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But the Book said...

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Misprints and Misunderstanding". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Xander's headaches turn out to be something less than mundane, the dynamics of the Scoobies shift. New friends and a new prophecy keep things interesting. Oz/Xander pairing, Spike/OC, Greg/OC. Buffy bashing included THIS IS ABANDONED

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash
Multiple Crossings > Spike-Centered
slytherinwithwingsFR183443,24417270183,30912 Jul 078 Apr 09No

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Ch 31: In Which there is Laughter and Love

When the door slammed open, Greg looked up from where he was lying against Diane on the couch. When Oz and Xander hurried past without a word, he knew something was wrong. Of course, Spike and Delvin leaving in a frenzy like they did was a good clue too. Speaking of, there they were, Delvin carrying the C.S.I. field case Greg had given him shortly after he became Diane’s student. Greg grinned at Diane. She smiled indulgently and let him up.

“Go play. I’m staying by the fire.”

“You know you guys are weird for always hanging near a fire in southern California, right?” Greg replied cheekily.

“We’ve been told, brat,” was her bland reply.

He kissed her cheek and took off after Delvin. His relationship with Diane felt odd at times. She acted oddly maternal toward him and he didn’t mind. She was his teacher. She was also his lover, and that was when it started to feel odd. He’d had one night stand, but never a lover that he didn’t love. The sex was great and the closeness kept him from feeling lonely, but they didn’t love each other in the way that couples did. No, he did love her, but more as a friend, older sister, mentor person, thing, whatever. The point was, he knew she thought of him as Student. While he was trying to categorize their relationship, to her it was simple. She told him once that there is no closer bond than that of a Teacher and a Student. Friends, lovers, family, but closer than all that. Your Teacher and your Students were the only Immortals you could ever really trust. Any other might be a friend, or even a lover, but forever with the threat of the Game hanging between them.

If Grissom could see me now, he thought, heading down the stairs into the lab that they’d set up for him to play in.

“Want some help, Delvin?” he asked, spotted the Immortal in the corner.

“Sure,” Delvin said, smiling. “You know more about genetics than I do.”

He was pulling out sealed bags of various organic samples.

“Alright,” Greg replied, pulling on gloves. “What’s the question?”

“The question, dear Gregory, is what is it. We only have human samples and a couple of demon samples to go by, but according to Spike’s and Oz’s nose, it smells like nothing on Earth at all. While it looked slightly like a Satyr, it wasn’t one. So let’s get to work.”

About an hour later, Greg pulled back.

“Okay, I’m gonna go with ‘the nose knows.’ This thing either isn’t from earth or it’s one of those pure demons that Xander says no longer live in this realm. And from how easily it died, I’ll go with the first option.”


“Even with the few demon samples I’ve gotten to study, the base pair are still constructed of the same thing that human base pairs are. ATCG for DNA and AUCG for RNA. They might not always be paired the same way, making them genetically unstable as far as science is concern, but they are there. These have different elements, ones that I can’t identify right off the top of my head. Delvin, they can’t be from this planet.”

The scientist in Greg was like an A.D.D. squirrel on speed at the discovery, the immortal was wondering how to kill something with no clue what it was, and the man was just concerned for his new family. Wondering when he’d been split into three personalities, Greg glanced at Delvin. The older man’s face was almost unreadable, but there was a hint of frustration shining through.

“It may be part of what the prophesy spoke of but if it is, it’s just a minion. It attacked Oz and Alexander and was easily defeated,” he explained. He rolled a couple of dark balls in one hand. “These at least are identifiable. It’s a rare vein of jade. I thought it was onyx at first.” He threw one to Greg.

It was a perfect sphere of black, shot through with red.

“What was it using them for?”


Greg dropped the ball, glaring at Delvin who just laughed merrily.

“That better have been clean, oh ancient trickster,” Greg warned.

“You work with blood and gore and can’t handle a false eye?” Delvin asked, incredulous. He sobered. “It could see out of them somehow. And it used magic to attack. We could speculate on its training and place in its society, but that’s all we have, speculation.”

Greg started at the red and black ball on the floor.

“I’m new to the whole magic thing still, but if it could see out of them, do you think someone else can watch us through them too?”

“It’s possible. Just to be safe…” Devlin scooped up the ball and dropped it and its companion into a shoe box, marked it ‘jade collection’ and set it to the side. “There.”

Greg stared at the box, then at Delvin, then back at the box. He shook his head.

“I thought Grissom had an odd sense of humor.”

Delvin’s laughter could be hear throughout the mansion.


Upstairs, Xander stripped his lover of the oil-slick, foul-smelling clothes and led him to the bathroom. Oz had been quiet. But it wasn’t his normal laconism at work. Oz was deeply upset.

