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Role Model......Me?

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Summary: What happens when Willow is invited to be a guest speaker at Hogwarts? Post Chosen Au Harry Potter book six and seven

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Harry Potter > Willow-CenteredwillowwitchFR1311,9900133,00816 Jul 0716 Jul 07No
Role Model…….Me?

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story they belong to the wonderful Joss Whedon and J.k.Rowling.
*sigh* wouldn’t it be nice if I did though.

Willow sighed as she headed to her room, heavy with the thought that it would be just her in the bed again. Kennedy had left her six months ago and it still hurt. She said she couldn’t take the magic. Didn’t have the guts to tell her there was someone else. Feeling more mopier than ever she opened her door.

Willow stared silently at the intruder in her room “Alright Mr. I don’t quite know how you got in here, but here is not where you’re supposed to be.” she declared accusingly while placing her hands on her hips.

The owl in question hooted indifferently under her gaze, the young woman sighed and moved in to shoo the creature. As she did so, a letter sat on her desk caught her attention. It was addressed to her.

Willow Rosenberg
3rd bedroom
1st floor
Reformed Watchers Council

“What the…..? How did this get here.” For a full second after, Willow looked between the owl and the strange letter. Then a look of dawning realisation appeared on her face. The bird just stared at her, almost seeming to say ‘well open it then‘.

Opening the envelope produced a sheet of parchment written in florescent green ink, after reading thoroughly twice, Willow’s face composed itself in to one of absolute serenity. She strode to her door, opened it leant out and screamed at the top of her lungs.



Waiting for him and every other person in the house to come eavesdropping, she glared at the bird for the bite it had given her after disturbing it so rudely.

“What in heavens name were you bellowing for Willow.” Wheezed Giles, as he fought for breath from the sprint that had carried him from the office to his child’s door.
“I thought somebody was about to be massacred.”

“Read this” exclaimed Willow while shoving the letter under his nose and huffing indignantly, as she attempted to stop the bleeding.

“Hey Wills. What’s with the stress relief method. You know your meant to do that into your pillow right?” commented Xander as he approached with Dawn, Buffy and Andrew, forever a pain in the arse.

“Yeah, some of us were trying to concentrate on arranging the new stargate collectibles, in order of character favourites. They‘re posable. ”Said Andrew while folding his arms.
Everybody gathered stared openly at Andrews display of geekiness. Still surprised that they weren’t used to it yet, and ultimately ignoring him otherwise.

“Yes, well others of us just had school work, but I’m willing to overlook it.” Dawn forever the optimist offered brightly.

“What were you studying?” enquired Willow.


“Enough said” grimaced Xander.

“Agreed” said Buffy while pulling a face.

“Uh guys back to my little screaming episode” reminded Willow

“Yes fascinating really and a real honour, they rarely ask somebody from the other side to speak. You should be really proud Willow.” Giles rambled while the look on Willow’s face started to slowly whiten.

“So it’s real then, and you never told me” she stuttered

“G-man, Will’s. Little out of the loopy here” pointed out Xander.

“What, oh yes. Willows been asked to be a guest speaker at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” He explained while looking at the letter “it appears we’re not the only one’s to take notice of Willow’s unique abilities.”

After hearing this Willow began to panic, this couldn’t be right, right. She was so worked up that the words just started pouring out.

“But they want me to talk. In front of people. Studenty people at that with all the questioning and the overbearing responsibility, and strict authority and imparting of knowledge that is of the bad magic wise, and I really don’t think I’m the best person to be telling them these things what with my history and with everything that just ……” Willow was cut off mid babble by Buffy’s hand over her mouth.

“Willow breathe, and have you been at the coffee again? Cause you know what it does to you.” offered Buffy, her face contorted into one of concern for her long time friend.

“It’s just like teaching Will and you had that down at high school. So why with the babble attack?” Dawn added her two cense to the conversation, when all of a sudden a light bulb seemed to go off above her head. She turned to confront Giles “There’s a school of witchcraft and wizardry. Why didn’t we know? How didn’t we know? Giles I thought you knew everything.” Perceived Dawn with a look of shock and hurt that there was knowledge that he had held back from them. Willow mused she was getting to be too good at the ‘you kicked my puppy’ expression than was healthy. She’d managed to fluster even Giles’s stiff upper lip.

