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The Clone Slayer

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Summary: The Trio play their games with Buffy in Season 6, resulting in Buffy being forced to a galaxy far, far away.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7


The Clone Slayer

Chapter 2


Authors notes:

Just to forewarn people, I'm not mad keen on rehashing Attack of the Clones dialogue, but I'm going to have to set the scene for Buffy to change what happens so there will be some original lines.

Also, to answer arkeus review, it probably will be Buffy on her todd in the first instance, but (as you'll see) I do plan on her knowing a bit about the Star Wars universe. As far as I could tell Buffy's not an uber Star Wars fan, and thinks it's all a bit geeky, so she wouldn't be likely the have a real in depth knowledge.


A golden light percolated through the numerous silvery spires that formed Coruscant. The city literally covered the entire globe with its silvery structures. It served as the heavily fortified capital of the Galactic Republic. From space Coruscant looked like some giant faceted jewel when it caught the light; and like so many great gems on close inspection at its heart was a flaw.

Streams of small air craft wove their way through the space between the buildings, forming lanes of traffic that seemed to have no end. Senator Amidala's craft was a particularly sleek looking silver, that had made it from the lush world of Naboo (which was a complete contrast to Coruscant).

Onboard the senator's vessel from Naboo, Senator Amidala sat in her thrown like chair (it was a large white chair mounted on a raised platform) dressed in a regal red cloak with her hair made up and acknowledged a plainly dressed security officer that entered her chamber (that was also white). The senator was, judging by her looks, around twenty three or so years of age, although it was hard to tell with the make up she had on making her features appear porcelain. Many had made the observation that she was a little young for a senator.

"Senator, we're making out final approach in to Coruscant," he said with an air of urgency, informing her of their imminent arrival.

The senator looked to her side at the man, a response was required for him to return to his station. "Very good, lieutenant," Senator Amidala confirmed, without showing any real conviction.

The Naboo cruiser landed on a landing pad which protruded from one of the higher buildings. Along side the cruiser landed three much smaller one seater fighter craft, the pilots of which were opening their hatches and climbing down the rungs on the side of their craft while the main cruiser was still extending its boarding platform.

One of the fighter pilots, a middle aged man known as Captain Typho, quickly removed his helmet revealing his dark short cut hair and ran over to another of the pilots currently in the process of removing her helmet.

Captain Typho started talking to this female pilot before she had a chance to finish removing her helmet. "We made it. I guess I was wrong, there was no danger after all." She cocked her helmeted head at him, and gave him a small nod to affirm what he had said.

The main docking ramp had by this point finished extending from the cruiser and had made contact with the metallic surface of the landing pad. The Senator, a Jedi Knight, an astro droid and communications droid started to trundle down the ramp along with a couple more plain clothed security guards. When the entourage had made it about two thirds of the way down the ramp, there was a blinding flash of light that quickly expanded and deposited a blonde haired girl immediately behind the group. She looked confused, and less that happy. The portal winked out of existence as silently as it had come in to being.

The Jedi in the group, Anakin Skywalker, instantly sensed the disturbance in the force and started to turn to see what had occurred to cause this. He, however, was unable to complete his turn as another event prevented him from doing so, due to other events. An explosion ripped through the hull of the cruiser sending debris flying. Everyone on the ramp was floored by the explosion, and thrown some distance away by the blast. This ship itself was little more than a burning wreck, and the party from Naboo were in various stages of shock and injury due to the blast.

Most of the people on the ramp had been protected to a certain degree by the mysterious girl that just appeared from nowhere. Unfortunately, the Senator, had been out in the front by some way and had been hit by a piece of flying shrapnel from the blast. The female pilot who had been talking to Typho ran to her side and removed her helmet to reveal a woman who looked very similar to the apparent queen.

"Cordé", the female pilot said (who was in reality Padme Amidala, the Senator for Naboo in disguise). The need for the disguise was now becoming apparent. The real Senator, dressed as a pilot, held the decoy to her.

"I am sorry, M'Lady... I'm...", Cordé struggled to talk, "not sure I... I've failed you, Senator." She looked pleadingly to the real senator crouched over her.

"No..." Padme cried out, staring the dying women in the face. How could she not blame herself for the death of one of her loyal hand maidens?

The mysterious blonde girl was all but forgotten for the moment. Anakin had spotted her, but chose to go to Padme as it was clear whoever had dropped in to existence behind them was out cold and was going no where since she had certainly taken the brunt of the explosion that would have otherwise hit Anakin and a few others further back on the ramp.

