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If Lachesis Had Wove the Thread Differently ...

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Adoption Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: [HIATUS] Three women, some thread, and a pair of scissors. What a scary thought.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyPrincessTaiFR1338,066053,45913 Jul 0724 Jul 07No

Clotho Spins ...

Disclaimer: See Prologue. I own nothing.


Chapter 1: Clotho Spins ...

Of course they knew he would arrive even before he appeared in front of them in a flash of light. Then again they had probably made it that way. However, knowing did not mean they paid him any mind when he did arrive. He was nothing to them, just another thread in the evergrand loom of life that could easily be snipped, snipped ... right off.

Continuing their work they didn't look up as his thundering foots steps quaked and sounded through the room until he stop directly behind the red head, towering over her and hoping to intimidate. Key word 'hoping'.

"What is this that I hear of the Abomination being reborn?!"
The man, that is if you dared to call him just a man, had a booming voice something akin to the roaring sounds of a storm as clouds rolled through a dark sky. It was a voice that commanded and was used to being obeyed and feared by all.

All but three.

The master of the powerful voice was beyond livid. Angry at what they had done. Angry because he already knew that he would receive an answer that he would not like. Angry that they continued to ignore him and not give him the respect he deserved. Moreover, it made him angrier that he, Zeus king of the Skies and all the other gods, had to demean himself to question the decisions of others. It irritated him beyond all else, that he could not simply order them, these three beautiful young women, to do his will; could not bend them to his way.

He was even more infuriated over the fact that when the brunette one rose an amused brow in his direction that the beat of his heart rose in speed and that his brows and hands began to perspire. He was afraid of them. They knew it. It was only because they found his anger entertaining that they did not remove him from their presence. After all he may like to believe that no one had the right to question him but they knew that people had the right to question, it was the way they were created, nonetheless they also knew that they didn't have to answer. To anyone. At least as far as he knew they did not have to answer to anyone.

"Now, now daddy don't be cross."
The blonde one said in mock pout, her husky voice playing as a wicked little whisper and her dark eyes flashing with delight. "Everyone deserves a chance to go home."

"After all it was your stupidity that led her to being sent to our dimension in the first place,"
The eldest, a redhead snarled, "father." The word made into a degrading insult as she sneered, her dark eyes filled with loathing as she looked him up and down. "We did what could do and contained her and gave her a brother, a child destined for healing ... or pain." She cut her eyes to the brunette who shrugged.

"I haven't decided yet. Perhaps both."
She mused as her fingers caressingly trailed down the patterns spread across her loom.

"You could have simply cut her thread!"
Zeus glared down at all three of them.

The red-head threw her head back, the way a bull about to charge would, as she spun around to face him. "And YOU!" She spat, pointing a long, manicured finger at the god, "could have had your share of whores in this dimension but you decided to go to bring your 'glory' to another and look what happened! They sent her here. We cannot account for free will, you bastard and unlike you we have a healthy respect for it, nor can we overstep what was made by others. We maybe the fates but we are the ones for this earth and those connected to it. NOT to a helldimension that. Let alone one NOT in our domain!" She bellowed before shrugging but her anger and annoyance at his daring was still palpable. "We can not cut what we did not spin."

"But we can," the brunette said with a mischievous grin at their genius,
"twist and turn it to our way. And to one of our own. Everything has a clause. Anything can be destroyed. Even you," The smile sliding quickly off of her features as she gave him a pointed look. He forgot his place at times. And while they did find their dearest daddy to be amusing he had a way of trying their last nerve. Long fuses always did explode the loudest. "and perhaps ... even us?"

The redhead snorted.
"But only when this world ends. Which, by the way tell sister Artie that one of her own will be rather good at saving our butts."

The blonde nodded and giggled. After she spinned the thread she was currently on, she would do that of the Chosen One of the Hunt; the girl that would defy both Thanatos and Hades not once but thrice.

"Are there any other questions that you have for us?"
The brunette asked sweetly.

Zeus glared at his daughters. Oh how he hated them. Along with Ares, Artemis, and that waste of space Dionysos he wished he had never borne them; they were the rare occurrence that made him wish that he had learned to abstain from sex ... that or at least prefer males more.

"And when she seeks for what for what can bring her home?" His scorn for their plan dripping in every word that spilled from his mouth.

An unholy grin grew on the redhead's face when her sister the brunette, the weaver, answered.
"We tie it to one of strength. To one of prophecy."

"You'd play with prophecy?!"

