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Old Friends, New faces & Demons

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Summary: Cordelia is the one who was tricked by the false prophecy not Wesley, This is another Dogma Cross and will eventualy be a Xander/Cordelia

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Chapter One

She had sat in the same position for hours just watching her friends sleeping, wondering how she had managed to gain the trust and respect of the people who were, at this moment, asleep in various places around the house. She looked through to the dining room where the figures of Mike, Jake and Alee were sleeping on their beds. As she was watching them she glanced over to the bedroom door that was shut, it was the only door in the place, apart from her own bedroom door, that was always closed when the owner was inside. She looked back at her three sleeping friends in the dinning room and her mind started to wander as she remembered the day she had met them.

She kicked the dead demon "Eww, gross! This is going to cost me a me a fortune in dry cleaning bills!" she looked down at her slim covered clothing with disgust and savagely kicked the dead demon again, "Um, I could be wrong but I think its dead." She spun around, axe ready for anything, and stopped as she saw a young woman about the same age as herself cringe back in fear. She lowered her axe, only to see the young women flinch and go white again "Please, enough all ready I’m not going to hurt you."

Instead of speaking she pointed behind Cordelia, she turned around and the dead demon was getting to its feet. "Oh, come on! What does it take to kill you?!" As the demon was getting to its feet she noticed the gem on its head " Oh!" she said suddenly remembering a conversation with Doyle on how to spot demons, and when spotted, how to kill them. She could almost hear Doyle’s voice "Now, listen Princess, it’s real easy. Ta kill a Mohra demon, just smash the gem that's in the middle of its forehead, and hey presto no more demon. Now that’s all good, yes? But be sure not to get any of its blood on you cause its blood had unusual and unpredictable results.” She raised her axe and the demon grinned “Feeble human, the more you try to kill me, the stronger I will become!”

She just looked at the demon “Can anyone say cliché, I mean, seriously, who talks like that?!” The demon just looked at her as she continued to rant “And another thing, look at your wardrobe, I mean can we say middle ages?” As she was ranting the demon had stepped forward and started to swing his sword and promptly died as a hail of buckshot removed his head and destroyed the gem in his forehead. She spun around and glared at the man who had fired the shot. “I could have handled that with out any help, thanks!”

There was a short mocking laugh then an oddly familiar voice said, “Who said I did it to save you? Sure you would have killed it eventually, but I actually killed it to put it out of its misery. Your axe looks sharp but nothing is as sharp as your tongue when you’re in a temper Cordy.” It might have been the laugh or the voice that triggered her memories but as soon as he said Cordy, she knew who had killed the demon.

“Alexander Lavelle Harris, you . . . . You . . . Dork head, get over here now!” With a chuckle Xander stepped in to the light and Cordy got her first good look at him. He was dressed all in black with a sword and a small tomahawk style axe attached to his hip on one side and on the other there was vials of holy water and some stakes. Attached to clips on his chest were some road flares and something that looked like aerosols and some kind of white grenades. But the thing she noticed mostly was the drum fed Atchison shotgun pointed negligently at the decomposing demon. As he approached the demon he unclipped one of the white grenades, pulled the pin and dropped it on the demon. He quickly backed away the demon as it caught fire and vanished in a flash of white light and with a loud bang that rattled the many windows and doors nearby.

As she was about to say something a voice from behind her said “Is it okay to come out now?” Cordelia turned completely forgetting about Xander. “Yes, its okay to come out, no-ones going to hurt you, isn’t that right Xander?” On hearing no response she turned around “Xander?” As she was looking for him the young women came to her side and tapped her on the arm
“When you turned to speak to me he just stepped back into the shadows and vanished.”
“I don’t believe it!” Cordelia said “I haven’t seen him in months, then he turns up and saves me from a demon and then promptly disappears.” she continued to rant for a couple of seconds then she shouted at the top of her lungs “Xander you freak!” she paused “I know you can hear me you had better come and see me soon dork head or else.” As she finished and turned to speak to the young women she thought she heard Xander’s voice in the distance but she couldn’t make out what he said so she looked at the young woman.

“Hi, my names Cordelia.” the young women looked at her then what was left of the demon then smiled.
“Hi my name Alee” She looked around one last time then she looked at Alee,
“Maybe we should go somewhere else and talk.” Alee just looked at her and nodded her head. As they both walked away they didn’t notice a vampire sneaking up on them, about to attack. The vampire was so intent on it’s pray it didn’t notice its danger until a stake was thrust into its back, piecing its hart and turning it to dust. On the street below, both unaware of the danger, they walked to Cordelia's car and drove away.

As they left the man stood up and touched the mic attached to his throat “Lex, yeah they both got in Cordelia's car, yeah but I took care of it, vampire. No, only one, okay I'm heading back to the bar now, yeah I'll see you there.” With that he walked to the edge of the building and jumped to the fire escape, climbed down, stepped in to the shadows and promptly vanished just as quickly as Xander had.

Disclaimer - Its all mine I tell you all mine, um okay actually I own nothing except this story and My muse is currently suing me for custody
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