but they weren’t normal by any sense of the word. Edward had called in a favor I nearly forgot I had and I was off with him on a hit he’d been hired for. I didn’t like the fact that we were hunting children. Except they weren’t normal kids and they weren’t monsters.

They aren’t children. My mind whispered.

I raised my head as I heard the footsteps approach. I don’t remember passing out. But I could see the change in lighting from a small window. I don’t know how long I had been out.

I saw the khaki pants, wrinkled, as my eyes rose. I saw that the sleeves had been rolled up from his grey shirt. He was patiently polishing his glasses.

I knew my eyes glinted with hatred. He stared into my eyes and smiled. He placed the glasses back onto his face and spoke. His crisp British accent again betraying the demeanor I had expected from the man. I should have known better.

“You didn’t expect me to be a threat, did you?” He asked again. I glared; the intelligence hadn’t bothered to mention their librarian, their mentor; no, that wasn’t right word.

He brought a water bottle to his lips. It was then that I realized how tired I was not to notice it, and he sipped, slowly before swallowing. I stared at the bottle with no hint of the longing I felt for a drink. He reached for the dirty gag and yanked it off. I coughed.

My hair fell over my face, grimy. I felt something near my mouth and I caught sight the water bottle. “Drink.” He ordered. So that’s why he drank. I thought drinking slowly as he tilted it back for enough access. He drank to prove the water wasn’t drugged.

“Giles?” I heard a small voice call. I shuddered slightly, a girl’s cry: “Giles! Buffy!” I saw the girl, the one I had thought I killed. I had hesitated. Edward hadn’t, but he’d missed because of the boy.

“Yes, Dawn?” A voice laced with concern.

“It’s dead.”

“I’ll be right there.” The girl didn’t move.


“Yes, Dawn?” Again, patience.

“Are you going to kill them?” Her voice was soft.

“Go upstairs,” He told her and the girl was gone, into the shadows.
“Mr. Forrester,” He smiled knowingly, “will be free soon, I suppose.”

I took a deep breath. “Bastard.” I managed to breath out. He laughed.

“I’m afraid that you nor Death frighten me, Ms. Blake.” He glanced down at me, coldly. “Consider this warning enough,” He leaned closer to me. “Do not consider this an act of mercy. I am letting you live because the children asked me not to kill you.”

He looked at me, eyes calm and deadly. “Come after me or my children again, Ms. Blake, and you won’t escape alive or with your sanity.” I smiled at him. His expression didn’t change.

I heard shuffling somewhere to my left. Mr. Giles stood straight up and looked sharply in that direction. “Mr. Forrester, the contractor is also dead.” Giles spoke calmly. “I would suggest you look for another contract.”

I heard Edward staggering and struggling toward me, but Mr. Giles had vanished into the shadows.

A.N: Thoughts? Opinions?

I’ve had this idea of Anita and Edward somehow pissing off Giles by trying to kill the Scoobies and them paying for it.

I’ve rewritten this a few times but this is the final product, I admit it isn’t fairly good. If you want to try the same idea then please do. I am very disappointed with this product.

The End

You have reached the end of "Fair Warning". This story is complete.

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