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A Hero's Triumph

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Summary: Superpowers aren’t always a good thing.

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matthewFR1816251155,35914 Jul 0714 Jul 07Yes
Disclaimer: Joss made Buffy and Angel. Other people did the various DC and Marvel heroes. Not me.

Summary: YAHF. Superpowers aren’t always a good thing.

Challenge 2738: Xander and the Universal Defenders

While shopping at Ethan's, Xander buys costume parts and props based on 8 Marvel Comics and 1 DC/C.C. Beck's Comics characters ((Silver Surfer, Firelord, Airwalker, Terrax, Ronin the Accuser, Nova(Richard Rider), Super-Skrull, Captain Marvel(Billy Batson) and the Kree Captain Mar-Vell)). When Ethan's chaos spell is activated, Xander becomes all 9 individual superheroes simultaneously. When the Janus idol is destroyed, Xander keeps everything that made the 9 superheroes who they were while keeping his original outward appearance. But when danger happens or when Xander says Shazam, he becomes all 9 superheroes. Meanwhile in the Marvel and DC universes, all 9 superheroes also get everything that made Xander who he was and use the Xander Harris persona as an extra alter ego/secret identity while on at least Earth. You decide what happens next.

Must not have:
1)Xander slash.
2) death of Xander nor deaths of previously mentioned superheroes.
3) Superhero slash.

Xander Harris was a very annoyed teenager. Not an altogether unusual phenomenon, true, but at least he had a reason for it. Due to an extreme lack of cash, he could not afford an actual Halloween costume; rather, he was digging through the bargain bin for bits and pieces that might work together.

“Hmm… one of these, one of those, maybe this sucker here. Not great but it ought to work.”

Wrapped up in his irritation over his mix n’match costume, Xander never saw the malicious smile on the shop owner’s face as he paid for his purchases.


The chaos spell spread from the idol of Janus, enveloping the whole town and transforming those inhabitants unlucky enough to have worn the enchanted costumes. No one, however, was more transformed than Xander Lavelle Harris. While most of those affected had a single costume, he had no less than nine. He screamed as fire erupted inside of him, for not only was he struck by the magic lightning of Shazaam, but also endowed with the Nova Force, the shapeshifting abilities of a Skrull warrior, the psionic energies of the Kree, and, most of all, a fourfold Power Cosmic.

The conflicting responsibilities, mindsets, and experiences of the nine mighty fictional characters, including the combined angst of four beings who had killed literally dozens of planets by leading their master to them, hit Xander like a sledgehammer. His eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed onto the ground. This was why, even with his mighty powers, he was unable to resist when, several minutes later, Spike came across his unconscious form and decided to have a spot of fun.


Xander’s next thoughts were of hunger, anger and hate. He wanted to eat, but more importantly, he wanted to break something. He looked around, but there was no light, and he appeared to be trapped in a wooden box of some kind. Fortunately, he had just the trick for the job.


The magic lightning burst through earth and wood, empowering the newly made vampire with abilities once found only in the imagination of comic book writers. Spike cowered as the mightily empowered Xander Harris quite literally rose from his grave and glanced around, contempt and hate radiating from his face.

“To me, my board!”

With those words, the angry, nearly all-powerful being whose conscience had been ripped away summoned the Power Cosmic, and proceded to lay waste to his surroundings. Nothing could survive the onslaught as he sought more and more victims for his rage. In the end, the Earth itself was shattered in his fury, leaving him to search through space for new life to eradicate..


Elsewhere in the multiverse, Twinkies became a great hit on several Earths, and were introduced into the Kree and Skrull empires, to the great dismay of their dieticians.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Hero's Triumph". This story is complete.

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