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The Clone Slayer

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Summary: The Trio play their games with Buffy in Season 6, resulting in Buffy being forced to a galaxy far, far away.

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Star Wars > Buffy-Centered(Current Donor)stemplarFR1527,9590204,57015 Jul 0716 Jul 07No

Out of the Frying Pan

The Clone Slayer

This story is based roughly around the Star Wars II plot, with some obvious differences: namely, the inclusions of a certain blonde haired slayer.

The first part of this story is pretty much going to be a cross over with Attack of The Clones (like the title didn't give that away). I'm looking forward to filling in the two years between when the movie ended and Revenge of The Sith starts though.

I own nothing. Buffy is the property of Joss Whedon, and Star Wars that of George Lucas.

Chapter 1
Out of the Frying Pan.

It was official, Buffy had decided, this was one crappy day.

Oh, it had started well enough. Dawn had gotten off to school on time; and, for once, Buffy felt like she was making some headway with the chores around the house. Then she had started her ten hour shift at the Double Meat Palace.

Buffy had arrived at 12:55 PM, and was on her shift right on time for 1 PM. The day workers were all there, and for once none of them had rang in sick, or suffered from any of the Sunnydale diseases. The sift was going easy, and at 5 PM the day workers clocked out and her co-worker 'Steph' came in.

And, in hindsight, that's where things started to get crappy. Steph was a blond haired surf lover who Buffy definitely chalked into the column of air head. And on this particular day it looked like he'd gotten himself high on something or another. She didn't even want to know what exactly.

As the evening crawled on towards ten o'clock Buffy thanked her lucky stars that it had been a quiet day. Steph was sound asleep in the bosses office, since he was in no fit state to serve anyone or work up front. That had put her in a dirty mood, and left Buffy to serve the customers and work the grills - not exactly by the handbook as to how to operate.

At half past ten she recognised the customer walking through the door. He was the local health inspector who had been in last week checking they were doing whatever they were supposed to be doing to avoid poisoning their customers (like that was really the biggest concern in Sunnydale). She had served him with her customary smile, and tried as hard as possible to be nice to him.

Then, as if fate had decided it was her night to be punished, she watched in growing worry as three guys with leather jackets and ripped jeans walked in, one of them still smoking. They approached her counter, and Buffy shot a worried look towards the health inspector who was watching what was happening. The two college students who were the only other two customers were shooting occasional glances at her new customers.

"Three double meat meals," The apparent leader of the group said, removing the fag temporarily from his mouth. His short brown hair was pushed back on his head with an excessive quantity of gel. The two other lads made no attempt to hide eyeing Buffy up.

"Would you mind putting that out, Sir?" Buffy asked, sounding ever so slightly annoyed.

"Yeah?" He leaned forward, "You gonna make me?" he sneered at her.

Buffy fumed but decided not to do anything stupid. "I'm sorry, but if you don't put it out, I'll have to ask you to leave." She adjusted the red and white cap that she was made to wear.

The guy seemed to respond by leaning on the counter, and his mates followed his lead. "Don't think I'll be going anywhere, honey."

"Yeah, and, gotta love the view," One of his mates said blatantly looking down Buffy's uniform.

The health inspector guy had, by now, gotten his mobile out and was trying to discretely dial a number. This was stopped before he got very far though by the greasy leather jacketed guy.

"Hey, what the fuck you think you doin'?" He sidled over to the suited inspector, who had by now pocketed his mobile.

"N... Nothing," he stuttered.

"It didn't look like nufin' to me," the guy sneered looming over the inspector. Buffy could see this was getting ugly, so decided she better do something to stop what was about to happen. She quickly took the keys from the till and slipped them in her pocket, before lifting the hatch and coming out from behind the counter.

The two other guy watched seemingly highly amused by what was happening. Buffy made her way up to the guy who was intimidating the inspector who was trying to have a quiet meal. Buffy guessed that he had probably been trying to call for help.

