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The Family Business

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Summary: Hermione Granger leaves the war in the wizarding world behind to find the family that had given her up, her father a man named John Winchester. Buffy rushes to save Dawn and finds more than her little sister. BtVS/Harry Potter/Supernatural crossover.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Real Family
Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester
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Shades Of Grey

Title: The Family Business
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of them.
Rating: PG-13
Fandom’s: Supernatural/Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing(s): Hermione/Ron, Buffy/Dean, Connor/Dawn, Willow/Oz, Xander/Meg
Spoilers: HP post OotP AU books 6 & 7, SPN season 1 post “Shadow”, BtVS post Chosen
Warning: Character death (throughout story)
Summary: Hermione Granger leaves the war in the wizarding world behind to find the family that had given her up, her father a man named John Winchester. SPN/HP/BtVS crossover

A/N: This chapter glosses over the events of “Hell House” a bit and most of the last episodes of SPN will be covered in this story. So far I have a rough estimate of about ten more chapters (give or take a few) left in this story. I also want to let you guys know that a sequel to this is a definite so don’t worry about this world ending anytime soon.

Beta'd by the amazing MuseInspiration who is great in so many ways and deals with my commaphobia.

Next Thursday- More about Lucius’s letter to Buffy. What is the connection between Buffy and Dean? Dean steps up as a big brother and in his own way takes care of his sister. Draco learns about his mother’s death.

Chapter 26 Shades of Grey

Buffy leaned against one of the trees, her arms crossed as she watched Draco follow Oz’s lead, or try to at least. Oz was sitting perfectly still with his legs crossed and his hands resting on his knees. He didn’t twitch or fidget, but then, that had always been Oz; steadfast, calm… even when you knew there was a beast inside that had been let loose three nights a month.

Buffy had always marveled at his ability to center himself; back in Sunnydale she had even been jealous of it.

Draco on the other hand, looked just about ready to jump up and run off. He had fidgeted and twitched and had changed positions time after time. He kept peeking at Oz and Buffy every now and then and now that his eyes had been closed for five minutes straight Buffy believed he had dozed off.

She understood what it was like when there was so much going on in your head that it was impossible to block it all out. His father had just died; she remembered how heavy the pain was, how hollow it made you feel inside; alone, abandoned.

Still, he was trying and if he couldn’t get the hang of meditating yet at least he was getting some sleep.

She knew it would be hard to come by for him.

“How’s he doing?” Dean asked coming up to stand beside her.

Buffy smiled. “He’s asleep.” And she turned to look at yet another person she found herself responsible for. Only with him, it weighed on her more. She knew he could take care of himself; hell he had been doing this longer than she had, but it was different. Now, he had so much power… power even Buffy had never experienced.
Giles had tried to explain that to her. While the male line and the female line shared many similarities, the male line was like a powder keg waiting to explode. Buffy’s power had grown as she had survived year after year and she was in control of it

Dean wasn’t, though. His body had never been prepared for the power he now had and he wasn’t getting the diluted version. He had been made into the source; in him the power would be more focused, more vivid, more dangerous.

His training didn’t help either.

With new Slayers, they started off by teaching them how to fight with the changes in their sense and strength. Some of them had come already knowing how to fight; those were the hardest to train. They had to be taught how to hold back, how to focus that power instead of letting it loose.

Dean grinned down at her pouring on the charm. “Well, it does look amazingly boring.” His smile changed, sharpened. “So you and new wolf boy..?”

“Me and Oz what?”

Dean buried his hands in his pockets trying to look nonchalant. “Were you two an item?”

“Me and Oz?!” Buffy couldn’t help it, she laughed. “Oh god no! - never. Not that he’s not a nice guy, but a world of no on the dating front; he was Willow’s boyfriend.”

Dean snorted shaking his head. “Guess you can’t tell with some people.”

Buffy looked up at him confused. “What do you mean by that?”

Dean shrugged. “She dated a werewolf; I never would have pegged her for the type.”

“There’s a type.” Buffy drawled slowly. “What’s wrong with werewolves?”

“They’re monsters.” Dean declared with conviction his voice flat. “I don’t care if most of the time they walk in human skin… they got a monster inside that likes to tear people apart and they always slip up. Always.”