Captain Typho quickly made his way over to the real senator urgently, "M'Lady, you are still in danger here."

Senator Amidala got up reluctantly, observing the destruction and death surrounding her. Her eyes have a sheen of watery tears over them. She lingers for a second over her dead handmaiden, and also the unmoving body of the blonde haired girl.

"I should never have come back..." Padme commented without looking at anyone in particular.

"This vote is very important," Captain Typho told her, "You did you duty - Cordé did hers. Now come!"

Padme didn't respond and just stood, the reality of what just happened sinking in.

"Senator Amidala, please!" The Captain insisted.

She slowly turned and walked towards the building. The astro droid, R2D2 letting own a low series of electronic beeps, as if in sympathy with the Senator. Anakin beckoned a guard and pointed him in the direction of the mysterious girl - his place was by Padme for now.

The Senate, Coruscant

The Senate was a gigantic domed building that was at the very heart of Coruscant. It was the power behind the republic, and where, in theory at least, the law of the entire galaxy was decided upon. It was a beautiful building commissioned over a millennia ago. The sun glistened over its domed surface, wafts of fog still clung in the air this early.

Inside the gigantic debating chamber row after row of circular pads were suspended in mid air by the mysterious technology that seemed to allow all manner of machine to defy the laws of gravity. And, at the heart of the debating chamber was a circular dais on which Supreme Chancellor Palpatine stood.

Today, the chamber was alive with intrigue, gossip and talk. The issue for debate was chalked as being the formation of an army for the republic. The Chancellor's Major-domo, Mas Amedda, scooted around between different worlds pads trying to calm the chamber down.

Eventually, Mas Amedda, used the address system. "Order! We shall have order! The motion for the formation of a Armed Force for the Galactic Republic takes precedent, and is listed on the schedule for debate today."

With the formal pronouncement of the order of running for the day things settled down. The Supreme Chancellor, a now elderly figure cloaked in his almost regal garbs, stood to address the senate. He looked worn by countless arguments and pressures that many of the other senators could imagine but did not particularly wish to share.

"My esteemed colleagues..." he looked like he wasn't going to be able to continue for a time. "Excuse me... I have just received some tragic and disturbing news. Senator Amidala of Naboo has been assassinated!"

The Chancellor held on to the edges of the lectern, letting the silence wash over him. His appearance was of a man rocked to his core.

"This is a grievous blow and is especially personal to me. Before I became your Chancellor I worked for Padme when she had been elected queen on Naboo. She was a great leader. She fought tirelessly for justice, not only here in this chamber, but also back home. I recall she could have been elected queen for life, if she had allowed it. She believed in public service. She believed in democracy. Her death is a loss to her all, but I will miss her friendship and her spirit..." Palpatine bent over his lectern and stopped talking, the emotional toll seemingly haven made its mark.

One of the pads, belonging to Ask Aak of Malastare, moved forward to speak. "How many more must die before this ends! We must be able to defend ourselves. We must have forces at our command. Surely, to believe we can do this without forming an army is foolish!" He said, heatedly.

Another pad moves forward, this belonging to Darsana, Ambassador for Glee Anselm. "Why weren't the Jedi able to stop this assassination? Are we no longer safe under their protection?" He sounded frantic.

Palpatine seemed to right himself, and then addressed the chamber. "I seem to find myself needing to remind the honourable representative for Malastare that we are in negotiations with the separatists to try and cease this travesty. Also, I have complete confidence in the abilities of the Jedi order - I see no reason to doubt their ability to protect us, or indeed to use the force..." Palpatine seemed to gaze off in to the distance for some time, as if thinking of something else - perhaps somewhere else.

"However, after today, after all what has happened I cannot help but wonder if it will be enough. We rely on the Jedi, but there are so few, and we are so many." The Supreme Chancellor watched his words do their work. "I begin to see the reason behind building a force to defend ourselves with. I believe in peace as much as any, and I know Senator Amidala herself would have partitioned to preserve peace at all costs, but we would only be building a force so we could protect ourselves should a need arise..."

To those in the chamber it appeared the Supreme Chancellor was as much debating with himself whether it was really the right thing to do, as much as making a speech to persuade them one way or another. He seemed to snap out of this after a few moments. "I no longer think I can be impartial in this matter. After today I fear my personal feelings over the assassination of Ambassador Amidala may cloud my judgement. Therefore, I respectfully withdraw from this debate, and leave it to the senate to make its decision."