"Hey!" Buffy shouted at the guy, he whipped around and looked down at her. He obviously didn't think she was any kind of threat. "I thought I told you to leave. That means get the hell out." Buffy folded her arms.

The guy looked her over, then looked at the other customers, and seemed to come to some sort of decision, before nodding at the other two guys. "See you around, Buffy." He sniggered at working her name out from her name tag.

At that, the three of them left and Buffy went back to cleaning up for the evening. The inspector from the other week was really nice to her, checked if she was okay and even offered to give IDs to the police if she wanted. Buffy declined claiming they were just messing around - she had been in enough trouble with the Police without deliberately calling them up.

Closing up for the evening she woke Steph up and he slunk out the office, presumably to go back home. Buffy did wonder how safe it was for him to be wandering at night in his condition, but decided she couldn't exactly be his personal body guard (and she didn't want to be either). Buffy switched the main strip lights off and hurried getting her coat on and getting out of the palace of meat.

She hadn't walked for more than a block when she could make out three men loitering in the street by the yellow light from the streetlamps. They were human, unless she was very much mistaken, and since she'd been back that hadn't happened very many times. As she got closer she realised that it was the same three as from the diner about a half hour earlier.

"Hello Buffy," the smart assed leader said, standing to block her way. He was a big man, but it took a bit more than that to intimidate the slayer.

"Look, I'm flattered by the attention, but I have places to be," Buffy explained calmly, trying not to roll her eyes.

"She has places to be," The leader said putting the fag back in his mouth for a long drag. The two goons seemed to find this funny. He lunged forward to grab her.

Buffy saw his lunge coming at her and sidestepped it, pivoting the thug by the shoulder and forcing his arm behind his back. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, she tossed the guy towards one of the laughing boys knocking him over. The other laughing boy made a lunge at her, so she grabbed and twisted his arm, no doubt dislocating it from the pop she could feel transmit down it.

"Hmn, funny guys," Buffy said pulling her coat back around her to hide the hideous striped uniform they made her wear for her job and stomping off back down the high street. The three guys didn't bother trying to chase after her, probably deciding they didn't want another beating to their already bruised egos.

* * * * *

Two boys sat behind a set of consoles inside a blacked out van on one of the streets they knew The Slayer would be taking to get home if the past week was anything to go by. The third of their trio sat behind the wheel watching the street ahead of him.

Warren, in the drivers seat, picked up a telephone mounted in the dash, activating a buzz and set of red LEDs to light up in the rear of the van. Jonathon, who was wearing a black set of trousers and a black sweatshirt, picked up the phone.

"Yes," Jonathon asked.

"Contact has been established," Warren told him watching the slayer walking idly down the street, "repeat, contact has been established."

"Received and understood," Jonathon told his friend back, replacing the telephone in the cradle. Pressing a button on one of the consoles in front of him a series of red lights activated around the insides of the van.

"The Slayer?" Andrew asked, his Bermuda shirt contrasting with the 'black ops' type clothing Jonathon and Warren were wearing.

"Contact has been established," Jonathon confirmed.

"Exxxceeelent," Andrew said peaking his fingers. His clothing contrasting with his poor impression of an evil mastermind. He returned to operating the closed circuit monitoring cameras hidden away in the van, tracking Buffy.

* * * * *

Buffy felt something was a bit off as she turned into Green Street; like someone was watching her, or something. It wasn't that far down the street before she seemed to get the answer to why she felt wiggy: four vampires came out an ally and stood there waiting for her. This was the second time someone had tried to ambush her that night, and this time Buffy was quite pleased she wouldn't have to hold back too much.

"Hello boys," Buffy said smirking. She thought that the vampires in Sunnydale would have learnt by now that avoiding her was a better idea than trying to fight her.

"Slayer!" One of the vampires hissed.

"It seems you have me at a disadvantage, Mr..." Buffy said with a coy smile.

* * * * *

The monitors in front of Andrew and Jonathon were all showing pictures of Buffy speaking with the four vampires that were shortly going to attempt to kill her.

