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Visions of Cheese

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Summary: Meredith's been in hiding from the Sidhe Courts for three happy years - but destiny has a way of creeping up on you, and dreams are sometimes more than they appear.

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Literature > Merry Gentry seriesamusewithaviewFR131880031,70816 Jul 0716 Jul 07Yes
Disclaimer: I own neither the wonderful workings of Joss, nor the slightly more twisted productions of LKH's marvelous mind.

A/N: This takes place pre-series and is an answer to my own Challenge, 'The Cheese Man Cometh.' Make me a happy author and go check it out!

▬▬ ♦ ▬▬

Meredith sighed and twisted around so she could comfortably beat her pillow into a more restful shape. Done, she lay back down… and sighed again.

If this insomnia didn't go away soon she would have to consider redecorating. As it stood now her ceiling was a blank, boring white. She was thinking something with swirls would keep her occupied, maybe some reds or -

This was ludicrous, she needed to get some sleep. She had noticed Jeremy's eyes lingering on the dark circles that no amount of makeup would hide. It was as close as he would come to breaching Sidhe etiquette and commenting - negatively - on her appearance.

Rolling over onto her side, Merry tried to think of what WHAT could possibly be giving her such awful insomnia. It wasn't any particular case, all the ones piled on her desk currently were more in line with bodyguard duties. She knew it wasn't a relationship issue: Roane was her only lover and they were quite casual.

If she were to be truly honest with herself, she knew what was keeping her awake at night. A touch of foresight ran in her line, no more than that though. Hers was awake and actively trying to tell her that her current comfortable existence was in jeopardy.

Run, it whispered to her, Run or you'll be lost.

The trouble was that she liked her life here so very much. Good work, good friends, good pay, good apartment, what more could a runaway Sidhe Princess ask for? She didn't really want to flee and after all, what was the worst that could -

Not a good path to go down. Her eyes clenched tightly shut against the memories of her last few months in court. Duel after duel after duel, barely having time to recover from one before the next was called. She wouldn't go back to that, no she couldn't. This time it would kill her, poor little mortal Sidhe that she was.

Turning onto her back again she frowned up at her blank white ceiling. It would have to stay blank, and she would have to start preparing for her move because:

"I'm leaving. I have to," she murmured softly. Tears pricked behind her eyes, but she ignored them, forcing them back into her body. The decision was made, she would run, again.

Resolved upon a course of action at last, she felt sleep beginning to creep up on her. A soft smile touched her lips - sleep was easy to come by after all…

▬▬ ♦ ▬▬

She dreamed of a broad, barren field overlooked by small hill and a dead white tree. She walked towards the tree, feeling the earth beneath her tremble at this shocking tread of life upon it.

"You cannot leave, daughter."

Meredith spun to look at the figure who had not been there a moment before. The woman, it was definitely female, was cloaked from head to toe in a soft waterfall of silk the color of old ashes.

"I have need of you," the figure held out a hand, smooth and pale and white.

She reached out towards her Goddess automatically, "Of me? What? Why?"

Though she could not see it, she sensed the amusement the Goddess derived from her words, "You shall see, but you must stay. Will you obey me?"

Merry could only nod, "Of course." Looking around she mustered up the courage to inquire, "What is this place?"

The Goddess seemed sad, it was in the line of her body, the way her head seemed to sway as if in the grip of some powerful emotion. "It is what my Sidhe used to be, what you will make them, again."

"What? No, NO, what can I do that a full-blooded Sidhe can't do better?"

"You shall be as a breath of fresh air, a cool rain where there has been drought, you shall be my vessel Princess Meredith NicEssus, and you shall have great joy."

Meredith swallowed hard, but couldn't quite dislodge the lump in her throat, "I won't remember this, will I?"

"No daughter, but you will have peace while you wait." With those words the Goddess faded away, leaving Merry behind in the wasteland of the Sidhe.

Abruptly a second figure appeared, a funny little bald man with wire-rimmed glasses and a rather unattractive suit. He held a small wooden bowl, the handle of a wooden spoon clutched tightly in his other hand.

"Would you like some cheese? It bubbles with gold!" He gesticulated happily and splashed some of the hot yellow stuff onto Merry's stomach. She looked down, expecting to see a slight burn from the boiling cheese and -

▬▬ ♦ ▬▬

Woke up in a sitting position, clutching at her silky green nightgown with both hands. Hurriedly she lifted up her pajamas to reveal nothing but smooth white skin.

"I think I'll be swearing off cheese for a while," Meredith muttered as she turned on her side to try and go back to sleep. Peace swept over her like a wave, and she dreamed of mundane things for the rest of the night.

And for all the nights to come until she would be kissed by shadows…

▬▬ ♦ ▬▬

A/N 2: Like it, love it, loathe it with the fiery intensity of a thousand hot suns? Lemme know!

The End

You have reached the end of "Visions of Cheese". This story is complete.

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