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Big Bad Death

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Summary: Death, in the flesh, visits Spike when he sacrifices himself to close the Hellmouth

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Literature > Fantasy > Incarnations of ImmortalityHeatherSinFR1544,495043,6609 Jul 0316 Jul 03No

Big Bad Death

Title: Big Bad Death
Author: Heather Sinclair
Email: Heather
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Canon Pairings for now
Spoilers: BTVS Season 7, Incarnations of Immortality Series, specifically "On a Pale Horse"
Summery: Time has stopped for Spike as he sacrifices himself to close the Hellmouth, and Death comes calling."
Disclaimer: This story, and any content relating to "Buffy the
Vampire Slayer and IoI" are not authorized by Fox, Joss Weadon, Piers Anthony or Ballantine Books. I own my computer ... Can I have Buffy instead?

Author's notes: This story takes place in the Buffyverse. The only thing I am taking from the IOI are the Incarnations and Purgatory.

Chapter 1

Buffy made her way up the ladder and I knew this was it. The burning glow that was eating me alive vaguely felt rather good in a way. Soul-cleansin' if you will. Everything was much clearer now. I finally knew my purpose in this miserable life. Ta save the bleedin' world, of course.

I felt the medallion eating into my chest and reach my heart seconds later.

"Bye, Buffy. Live well, luv." I whispered into the fire.


The world stopped around me. The fires stopped burning. The cries of thousands of vampires being sent up in flames ceased, and a hand closed around my wrist. Well not a whole hand really. More of a boney hand. In fact it looked down right skeletal.

"Greetings William."

I followed the hand up the arm to the figure standing beside me all clad in a black robe with the hood drawn up over its face. It was then that the head turned up and I saw what was underneath.

"Baaaaa! Bloody hell!" I tried to jump back but the thing's grip was like iron.

"Cease your struggle, William. You will not escape Death."

I tried to straighten up and compose myself. "Issat who you are then? The Grim Reaper come to collect me himself?"

The skeletal head nodded in response. "Yes, William ... and no."

Silent surprise froze my face. "No?"

"I have come to offer you a chance to redeem yourself," his hollow voice echoed in the cavern.

I laughed aloud. "Redeem?" I raised my free hand and flung it around. "Case you hadn't noticed here, mate, but I'm tryin' to save the bloody freakin' world."

Death's head nodded again in recognition. "And that is why you are in balance. Thusly calling me to collect your soul."

"Balance? What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"The good and evil of your soul is in almost perfect balance. Only in these extreme cases is Death summoned."

But I should have been good. "I haven't had my soul for the last hundred and twenty odd years. I only got it back a year ago and I've been doin' nothin' but good since." I thought for a second about the women I sucked dry while the First Evil was leading me around on a bloody leash.

"Your decision to become a monster in the first place is what has burdened your soul. Accepting Drusilla's offer was your downfall that blackened your soul and doomed you to a life in Hell. Now, however, you sacrifice yourself for love of another and the world as a whole in turn bringing your soul into balance."

I nodded. It made perfect sense. Even with a soul I was still battling the dark half of my self every day.

I looked up at the skeletal head once more and took and unnecessary breath. "All right then. How's this work. I go to Heaven or Hell?"

"Neither." He paused for a second to make sure I heard him right. "I have made a bargain with Fate regarding the upcoming war against Evil. I will abdicate my office to a lower being and in return guarantee my place in heaven."

What? "What are you blathering on about?"

He reached into his robes and withdrew a knife, handing it to me.

"You will take my robes, gloves, boots and watch. Everything else you'll is in the glove compartment." He looked upward. "Mortis is parked just outside of the school. Once you are inside you will be safe from harm."

I looked at the knife. "What am I supposed to do with this?"

He flung one side of his robes behind him and grabbed my knife hand pulling the point to his chest. "You must hurry. You will have only minutes before the Hellmouth is closed and the town destroyed."

My eyes widened as I realized what he had planned to do. "NO!"

He pulled my hand into him and the knife plunged into his chest. His body shuddered and he fell to the ground letting go of my hand along the way.

"Do as he said! Gather the uniform! Hurry!" A voice called out from above.

I looked up and a middle-aged woman was at the entrance to the Hellmouth screaming down at me. I didn't let my mind get in the way and followed her directions, stripping him of the boots and the cloak followed by the gloves and the watch.

"Hurry! Don't waste time putting them on!" She called down.

I scrambled up the ladder and made a dash down the hall as I felt the ground giving way beneath me. A glance behind me revealed the Hellmouth collapsing in on itself and rapidly gaining ground on me. I felt the vampire in me assert itself an added a burst of speed up the stairs and down the hallway through the entrance to the school.

I paused only for a moment to find the car he spoke about. A pale colored 1966 Mustang convertible with the license plate MORTIS sat only yards away from the entrance. After three large leaps I hopped over the trunk and landed square in the driver's side seat.

Without a moment wasted I punched the accelerator and tore off down he street. Good thing he left the bloody thing running. I looked back and gasped at the sight that befell me. The entire town was being sucked under, collapsing in upon itself. The car swerved and I brought my attention back to the road. When I did, I saw a circular button on the dash that was blinking incessantly. Thinking this was some kind of Nitrous system I punched it.

Was I ever more bloody wrong.

My body slammed back into the seat and I screamed as the world around me turned into slashes of light.

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