Andrew picked up a microphone and proceeded to press a button on the console. "The slayer. A predator; she blends in to her natural habitat, and her true nature is only revealed when she attacks." Andrew whispered into the microphone. He pressed a button on the dash again.

"Increase magnification to factor four," Andrew said to Jonathon.

"Magnification factor four," Jonathon said zooming in on where Buffy was bantering with the vamps.

Andrew pressed the button on the dash again. "The slayer will size up her opponents, attempting to find any weaknesses, before she attacks..." Andrew narrated as the vampires seemed to decide to attack. Buffy easily deflected the attack, and the first vampire had already been dusted. "She moves with deadly accuracy, luring her prey in, before despatching them with a cold precision..." Andrew continued as another vampire bit the dust.

* * * * *

Buffy looked at her remaining two assailants. These vampires were shoddy, even by Sunnydale standards. There she was hoping for a fight, and all she got was some weakling fledglings. The last two looked like the smaller of the two.

Deciding they didn't pose much threat, she decided to just dust them and get on with getting home. Buffy quickly moved forward, knocking the first remaining vamp back against a wall before staking him. The other vampire had thought this an opportunity to jump her, but Buffy had driven a stake into his heart as he made the attempt.

"Well, that was disappointing," Buffy muttered to herself. She looked around and noticed that one of the vampires had dropped a metal disc of some sort. "Hmn, Shiny," Buffy commented picking the object up.

* * * * *

"She's taken the bait. She's within our grasp..." Andrew said into the microphone, getting over excited.

"She's taken the token?" Jonathon asked.

"That's what I just said, Moron." Andrew said, pausing momentarily as Jonathon made a face at him. "Inform Warren."

Jonathon picked up the phone on the console, and Warren picked his up when it buzzed.

"She has the token?" Warren asked.

"She has the token," Jonathon confirmed.

"Activate the portal," Warren told him.

"Are you sure..." Jonathon started to ask.

"We've been through this before. Press the button, Jonathon." Warren ordered.

Jonathon slammed the phone down, and frowned, before pressing a button located under a plastic cover on the console. He wasn't over keen on being talked to like that by Warren.

"Nothing's happened!" Andrew observed.

"It does take a minute..." Jonathon told him, sounding a bit cheesed off.

"You know, in a way, I'm kinda jealous of her. She's going to get to change the future of an entire galaxy..." Andrew mused.

"Are you kidding me... do you know what the odds are of her surviving?" Jonathon said.

"I know, but still...", Andrew contemplated.

* * * * *

Buffy toyed with the gold looking disc in her hands - it looked like an old coin or something - then she felt it start to pulse with some form of energy. She quickly decided to toss it away, but it seemed as if whatever harm it was going to do had now been done. The slayer could see tendrils of energy start to fleck around her and had a sinking feeling in her stomach as she had a vague recollection of last time she had been surrounded by that sort of energy.

"Damn," the slayer muttered to herself. She could now remember the last time she had felt this sort of energy. It was when she jumped into the portal for Dawn. Despite not being overjoyed at being back, she hadn't planned on jumping into any mysterious portals in the near future.

As if to confirm that this was going to indeed be as crappy a day as she had anticipated, Buffy started to feel herself being stretched out by the portal. To anyone watching they could see the sparks of energy completely encompassing the young woman's body before she disappeared in a flash of light. The sensation for Buffy was very similar to being in a vertical drop.

Reality seemed to refocus for Buffy a second later as she found herself looking at the back of about five or six people walking down a metal ramp away from her, to the doors of what appeared to be some kind of high rise building. She sensed something a bit off about one of the people in front of her - the one wearing the brown blanket. Just her damn luck to be tossed through a portal still wearing her double meat palace uniform, after a ten hour shift!

Any further thought of talking or doing anything else were cut short by an explosion erupting behind her. The force of the blast knocked her down, and she could feel any semblance of clarity slipping away.
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