"Oh, hypocrite you're enough to push me off men forever."
The redhead snarked. "As if you should talk! Shall I remind you of someone?
Someone who had to become a last minute addition to the loom, because SOME idiot god had to go bump uglies with said someone's mother?"

Zeus actually turned a dull red.

"Do you know that someone? That nuisance someone named Heracles." This was said with a bit of a fond grin, or as much of a fond grin, the one with the shears was ever known to muster. Unlike many other of their siblings and other family members the Moirea had a soft spot in their hearts for their half-god brother. It never ceased to amuse them how he tried to fight what they had set out for him, and it never ceased to endear him to them how he picked up the pieces to his life whenever they had to screw him over.

"Lucky for you, little brother always manages to twist aunty Ananke the right way. Lucky for you, we LIKE free will. Who would have thought such a nuisance clause would aid rather than hinder our imagination?” The blonde grinned.

"Oh, yes." The weaver continued her spinner sister's train of thought.
"You took your will to another dimension and caused dissension among three goddesses getting one sent here. We created a body in order to keep her under control, with a clause of course. Loopholes are necessary because of free will, never know how things can go with these mortals and we need that flexibility, you know. Anyway, we know there is only so long her brother can hold that beast down; she will want to go home. Which brings us to the key … the one who needs protection. We'd tie her to Artemis' boytoy if we had forseen your stupidity but ahhh .. well, there are other champions yet to be born. That are about to be born if you just go away and let me do my job."

"Which champions?"
Zeus asked his curiosity, per usual, getting the best of him.

"Not one of yours that's for sure. At least never directly."
The brunette amended. "We are thinking between one of Artie's one. The one of light or the one of grey. Perhaps Gaia's red one. There are the two of Hekate's Merlin prophesied by one of Apollo's."'

This is where the blonde sighed.
"It's a shame that we can not give it to the aliens. The Kyrptonian would have been a perfect candidate!"

"As would as the Antarian general."
The brunette acknowledged, with a slightly sad smile.

"But they are not in our domain yet sisters, not to mention they are yet to be born."

"H-how do you decide?"
Curiosity was what compelled him to stay.
No god knew, not even Apollo the god of prophecies, how the Fates came upon their decisions.
And since they weren't kicking him out yet ...

The sisters shared another look, the blonde gazing up at the brunette who tilted her head and turned to gaze upon the redhead who snorted and then looked down at the blonde. The process was slow and deliberate as if they were conversing with their eyes or seeing something beyond what was currently in the dingy room. Zeus had to admit it was well ... creepy.
Especially how they suddenly all grinned and turned twinkling darks eyes at him in what seemed to be in the exact same second.

"Process of elimination."
The redhead smirked in a way that had the king of the gods suspicious.

"Obviously it can't be the one of Gaia's. We need her to almost end the world."
The brunette calmly said.

"Wh-what?! End the world?!"

"Mm-hm. And no you can't do a damn thing to stop it, it is not in your destiny to do so.
That can't be changed by free will. Aunt Ananke said so, so there!" The blonde stuck her tongue out at her father.

"And the one of the grey? Many threads will turn different ways if she does not go for a stint on the wild side." The redhead said. "A sibling would stop it, giving her a responsibility and keep her on a path entirely of white and we cannot allow that."

"So that leaves Artemis' one of light or the one of Hekate."

Zeus stood there giving them his undivided attention. Boy would he have a story to give next time he went to play poker with his brothers. Hades was always beyond annoyed at how they kept him from having Hercules’ soul, he was sure that the dour god of the underworld would love to learn how they did it. Possibly enough to keep him in whores for the next millennium!

"Must say I am partial to the one of light."
The blonde said, finishing up the spinning of the gorgeous bright green thread. It seemed to actually glow. "I foresee a great shade of Loreal in her future."

The redhead actually laughed, not unkindly, at her sister as she leaned once again against the scissors; her demeanor casual. "Yes well I always did like Hekate better than Artie."

"Hmmm?" A pensive expression coming over the brunette sister's face as she removed her hand from her loom. Zeus took a step closer, trying his best to hang on to their every word and expression. His face was bright with child-like excitement it was easy to see how such a callous bastard could endear even the coldest of hearts with such a look.

Tapping along her jaw with one thin finger the brunette slowly grinned as if a genius idea had just settled in her mind. It was all Zeus could do not to shake her and demand her to tell him already. "Heads ..." she said slowly, " or ... tails?"

The look of shock and disbelief that settled on the handsome king of gods' face was quite comic at least the sisters thought so. "What?!" Zeus squawked.