Palpatine pressed a couple of buttons on his console and his central podium began to retract back in to the floor. By design, the central podium opened directly in to the chambers of the Supreme Chancellor. The chamber was deathly silent as the chancellor withdrew.

Coruscant Medical Facility

On a well cushioned bed lay an unmoving female of about twenty who was currently clothed in the mid-blue hospital scrubs that she had been put in when she was brought in. The bed was in a well lit room with soft pastel blue walls, giving the hospital ward as much of a friendly feel as was possible.

Beside her bed sat Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi's Padawan, still dressed in the Jedi robes he had been wearing earlier. After successfully delivering the senator to the senate, he had made a beeline to find out some more about the girl that had literally popped up.

Buffy groaned and moved her head from side to side. Consciousness was creeping back up on her, and she had a horrible feeling she wasn't going to like what she found. Her back ached the kind of ache she got when she's fallen on it. She opened an eye and noticed a cute guy sitting next to her bed, clearly not expecting her to be awake so soon, he was still in some kind of deep thoughts.

"Ahem..." Buffy cleared her throat.

"You are awake!" he said, looking a bit surprised. The force should have alerted him that she was going to wake up. Perhaps, Anakin thought, Obi-wan was right when he said that he needed to be more mindful to the force.

"You could say that," Buffy tried to smile. She tried to move and realised that she was tied down to the bed. "Don't want me to get away?" She asked, all the while wondering just exactly where she was. It looked like a hospital; but, where?

"Your arrival was unexpected and at the same time someone tried to kill Pad... Senator Amidala," the man said with some feeling. Buffy noticed he clearly cared about the girl. She filed that away for future use. "Both of which warrant caution. Who are you?" he asked.

"Buffy Summers," she was going to add something about being the vampire slayer, but decided since he didn't appear to be threatening immediate evil, he may be one of the few people that didn't know about her calling; and, who was to say the people here even knew about the slayer. No, it was best she kept an ace up her sleeve, and didn't go around making them any more suspicious of her.

"And why are you here... Buffy?" He seemed to stumble over the name. It was clearly unfamiliar to him.

"Well... you know... big explosion, knocked out, brought to hospital... at least, I assume it's a hospital." Buffy said, sounding more positive than she really felt.

"Yes. I know how you got to here. But what are you doing on Coruscant?" He asked, sounding a might ticked off by her flippant tone.

"Honestly... I don't know. Say, why don't you tell me who you are or why you're on Croissant?" Buffy shot back. She didn't see why he was getting all snarky with her, and what was this Curosanc place anyway.

There was something in her eyes... they way she moved on the bed, as if testing the strength of the bonds... Anakin couldn't put his finger on it, but there was definitely something off about her. "I am Anakin Skywalker and I am a Jedi." He said it defiantly, and with some self importance.

Buffy sat for a moment trying to take in what he had said. He was a Jedi? Was he serious?! Buffy started to laugh, and as much as she really wanted to stop, she couldn't for a couple of moments. He was a Jedi - what a dumb idea. "You know, this is so lame... what is this? Some kind of role play fantasy of yours or something? Well, I can tell you, you got the wrong girl at the wrong time, buddy."

Anakin didn't like the tone in her voice. She sounded annoyed, unstable, and his senses were telling him that there was something off about this girl. Not to mention that she talked as if she were out of her mind. "Be quiet now. You have been injured and need to rest." he said, putting some force persuasion behind it; that usually did the trick.

Slowly a smile seemed to form itself on her face, she could tell that he had tried to make her believe what he said in some way. "Save the party tricks for the tourists... But I could use the rest after becoming so terribly injured..." she lent back and appeared to close her eyes.

The very next second Anakin was moving rapidly towards her bed as she appeared to have what looked like a sudden seizure. A little late he realised that the ripping noise he heard was linked with the straps tying her hands and feet to the bed being torn off. He hadn't been expecting that.

Before Anakin could react he found the bottom of Buffy's boot planted on his chest, and he was being hurled over the other side of the room by the force of it. He realised instantly she was more than she seemed (well, the instant he had picked himself up from where he had hit the wall and crumpled down to the floor), so he lit his light sabre up.

She had a dangerous look in her eyes. Unknown to Anakin, she was assessing the light sabre and trying to make up her mind about how much damage it could do. Buffy realised that she didn't really have any idea, and she was injured, so she'd better play it cool.