Buffy shouldn’t have been surprised; it was a view many a Watcher and Slayer shared. She just hadn’t expected on top of everything else, this would be another thing she’d have to teach him. “How do you know that? How can you be sure? Just because something happened to them they couldn’t control, they’re less than us?” She sighed shaking her head. “They have a monster in them but that’s a monster they can control. Can you say the same, Dean?”

“What in the hell are you talking about?” Dean demanded annoyed. They had moved away from Oz and Draco, trying to get some privacy.

Buffy could tell him the truth; she could tell him just exactly how Slayers had been created. But he wasn’t ready for it yet. “What’s to stop you from losing control? All these new fun powers you have... What’s to stop you from slipping up?”

“I won’t.” Dean declared harshly.

“But how do you know that?” she demanded, her voice rising. “What if something happens to your brother? What if you get into a fight and just for a split second, lose control? You don’t know if you won’t slip up either, Winchester, but that doesn’t make you evil; that doesn’t make you a monster.” She lowered her voice her eyes bright with certainty. “Oz is not a monster, neither is Draco.”

Dean looked off balanced but he recovered quickly, shoving his hands in his pockets “I guess we’ll find out then.”

“I guess we will.”

A shrill ring broke the air followed by the distinctive buzz of a cell phone. Dean and Buffy shared a look before both pulling out their separate phones. “Hey.” Dean barked after flipping it open and Buffy watched him walk away for privacy before scanning the caller ID and pushing the talk button.

“Hey Will, Oz is here if that’s what you’re calling about. He even brought along another magic kid for the collection.”

“I’m not calling about that.” Willow’s voice was soft and the Slayer could hear the tension and the bit in pain.

“What’s happened?” She turned away from where she was watching Dean and began walking out of his hearing range. She sank down on a stone bench as a light breeze cooled her skin, chasing away some of the humidity.

“Narcissa Malfoy was killed.” Willow stated flatly.

“What?” Buffy breathed softly going still her eyes widening. “How? What happened?” she fired off the questions feeling her body go numb at the implications.

“I stopped the spell… but before we could get away her sister killed her. Whatever Voldemort wanted, it’s still here.”

“The mystery vamp to kill me.” Buffy mused, her thoughts still stuck on the death of the woman she knew to be Draco’s mother and the letter she had gotten from the boy’s father before his death. “Thanks for telling me,” Buffy muttered. “I’ve got to go. I have to figure out how to tell Draco.”

“Okay.” Willow sounded weak and tired. “I’ll call you later.” Buffy heard the click as her witchy friend disconnected and she closed her own phone, stuffing it into her pocket, the words from that letter swimming in front of her.

“Hey,” Dean came to stand in front of her looking annoyed, “Sammy just called. He thinks he’s found a case and since we’re not exactly doing anything, maybe we should check it out. Some haunted house deal he found on a freaking website.” He paused as she stood thinking it over. “So who called you?”

Buffy blinked, coming out of her thoughts. “Oh, Willow.” She waved her hand, “It’s nothing. So haunted house? Website?”

Dean stared at her for a second before shrugging. “Yeah, don’t know much yet, but if he heads out now he can make it by nightfall and get a jump on it in the morning.”

Buffy nodded. “Sure, I’ll go get the guys.” She headed in the direction they had come from and she could feel Dean watching her, the awareness unlike anything she had ever felt before. Every step she took for him strained something inside of her.

Normally she would care, would be curious but the recent turn of events had other things yelling louder in her mind. What was a little unexplained psychic connection when she had to figure out a way to destroy a person’s world and find a way to build it back up again?

Her life had gotten a hell of a lot more complicated since the Hellmouth had been destroyed.


Xander went over some of the Council records trying to get some paperwork done before he was either sent out for some supplies for the horde of girls that stayed on over the summer or fell asleep where he sat.

The sleep option was looking pretty good. The chair was all soft and cushiony and if one of the girls needed tampons or pads they’d just wake him.

Yup, a small nap sounded good. Giles was doing whatever the Head Watcher guy did in another part of the house and John Winchester sat on the couch, coffee table in front of him strewn with papers and books doing research of some kind.

