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But the Book said...

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Misprints and Misunderstanding". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Xander's headaches turn out to be something less than mundane, the dynamics of the Scoobies shift. New friends and a new prophecy keep things interesting. Oz/Xander pairing, Spike/OC, Greg/OC. Buffy bashing included THIS IS ABANDONED

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash
Multiple Crossings > Spike-Centered
slytherinwithwingsFR183443,24417270183,75512 Jul 078 Apr 09No

Ch32. In Which Diane is Blunt

See Chapter One for Disclaimers.

Ch 32. In Which Diane is Blunt

Spike entered the mansion with a flourish, only to find no one there to appreciate the entrance. Pouting slightly, he went into the sitting room where Diane was sitting in front of the fire leafing through some of Glenda’s old books. He sprawled out next to her.

“Anything?” she asked, not looking up.

“More than before. Seems Goatboy was one of three. One lives in the water, but no one seen her except the merdemons and they don’t talk so much. The one they call the Hunter is a flying demon type thing. No one knows where they came from, just that they want the One in Two, and they hold demons in contempt,” Spike answered, taking a long pull on his cig. It had only taken a good twenty minutes of torture for the idiot Fyarl to give him that much. “The Hunter might have raw contempt for demons, but he’s not above using them for minions either. Got a bunch waiting on order for something, and none of them know what that I could find out.”

“They weren’t always as they are now,” Diane commented, putting down the book and rubbing her eyes. “Your baggy friend said something about becoming part demon to better hunt them. My guess, they were all one species once. The satyr seemed like a mad scientist experiment gone wrong.”

“Where are the others?” Spike asked, the mention of experiments too much for him at the moment.

“Oz and Xander haven’t come out of their room, and Del and Greg are still in the lab,” she answered. “Why? Are you gonna make a move?”

Spike just glared. Stupid wench knew well that he wasn’t. She just shrugged, unconcerned.

“Just so you know, Mr. Giles and I have a bet on who makes the first move. I’m not telling whose betting for which so you don’t sabotage it,” she continued, in that same discussing-the-weather tone.

“And which one of you has their money on me getting staked if it’s me?” Spike growled, unaccountably hurt by what he saw as cruel taunting.

Jade eyes rolled briefly. “Need I remind you that one of us is betting on him making the move? You and he are both idiots. I doubt that will change. Maybe you should try being idiotic together. At least then there might be less frustrated angst in the air.”

Annoyed, he kept glaring. “You hate me. Remember. You never thought he should spend time with me when I was human and you hate me more now that I’m not. Please, feel free to keep mocking my feelings but don’t expect me to play into it.”

Now she looked annoyed. Using very deliberate motions, she closed her book and turned to him face him fully.

“I will say this once, Spike, William, whoever you are at any given moment. I seldom waste the energy to hate anyone. It’s reserve for people who hurt my brother, my teacher, or my student. First, as a human, you were too innocent for him. He would have pined and acted dumb, but he would have never made a move.

"Second, you hurt my brother. I hated you. You’re not hurting him and don’t seem likely to again. I don’t hate you. You have the capacity to make him very happy. I’m inclined to encourage that. However, this pussy-footing you two are doing with each other, it’s annoying. You want him. He wants you. You’re both confused and uncertain about how to go about this whole thing, so neither of you acts. You’re both dangerously close to waking up in a locked room until you come to some sort of understanding.”

With a final glare, Diane turned back to her book. Spike found he really had no reply to that, so he climbed to his feet and went up to his room without another word.

Once there, he had nothing to do, so he just paced. Stupid bint. Nannering busybody. Annoying, sodding, stupid… What did she know?

She’s known Delvin for four thousand years. Maybe…

No, she’s just being annoying.

What if she’s not?

Why am I talking to myself?

Spike growled at himself and threw himself onto the bed. Then he froze.


Did she say Giles was in on this bet?!?!

AN: teehee. I enjoyed this chapter, even if I had to use unspeakable torchure on my muse to get it written. My most abject apologies, but I think y’all are probably used to my slow updates by now. So thank you for sticking with me as I work through this block.
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