"Why don't you try telling me your real name?" Buffy asked with a note of caution. She knew there wasn't really any Jedi Knights except in that Star Wars movie, but the weapon this guy was holding looked very real from where she was sitting.

"I'm Anakin Skywalker," He said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Despite the obvious hostility of this girl, he really didn't want to hurt her.

"So you're a Jedi. Are all Jedi into tie up games?" Buffy asked, raising an eyebrow at the young man. He was cute, in an annoying sort of way. Not that it should make any difference. She was stuck with some wacko who thought he was the live version of Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker, or, whatever - Buffy had never really paid that much attention to the star wars films anyway - that was more Xander's department.

"Yes... I mean no..." Anakin was a bit flustered.

"Fine," Buffy could tell he wasn't really the do evil type, but he still had that glow stick thingy that she had no idea as to how much damage it could do. "So what's the glow stick do?" Buffy asked, pretending to relax, sitting back in her bed. In reality, she was anything but relaxed, she was starting to get a sinking feeling about being stuck here with some guy who thought he was Anakin Skywalker, who had a glowy sword that looked wicked real.

"This," he said swishing it through the air, "is a light sabre: the weapon of a Jedi."

"Ah... well, that's interesting," Buffy said, her sarcasm lost on Anakin. "Look, put the glow stick away; I'll play nice, and lie down like a good little prisoner."

"Very well, do not try anything else," Anakin cautioned her, in his usual stuffy way. He had been fooled once, and in truth knew he would have a hell of a bruise from that kick.

"I don't suppose there's a magazine or anything knocking around?" Buffy asked innocently looking around the room.

Chancellors Office, Coruscant

The office, decorated in royal red colours and sashes, was a hive of business with a meeting taking place between the Chancellor of representatives of the Jedi Council.

Palpatine tried to repress a smile after his performance in the senate earlier in the day. The debate had gone the way he hoped it would after he had left, and though in recess, he had no doubt the senate would eventually reach the conclusion that an army was required to defend the Republic.

Four Jedi Masters sat in front of the Chancellors desk, Yoda, Plo Koon, Ki-adi-mundi and Mace Windu. Luminara Unduli (a female Twi'lik) stood off to one side looking at noting much out of the window.

"I don't know how much longer I can hold of the vote, my friends." Palpatine intimated. "More and more star systems are joining the separatists."

Mace Windu looked troubled, "If they do break away..."

"I will not let this republic, that has stood for a thousand years, be split in two. My negotiations will not fail!" Palpatine stated as if a matter of fact.

"If they do, you must realise there aren't enough Jedi to protect the Republic. We are keepers of the peace, not soldiers." Mace Windu told the Chancellor - he kept a serious face.

"Master Yoda, do you think it will really come to war?" Palpatine asked, as if the idea was unlikely.

Yoda closed his eyes, as if conversing with the force for a moment. "Worse than war, I fear... much worse."

"What?" The Chancellor asked, looking mildly intrigued.

"What do you sense, Master?" Mace Windu asked looking slightly more interested in what the little green Jedi master had to offer.

Yoda shook his head in frustration. "The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is. But this I am sure of..." he looks sharply at Chancellor Palpatine, "Do their duty, the Jedi will."

A sudden gentle buzzing sound made itself heard, and the Chancellor pressed a button on his desk that seemed to make a holographic picture of a human looking man appear at the centre of the desk.

"The loyalist committee has arrived, my Lord." The man said courteously.

"Good," Palpatine said to the hologram, "We will discuss this matter later. Send them in."

The various Jedi along with the Supreme Chancellor stand to receive the distinguished guests. Senator Padme Amidala was wearing a particularly bright red gown; Dorme, her assistant, was wearing a beige jump suit; Senator Bail Organa and Jar Jar Binks also attended.

On their way in Yoda tapped Padme's arm with his walking stick, almost accidentally.

"You tragedy on the landing platform... terrible," Yoda intimated, "With you the force is strong... young Senator. Seeing you alive brings warm feelings to my heart." He smiled at her, and for a moment Padme did feel a little better.

"Thank you master Yoda. Do you have any idea who was behind the attack?" Padme asked, touched by his compassion.

Mace Windu volunteered what little they knew, "Out intelligence points to disgruntles spice miners, on the moons of Naboo."

Padme looked tense for a moment. "That is unfortunate. I believe that Count Dooku was behind this attack."

A murmur went around the room, and seemed to concentrate on those who belonged to the Jedi order.