Xander let his head fall back, closing his eyes as he listened to the sounds of papers rustling and the scrape of a pencil on paper. The document in his hand slipped loose and he could feel it lightly pressing into his side. He was too comfortable to pick it up and put it away; the cushions on the chair were amazing and if he was lucky, he might get a good half hour of something resembling sleep.

He wasn’t lucky at all.

As soon as he felt himself begin to drift off he felt the vibration in his pocket of his ever present cell phone that he wished he had forgotten again. Xander sighed and dragged it out, flipping it open and mumbling, “Harris here.”

“Hey Baby.” the husky voice on the other end was none other than that of his now demonically possessed girlfriend. “I’ve missed you.’

He sat up swallowing and decided to play along. “Hey Meg.” He greeted her back, hoping his voice didn’t tremble or do anything else embarrassing. He could feel John’s eyes on him and he wished he had told the Hunter that Meg the Demon was also Meg his Girlfriend before something else had set up shop in her body.

“Oh Xander, you should know better than try to fool me!” the voice chilled him in a way it never had before and her tone changed, darkened, “I’m not one of your little vampires you can turn to dust.”

“Well, no you’re not.” Xander agreed smartly. “Because they have their own bodies. Seems you don’t even rate that high; you have to infect others to live. Kind of like a parasite… an evil, fungusy type of parasite.”

“What is with you White Hats and the humor? It’s really getting old and I’m not amused.”

“Sorry,” Xander muttered. “I forgot for a second you bad guys don’t have a sense of humor. Hey, maybe that’s why you always lose. All work and no laughs make evil-doers try the same thing over and over again.”

“Don’t worry, this is new.” Meg reassured him bitingly and her voice sharpened. “Imagine my surprise when I found out that little Meggy’s boyfriend was friends with the Slayer of all people; the Slayer that everyone wants to cut open and play with.”

“That Buffy’s a popular girl.” He joked, standing up quickly and his eyes caught John’s gaze who seemed to be avidly listening to his side of the conversation. He began to pace. “Is there a point to this friendly little chat? - or were you just getting lonely…? ‘Cause I got to tell you, I’m over the whole demon thing.”

“I’m hurt.” She sounded anything but. “I want to speak to John.”

Xander grunted. “John who? I don’t know any Johns.” He smiled into the phone as John stood walking over to him and he angled the phone enough so the older man could hear the conversation.

“I don’t believe you Xander.” Meg declared. “Put him on. Now.”

John nudged his arm and Xander sighed, hedging. “Don’t think I’m listening to you… ‘cause I’m not.” He handed the phone over to the other man and watched his face change as Meg said something to him.

Oh yeah! - the guy could do scary with the best of them… “Stay away from my children.” He growled before hanging up the phone and handing it back to Xander, looking annoyed.

“So you know Meg?” The tone was enough for Xander to doubt that any kind of neat Slayer powers he might have could help him if he got in this guy’s bad side.

Xander smiled nervously. “She was my girlfriend before this demon chick took up residence… nice girl.” Xander sobered fidgeting. “And while we’re on the topic, I need to save her! - would you know how one might go about doing that?”

John nodded. “Exorcism.” He hesitated before adding, “But I don’t know how effective that’ll be. The body might be too broken up to survive.”

Xander nodded, understanding. “It can’t hurt to try.”

Something lit up in John’s eyes; a plan. The man stuffed his hands in his pockets, voice flat. “No, it can’t. But an exorcism isn’t exactly done long distance.”

“I guess we’ll have to fix that then.” And Xander made a choice. He could be the hero; he could try because even if this thing with Meg wouldn’t have lasted, one way or another she was still an innocent, she deserved the chance to live.


Dean glared at the two nerds that had been tailing them since the beginning of the case. Ed and Harry were two self-titled ghost hunters that’d had the stones to telll him and his brother that they were amateurs.

Dean and Sam had looked into the house while Buffy and Faith had looked into the symbols that had been painted all over it. They had been the ones to stumble on the little fact that the only reason the “ghost” was real was because Ed and Harry had posted it all over their site and had people believing in it.

It had been amusing to watch Sam geek out over the girls’ connections and the actual database they had gotten him access to.

Dean had been the one to find the easiest and best solution though after a failed attempt to change the legend. He had burnt down the house; which is what they should have done in the first place.