All three women blinked innocently at him.

"No, I-please go on." Missing how the sisters smiled at his use of the word 'please'. He had not even realized how he had used the word for he truly wanted to see how this would go.

"Which shall it be?"

The blonde one said. "Last time I picked tails and now those dratted Red Sox are going to beat my Yankees."

"It could have something to do with skill."

The redhead gave her younger sister a smug and smarmy smirk.

"Ladies, NOT now."
The brunette said cutting off whatever the blonde was going to say.
Her younger sister huffed. And her oldest smirk widened, as usual.

With a roll of her eyes the brunette flipped the coin.
"Oh, well ... ummm,"

"Oh don't say it!"
The blond pouted.

"Sorry sister. It's tails."

The redhead flashed her youngest sister a triumphant grin.

"The key will go to one of Hekate, one of the wizards born on the last of Ceaser's month."

"But which one?" The blonde questioned. "And you know what we do to one we must do to the other."

"Of course," The eldest agreed. "I've always been partial to green." Her own eyes, a dark shade of hunter, flashed in amusement.

The blonde's shoulders sagged in defeat," Fine. But I want the one that should have been long of bottom to have a special sister too."

"Spin and I will weave it." The brunette smiled. "But you know, now that they both will have sisters we cannot possibly leave them with the wealthy pigs and their giraffe matron nor with the sharp-tongued crone. The former would be less likely to take two and the latter wouldn't be able to handle it at her age."

Zeus eyes continued to watch them, going forth and back and then back and forth between the sisters, his full attention on them. It wasn't what he was expecting but it was still oddly interesting.

"I hope you don't suggest Merlin's descendent, his path would only lead to confusion." The blonde quickly said. "Nor the one of Pan's, he'd accidentally get one of them eaten by some strange magical creature. You know how Pan's favored are. Heart in the right place, mind up a horses ass."

"Clotho!" The redheaded one clicked her tongue in disapproval as the brunette giggled and Zeus eyes widened in shock. The blonde's vulgarity, one could tell was a rarity because it took a lot to have Zeus shocked.

"It's true." Clotho shrugged, she was not going to feel bad about it. They were good hearted people but when it came to their animals or their nature they became easily distracted.

The redhead rolled her eyes.

"I don't see you suggesting people!"

"Angita's blessed." She said simply.

Her younger sisters blinked at that. It was rare for the Roman goddess of witchcraft, magic, and snakes to choose a favored as the other gods were wont to do since Hekate the Greek goddess of witchcraft and Trivia the Roman goddess of magic both covered her domain. The healing goddess never saw any need to enter the bitter squabbles that gods liked to enter when they spotted a special mortal; well almost never. There were a few cases where the sharp-witted female laid claim to a witch or wizard before they were born, three quite recently. All three boys. One a sadistic monster, the other a confused and perhaps unwilling murderer, and the third was truly Hekate’s but she kept an eye on him as he nestled in his mother’s womb. After all he would not be what he was meant to become if not for her first boy.

"Him?!" Clotho's eyes widened in shock, before she nodded slowly. Warming up to the idea. "He'll have a hard time protecting all four of them while serving two masters."

"But he'll have help."The middle sister put in.

"Of course ... Still a very difficult time though. This changes everything."

"As if adding the key to the world of witchcraft wouldn't have been already?" The question was said in amusement.

The blonde laughed, dark blue eyes twinkling. "True. Very true."

"Well sisters?" The eldest asked impatiently.

"Yes." The younger two nodded in agreement. "That's the way it shall be."

Zeus blinked. "That's IT?!" His irritation falling back upon him like a wave licked the sand. "That's it? That's how you decide peoples' fates? Flip a coin and chatter amongst yourselves?"

"Were you expecting something else?" The one with the scissors asked cooly, raising a brow slowly.

"Yes!" Zeus hissed and roared. There was no need for yelling but he felt as if he had oddly been duped.

The sisters all smiled the same mysterious smile at him, as if in the exact second.

It really was ... creepy.

"Hmm." They said as one. For they knew it was not how you chose something that was the true excitement but the outcome. And if things played out the way they hoped (or better yet in a completely different way) it would be one hell of an outcome.

Oldest looked to middle, who looked to youngest, and who looked to oldest again and as one they looked at Zeus.

"Sit." The middle conjured a chair.

"Wait." The youngest flicked her hand and instantly Zeus found himself seated against his will.

"And see." The oldest snorted.
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