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Old Friends, New faces & Demons

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Summary: Cordelia is the one who was tricked by the false prophecy not Wesley, This is another Dogma Cross and will eventualy be a Xander/Cordelia

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Chapter Three

A couple of hours after he left the bar Lex walked up to the front entrance of 5 story converted town house and rang the bell, after few seconds later a voice said “Who is it?” Lex just smiled

“Hey Mike, its me let me in.” When he finished speaking there was a short buzz and he pushed the door open and walked inside. A few seconds after he went into the lobby the lift door opened and a voice said “Will you hurry the fuck up? It’s freezing out here!” Chuckling he walked towards the lift

“You have such a way with words.” after he finished speaking, Mike just looked at him, smiled and gave him the finger, causing Lex to burst out laughing.

As the lift doors shut behind them Mike turned towards Lex “So can me you what brings you to my door this early in the morning, don’t you usually sleep till noon?” Lex just looked at him “Yes.” he said and grinned. Mike just stood there waiting for him to start speaking then groaned as he realized what he had said “Okay wise guy, what are you doing here?” Lex just shrugged

“I need your help to find someone”. As he said that Mike started shaking his head “No way, uh-uh not happening.” Lex just grinned “No way man the last time I helped you look for someone I ended up in the ER for the night with 4 bruised ribs, a broken nose and a mild concussion.” he looked at Lex who was still grinning “And when I tried to tell then that I was attacked by an eight foot,” he paused looking at Lex who was, much to his annoyance, still grinning while he searched for the right word finnaly "Thingy covered in slime with antlers and a bad attitude, they tried to have me committed to a mental ward!” he paused “And if I see that bloody grin once more I swear and vow before anyone who is listening I will knock your head off!” as he finished speaking Lex just burst out laughing “I tried to warn you, I clearly said unless something attacks you don’t try and shoot it, most of the time you will just piss them off and can you blame him for being annoyed? I would be too if some one shot me where you shot him.” As he said this Mike looked a little embarrassed he shrugged his shoulder “How was I supposed to know that he would react so badly to being shot in the leg.” As he said this Lex just looked at him “How would you feel if someone kicked in your door, came in to your home and tried shoot you in the balls?” he paused and looked at Mike after a second he continued “Anyway that’s beside the point.

The person I need your help to find is an old friend of mine living somewhere in LA.” Mike just looked at him “That has to be the first time you have ever talked about your past, the couple of times I have mentioned it you never wanted to talk about it.” Lex just sat back and looked at him “Last night there was an incident, we had heard that a demon had been seen in the area for 3 nights running he seemed to be waiting for someone.” as Lex spoke Mike just sat there listening and occasionally asking a question when Lex finished speaking he unknowingly echoed Jakes words “I only have one question Lex. Who is Alexander Lavelle Harris?” Lex just smiled as he remembered his speech to Jake “Alexander Lavelle Harris is a person that ceased to exist 7 weeks ago he came to LA and disappeared shortly after that Lex Harrison was born.” Mike just shook his head “Cryptic much? the only thing that told me, was you, for some reason, needed to disappear and at least you kept your new name close to your last name so that if someone called out your real name and you answered you would be covered” Lex just smiled and nodded his head “So Lex who is this person you need my help to find?”

“Her Name is Cordelia Chase and she lives some where in LA and she drives a silver 1992 Pontiac Fire-bird that is all the information I have.” Mike just smiled

“That’s a lot more information than I usually have when I’m asked to look for someone, just make your self comfortable and I’ll be back in a minute.” As he spoke, he was moving. He walked over to what appeared to be a wall and pushed the wall. A section of the wall moved back and slide to the side to reveal a large room full of computer equipment.

About five minutes later Mike can back out with a smile on his face “that was easy, there where 11 hits for Cordelia Chase in LA and 24 living in the suburbs” he paused for effect “luckily for you there is only one Cordelia Chase that drives a silver 1992 Pontiac Fire-bird” he handed Lex a piece of paper that said ‘Miss Cordelia Chase, 1632b Diablo Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90012.’ Lex looked up at Mike “Thanks Mike if I had made her come looking for me I would have never heard the end of it” Mike just smiled “do you know how to get there, Lex?” He shook his head, Mike sighed “Okay give me 10 minutes and ill give you a lift, I know full well you could find the address by yourself but its easier if I give you a lift, besides I have some prospective clients in that area who would like me to take a look at a building of there’s it should take about an hour so ill drop you off then ill wait while you make sure this is your friends place then when I’m done with the clients I will swing back and pick you up”.

While they were driving to the address that was registered for Cordy Lex turned toward Mike “I cant thank you enough for doing this Mike” Mike just looked at him and what could only be called an evil smile appeared on his face “Don’t worry Lex, I’m sure I can find a way for you to repay me” As they finished speaking they pulled up to a respectable looking House that almost blended in with the rest of the houses if it wasn’t for the Cross’s on each window and door, as he noticed this Mike tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to a few security camera’s “Those are top of the line Motion/Thermal imaging security cameras” when Lex gave him a funny look the sighed “They detect a persons body heat now usually they are set up to sound an alarm if anything with a high enough thermal signature approaches, but judging from the crosses I have a suspicion that they also go of if they don’t detect any body heat” as his faced cleared up he grinned then it sounds like we have came to the right place” Saying this he opened the door and stepped onto the curb and walked towards the front door as he approached the house the Cameras followed his every move. He reached out towards the door bell when the door was opened and he found himself face to face with Cordelia Chase.

Disclaimer - Its all mine I tell you all mine, um okay actually I own nothing except this story and My muse is currently suing me for custody

The End?

You have reached the end of "Old Friends, New faces & Demons" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Oct 07.

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