While they had been working on the case, Connor, Dawn and the Oz guy had done a sweep of the local cemeteries and his sister and the rest of the stick waving crew had holed up in one of the latest hotel rooms and had been plotting something or getting up to some kind of trouble that was bound to give Dean a headache.

He was kind with Hermione; she was family. But paired with the rest of the 18 and under crew, he had begun to feel like his job had gone from hunting down evil sons of bitches to babysitting.

Now they were saying goodbye to Ed and Harry and Dean had been gearing up to enjoy his prank with the fish… but the instant Buffy had shown up, the guys had gone geek on him and were drooling all over her.

Apparently they were friends with one of her friends and she was their hero or something.

“Yeah, yeah, we get it. She’s a freaking badass; you guys really should be on your way… Hollywood and everything.”

“She’s more than that.” Harry declared his eyes wide and slightly glazed as he looked at Buffy, who had shifted to stand behind Dean.

She had faced down Hell Gods and The Master, but Andrew’s friends were seriously freaking her out in the ‘she couldn’t slay them’ way but she wanted to run in the opposite direction.

“She’s the Ultimate Slayer! - she’s defeated The Master, the Goddess Glorificus, a government created hybrid called Adam...” Harry trailed off.

Ed picked it up, “And then there was the vampire Angelus; she still killed him even though when he’d had a soul they’d dated.”

Dean turned to Buffy. “You dated a vampire?”

Before Buffy could say anything, Harry interrupted. “Oh not just one!” he seemed to bounce on the balls of his feet as he talked, looking like a hyper squirrel. “She also had a passionate relationship with the vampire Spike, formerly William the Bloody, who fell in love with her and got his soul; he even died to save her and was instrumental in closing the Hellmouth.”

Buffy was distracted from Dean’s glare, looking at Harry in a kind of horrified wonder. “Huh. I thought Andrew was the only one that had a guy crush on Spike.”

“Can we get back to the fact that you dated vampires?” Dean growled. “No wonder you were all monster loving!”

Buffy narrowed her eyes, placing her hands on her hips. “They were good vampires. God! - you are such a bigot.”

Dean snorted. “This coming from the monster lover.”

“Guys what’s going on?” Dawn asked as her and Connor approached. Oz had gone back to the hotel to check on the others.

“We were discussing the relationship between the Slayer Buffy and her vampires, Angel and Spike.” Ed offered helpfully before being pulled to their car by his friend who had the good sense to recognize when it was time to get out of there.

Connor paled at the name and his eyes locked with Buffy’s painfully before he walked past them muttering, “I gotta go...”

“What?” Dean demanded still annoyed. “Is he a monster lover too?”

Buffy crossed her arms, her anger fading as she watched Connor’s retreating back and she began softly, her voice catching everyone’s attention. “There was a prophecy, Angel was Connor’s father. They didn’t have the best of relationships; they fought, Connor tried to kill him a bunch of times but things were pretty good… then Angel died. Connor doesn’t like to talk about it.” And by the tone of Buffy’s voice, it was obvious she didn’t either.

Dawn smiled sadly, nodding in the direction her boyfriend had disappeared. “I’m going to go check on him.” As she moved past her sister, she hugged her gently before leaving.

Buffy closed her eyes before turning to Dean who looked stunned by the revelation. “I get it, I really do. You see things in black and white, good and evil; but the real world doesn’t work that way. You have to learn that there are so many shades of grey.”

Dean swallowed, nodding because if there was one thing that would get to him, it was the relationship between a father and son. He idolized his father, would follow him anywhere, but he knew Sam felt different. They had fought since the moment Sam had realized no one else was going to fight John Winchester. Still, both of them loved their dad and the thought of losing him didn’t sit well. Hell, it burned.

Dean caught Sam’s eyes and could see the understanding there.

Dean turned to Buffy and cleared his throat. “I’m, umm, sorry about the whole monster thing, now and earlier.” He meant it, but he also knew that if one of those monsters did slip up, he would be there to put them down. He got it, shades of grey and all that crap; but that didn’t change the fact that someone had to keep them in line.

A/N2: What character do you want to see get more face (story) time

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Family Business" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Apr 08.

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