Stripping down while Oz stood passively, Xander then turned on the shower and pulled the unresisting werewolf under the spray with him. Soaping up his hands, he thoroughly and gently washed every bit of the compact body, all the while trying to find a way to comfort Oz. He knew what was bothering him. Oz hated going feral, the memories of attacking Tara and Willow, of killing Veruca all surfacing each time in the quiet aftermath of the bloody haze.

Electing to say nothing just yet, Xander cleaned himself far less carefully than Oz, then he dried them both off in a similar manner. Tenderly pulling Oz along with him, he got on the bed, laying Oz down beside him. Oz just lay on his back, staring listlessly at the ceiling. Xander propped himself up on one elbow, leaning over Oz.

Smiling slightly, Xander traced a finger over Oz’s brow, then cheekbones and chin, finally getting a response. Those light, lovely eyes turned to Xander, and he seemed almost confused. Xander didn’t lose his smile, just leaned in and pressed a few light kisses, following the same path as his finger had. At first Oz didn’t respond other than to watch Xander with that same bemused look. When Xander got to his chin, he responded but only to pull away.

“Hey,” Xander whispered, turning Oz’s face back to him by taking his chin gently. “Why would you pull away from me?”

“Why would you want to touch me?” Oz asked, bleak confusion in his voice.

“Is that a trick question?” Oz looked away again. “Oz, why would I not want you just as much now as I did two hours ago? I knew you were a werewolf then. Hey, I even knew you could change when you were upset instead of only at the full moon. So again, why should I want you any less?”


“Do you want me any less after Delvin kills me everyday?”

“Xander-logic.” There was an almost smile on Oz’s face.

“All this was, was a reminder of what we already knew. God knows, you see far more reminders of my weirdness than I do yours but I promise you, I wasn’t shocked.” He kissed Oz deeply. “Promise, promise.”

Oz’s mouth twitched making Xander dive back in for another longer kiss that was all tongues and teeth and wet and warm. Xander shifted so that he was on top of Oz, their height differences less obvious or important while they were lying down. Feeling Oz harden against him, Xander smiled into the kiss. The kiss became harder, wilder, the fragile atmosphere vanishing. When they broke for air, Oz was moaning and thrusting against the larger body on top of his.

“Inside, Xander,” he snarled. “Want.”

“Yessss,” Xander hissed, groping around for the lube they kept under the pillow. Sometimes the side table was just too damn far away. Slicking his fingers, he dipped his hand between them, first stopping to cup Oz, rolling his balls, before sliding down to his cleft. Carefully but not all that gently, he plunged one finger into the enticing hole he found there. With Oz growling and moaning under him, Xander knew he’d just get bitten if he tried to take it slow. First one, then two, then three fingers plunged in and out of Oz, then Xander hurriedly slicked his own rigid shaft and aligned himself.

“Oz?” he growled.

Oz arched his back, baring his throat. Xander gasped and thrust forward, lunging to bite and suck at Oz’s neck. Oz’s tight heat surrounded him, clenching and massaging with each thrust. This moment always got to him, the part where no matter how strong he was, no matter how aggressive he’d been, Oz began to completely own Xander. Yes, Xander was the alpha, he was the one on top, thrusting and biting, but it felt as though Oz was in his head, controlling his every movement and passion. Oz was the one enabling this mating, this love-making. He knew how to make Xander react, and Xander loved it. During their love-making, he always knew how to give Oz what he needed. In times like this, Xander’s pleasure, while it was definitely physical, came more from what he gave. The whimpers and moans gave Xander as much pleasure has the heat and pressure of Oz’s body clenching around him.

“Ozzzz,” Xander moaned feeling himself close to the edge.

“Xander, yeah,” Oz panted, clenching around him. Xander felt hot semen hitting his stomach and it pushed him over the edge. As he emptied himself into his lover, he caught Oz’s mouth again, devouring his mouth hungrily.

As the thrusting slowed, the kiss gentled. Oz’s arms and legs settled around Xander’s body. Xander eased out of Oz regretfully, always regretfully when it ended and always looking forward to the next time. Shaking off Oz’s legs, he lay down beside Oz, pulling him close. Oz lay with his head pillowed over Xander’s heart, with Xander carding his hand through his coarse thick hair.

I love him, Xander realized. He stopped himself from tensing or saying anything, but it was a near thing. You knew this was coming, Xan. You hoped it would. So why does the fact of it suddenly scare the hell out of you?

Sighing, he kissed Oz’s forehead and whispered, “Let’s get some sleep, huh?”


“Getting started without me,” Xander muttered as his eyes began to drift closed.

AN: My deepest and humblest apologies for the long nothing between chapters. I’m afraid that won’t change, but I promise this story will not be dropped. I love you, you love me, we all love the Xan and Oz.
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