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Old Friends, New faces & Demons

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Summary: Cordelia is the one who was tricked by the false prophecy not Wesley, This is another Dogma Cross and will eventualy be a Xander/Cordelia

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Chapter Two

Jake was sitting watching the door to his bar and waiting for Lex to arrive. He had been sitting there for 45 minutes and he had talked himself out of going to look for Lex at least twice. He was in the middle of arguing with himself for a third time when the door opened and Lex walked in. As his eyes were adjusting to the gloom, Jake glanced over to the barman and pointed to his drink and raised two fingers the barman nodded and turned away to serve a customer. With that settled he turned his attention back to his friend who was walking across his table with a smile on his face that shocked the hell out of him. He hardly ever saw Lex with a smile on his face, and then it was only there for a few seconds. But this smile, although still tinged with sadness was genuine. And he looked happier than Jake had ever seen him.

As Lex sat down next to him the barman brought over a bottle of JD and two glasses, nodded to Jake and Lex and went back to the bar. When he had poured both of them a glass full he looked at his friend. “I have one question Lex, who is Alexander Lavelle Harris?” As he said this Lex winced and downed his drink, and poured him self another one. He looked up at Jake before he lowered his head and looked down into his drink.

“Alexander Lavelle Harris was a happy contented guy with a great fiancee a good job and a lot of good friends,” he paused and Jake asked, “So what happened to him then?” Lex continued to stare in to his drink for a few moments.

“He made a mess of things, he left his fiancee at the alter, started drinking asked his boss for some time off and was told to take as long as he needed. Then he left home with out saying anything to his friends and fiancee, came to LA, where he drank him self into a stupor where he remained for 3 weeks. Until one day he was walking back to his flat when he saw a vampire attacking someone and intervened saving the mans life.” As he finished speaking Jake looked at him until he raised his face

“So that’s why, when I thanked you and asked you your name you paused for a second and said your name was Lex Harrison.” As he finished speaking Lex nodded his head.

“I wanted a fresh start and to forget, if only for a little while and Alexander Lavelle Harris or Xander Harris to his friends disappeared into LA and Lex Harrison was born.” After he finished speaking they just sat there, and after a little while Jake looked at his friend

“So now what?, I know for a fact you are not going to stop hunting and after what nearly happened to me and my rather abrupt introduction to the darker side of LA, I can’t turn my back on that knowing that if I did someone could die.” Lex just sighed and nodded

“I know that this is going to sound like a line from an 80’s TV show but ‘one man can make a difference’.” Jake looked up shook his head groaned then smiled “So, Mr. Knight, what do we do now?”

Lex just sat there with a grin on his face “Well first, I’m going to have another drink and get some sleep. Then I’m going to get Mike and then I’m going to find Cordy and see where we go from there. It might take me a little while to find her as I’m not sure where she works or even where she lives.” As Lex finished talking Jake looked at him thoughtfully

“I don’t know of this will help but she was driving a silver 1992 Pontiac Fire-bird, how many of can there be in LA?” After finishing his drink Lex stood up and looked down “I’ll be back in a day or so, hopefully she won’t be too hard to find.” Jake just nodded. And watched as Lex walked towards the door, wondering what he had gotten into now. Two months ago his life had been normal, his only worry being how much whiskey he had in stock. Now he finds himself taking part in an endless struggle against the darkness and the most damning thing about it, the thing that keeps him awake at night, is that if he was offered that chance he wouldn’t change anything. Because for the first time in years he felt like he’s making a difference. He was taken out of his thoughts by the door shutting none too quietly behind Lex. After sitting at the table for a while he stood up and walked towards the staff entrance as he was walking through the door he heard someone ask the bar tender in an English accent for “One bottle of Tequila and two glasses.”
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