"He is a political idealist, not a murderer," Ki-adi-mundi told Padme.

"You know," Mace Windu added, "Dooku was once a Jedi. He couldn't assassinate anyone. It's not in his character."

Yoda though seemed to ponder for some time longer. "In dark times nothing is what it appears to be. But the fact remains for certain, Senator, in grave danger you are."

Palpatine did not comment either for a long while. Eventually, he got up and wandered over to the large perspective window that overlooked Coruscant from his office. "Master Jedi... may I suggest that you consider placing the Senator under the protection of one of your graces?"

Padme looked around quickly, "Chancellor, if I may say so, I do not believe..."

The Chancellor cut her off, "...that the situation is that serious? That anyone would really try and kill you? No, but I do, Senator."

"Chancellor, please! I don't want any more guards!" Padme pleaded with him.

"I realise all too well that the additional security might be disruptive to you, and that you are concerned that you do not distract the Jedi from protecting others..." Palpatine was now in a mode that was familiar to those who knew him well, "...however, if we cannot event protect our own senators... perhaps someone you are familiar with... an old friend like... Master Kenobi?"

Palpatine looked to Mace Windu. "That is possible. He's just returned from Ansion."

The Chancellor looked suitably pleased, "You must remember him, M'Lady, he watched over you during the blockade conflict."

"This is not necessary," Padme said, but it was obvious she had already given in to the idea.

"Do it for me, M'Lady," Palpatine said eloquently, "I will rest easier. We had a big scare today. The thought of loosing you is unbearable."

Padme sighed and turned to leave. Mace Windu told her that he would have Obi-Wan report to her immediately.

Yoda also caught the Senator before she left, "To little about yourself you worry, Senator, and too much about politics. Be mindful of your danger, Padme. Accept our help."

Green Street, Sunnydale

A darkly clad young man clambered out the drivers seat of the black van parked along Green Street and started to bang on the side panel of the van to get in the back. He looked shiftily from side to side to ensure that no one was observing him.

Inside the van the two occupants looked at each other seemingly nervous.

"Who's that outside, Jonathon?" Andrew asked looking suspiciously at Jonathon.

"I don't know..." Jonathon said sounding worried.

"What do you mean you don't know! Perhaps we should ask Warren?" Andrew suggested.

"Yeah..." Jonathon picked the phone up and looked more concerned as Warren didn't pick it up. "He's not answering..." Jonathon complained.

"Maybe if I..." Andrew started, and literally jumped when another loud banging could be heard on the side of the van.

"Jonathon! Open the van!" Warren shouted outside. His voice was muffled inside of the van, but still audible. He banged on the side panel again.

"It's Warren," Jonathon said, stating the obvious to Andrew. As Jonathon went to open the side door Andrew held his arm to stop him.

"He's supposed to alert us over the field telephone first," Andrew told Jonathon.

"So?" Jonathon asked, not seeing the point Andrew was getting at.

"So! How do we know it's really Warren. It could be someone else! It could be an impostor." Andrew told his friend.

"Andrew?" Jonathon asked.

"Yeah?" Andrew responded.

"That's stupid," and with that Jonathon opened the side door. Warren jumped into the van sliding the door shut quickly behind him causing it to slam.

"What took so long?" Warren asked, sounding a tad annoyed.

"Jonathon didn't think it was you," Andrew lied.

"I did not," Jonathon complained. "He's lying, Warren."

"Guys... shut up!" Warren almost shouted. "We've outsmarted The Slayer, and we are free to carry out whatever nefarious, evil, corrupt, masterminded plans our hearts desire!!!"

A series of fake laughs elicited by each of the trio ensued that are best glossed over for the sake of the trios credibility. Needless to say, they would have shamed Dr Evil.

"So how's she doing anyway?" Warren asked.

"Okay, I guess," Jonathon said.

"You mean you've not checked up on her?" Warren asked.

"Not so far. Andrew?" Jonathon asked.

"Aye, captain. Tracker is active." Andrew proceeded to press a number of buttons on the console in front of him before a very low quality black and white picture of part of a building came in to view.

"Where's that?" Jonathon asked.

"It doesn't look at all familiar..." Warren added, with a sinister sneer and chuckle.

Andrew punches a few more keys before a series of digits were displayed on a red LCD display. Andrew punched the same keys again, and pushed himself away from the console desk in frustration.

"What's happening?" Warren asked him.

"These readings are wrong. They're virtually where we're parked..." Andrew complained, his voice almost a whine.

"Perhaps it formed a micro universe?" Jonathon suggested.

"What? That happens to be outside the van?" Andrew said, as if Jonathon had just said something really dumb.

"I don't see why not. Professor Zimmerman on Discovery was saying..." Jonathon started.

"Oh, not Professor Zimmerman again! You know he just makes up sensationalised theories with little or no scientific background to lure low grade idiots to watch his programmes." Andrew told him.

"That's not true. He had some sound evidence to back this theory." Jonathon complained.

"Warren?" Andrew asked impatiently, expecting him to back him up.

"Guys? Why don't we just look outside?" Warren asked with an evil grin, and launched himself out of the van.

All three (two in black trousers and tops, along with Andrew wearing a Bermuda shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms) made it across the street. They all peered at the golden coin that was laying face down next to one of the walls.

"Is that what I think it is?" Warren asked, touching the coin with his foot.

"Err... Houston, we have a problem..." Andrew commented.

Coruscant Medical Facility

Since Buffy's outburst she had staid true to her word and had rested on the hospital bed. In reality it was probably at least a comfortable and as luxurious as her own bed at home, and the injuries she had sustained on the ramp to the Naboo ship, while not life threatening for her, were still painful and needed some resting.

He had gotten her a datapad which contained a variety of news reports from around the republic. It had taken her a while to work out how to use it, even with him showing her how it worked. She had made an excuse that they didn't make them like this where she was from. However, Buffy had soon grown bored with whatever was on the datapad, and had gone back to resting.

The problem with Anakin providing Buffy with a datapad though was that although the content of the data pad wasn't exactly riveting, it did provide further evidence that she really wasn't in Sunnydale any longer. And, as if to make things worse, she had ended up in the bizarro Star Wars world where there was currently an Anakin Skywalker holding her in a hospital ward. The two things she disliked the most: weird alternate realities and hospitals, both on the same day!

Anakin watched with interest as Buffy seemed to tense on the bed momentarily - she didn't open her eyes, but he would have sworn she was awake. A few seconds later Anakin could sense someone approaching from the outside - it was Obi-wan.

A moment later the Jedi Master walked through the door. "Found yourself a new friend, Anakin?" Obi-Wan teased.

"Hardly, master. I thought it best to make sure she did not escape." He said eyeing the bed cautiously.

"I doubt she poses much of a threat, particularly after those injuries. You can leave her here for now. I have been told we are to protect Senator Amidala." Obi-wan said, smiling slightly as recognition hit his Padawan.

"Even so master. She could be dangerous..." Anakin started, sounding dubious.

"She is laying just here..." Buffy said sounding irritated, and opening an eye. Anakin felt pleased that he was right in thinking she wasn't really asleep.

Anakin motioned to back up to Obi-wan. "She broke her restraining cuffs, and also nearly overpowered me. If I had been a regular guard she would have escaped."

"What's her name?" Obi-wan asked curiously. He looked her over; clearly, he had not gotten the measure of her before.

"Buffy," she said to the shocked Jedi. He had not sensed or heard her get up from the bed. He also found, to his relief, she was fully dressed, even if it was just in hospital scrubs.

"What an unusual name," Obi-wan said flippantly, clearly trying to antagonise her.

"Let me guess... you're another of those annoying Jedi?" Buffy smiled one of her trade mark half smiles at the older man.

"You should have some respect for Master Obi-Wan," Anakin said with more than a little ire.

"I suppose that comes with the old..." Buffy said still not being entirely serious.

"With age comes wisdom," Obi-Wan said trying to sound intelligent.

"Wrinkles, Tweed Jackets and beards for some reason. You see, I know these things." Buffy grinned again.

"Please master, what should we do with her?" Anakin looked frustrated.

Obi-wan seemed to consider for a moment. "As I said, she seems harmless enough..."

"Ahem..." Buffy made a little cough, just to remind Obi-Wan she was still there.

"I mean, you don't seem the type to go around killing and torturing..." he looked at her, and to his eternal frustration she simply raised an eyebrow. That wasn't quite the response he had been expecting or hoping for.

"It may be best to keep an eye on her," Obi-wan finished off.

"Is that wise?" Anakin asked, trying to keep Buffy from hearing, which with slayer sense was not going to happen.

"Follow my lead Padawan..." Obi-Wan told Anakin. Buffy could tell from the look that he got back that this was not a good situation that was brewing.

...more to come

The End?

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