“Ah well, yes you see, uh” Giles stammered looking uncomfortable and taking his glasses off to clean. Managing to look flustered and apologetic all at once, giving him the expression of a chastised school boy. Or so Willow thought as she watched the expressions of the people she loved.

“Giles you’ve been holding back from us.” Buffy tried to make light of it “ I feel so unappreciated after all the research you’ve had us doing over the years” she threw a hand dramatically to her head. “You were just using us” with added melodramatic sniffs. Laughing at the slayers antics took Giles away from the spotlight.

“Highly amusing I’m sure” drawled Giles “yet the matter at hand is still unresolved. Willow I believe you should attend, and show them exactly how extraordinary you are. Let them know what’s out there, tell them of the work your lives revolve around, and the situations surrounding them. Your more than capable.” He said with a proud smile and a slight hug that went along ways to boost Willows confidence.

Choruses of “Yeah Wills” and “you’ll be greats” followed. Soon Willow found herself agreeing and writing the reply. While writing at her desk, and casually observing the owl watching her, she listened into the conversation behind her.

“So where is this hoggy-warted place Will’s going to be talking at” hazarded Xander.

“Somewhere in Scotland I believe and it‘s Hogwarts Xander” Giles frowned “ It’s a rather speculated mystery that the schools location is hidden behind numerable enchantments.”

Willow returned after offering the owl her reply.

Andrew became misty eyed in the corridor and lent against the banister for effect as he fantasised. “A school of magic doers all poised and ready to fight in the great battle of unity. To guard their secrets jealously and pass on their knowledge through the generations and into the mists of time” Romanticised Andrew while the others quickly discouraged the notion. Before it took root and were unable to stop him from embellishing the thought, without gagging him which surprisingly enough most of the girls staying here were in favour of. Whereas Faith took it upon herself to actually carry through with the threat rather than growl it at him. Not surprisingly Andrew had developed a healthy respect for the senior Slayer.

With a heartfelt“ Shut up Andrew!” they managed to quell the tide. But probably not for long, Willow could see the glint in his eyes that usually meant trouble. Not the big kind, just having to put up with watching all ten movies of star trek with commentary by yours truly.

“Remember no stories” Dawn said while poking him.

Andrew grumbled something about being unappreciated and nobody understanding as he stalked off to his room. Xander would have to placate his bruised ego later but it should be fine. Willow shuddered at the thought that crossed her mind and retraced her thoughts. In a geek way sooth ego, in a geek way no sex. She still had to repress a smirk though, as she imagined the look of horror that would encompass her best friends face if she ever told him.

With the issue now resolved everyone started to meander off back to where they had come from before the drama began, when the fateful words that could halt the group and make them take notice were uttered;
“Yes Willow we’ll need to book your ticket and sort out transport tomorrow” reasoned Giles.

“Excweeze me G-man I thought that I heard you say that Willow will be going alone.” Xander pondered aloud while wearily rubbing his eye patch. Showing how much he was against it. It was an annoying habit he’d picked up after Caleb. That and jumping out on people and going “aaarrrggghhhh” Which became old quickly.

“That was to be the general idea yes.”

“Oh no, if Will’s gets a vacation then so do we” stated Buffy

“Yeah think of all the missed shopping opportunities if we didn’t” after a pause she also added “and visiting this magic school has got to be more interesting than the crappy place I go to.” Persuaded Dawn

Her sister gave her a pointed look. Which made the eighteen year old brunette quickly backtrack with “ Although my school’s cool too. See I made a rhyme I’m all about the learning. In fact I’m gonna get back to that maths, so bye.” Dawn made a hasty retreat down the corridor and back to her own room. Safe and away from the firing squad. Who said there was no sense in retreat.

“She has a point you know” observed Buffy. Only after she was sure her sister was out of earshot.

“What with the math?” asked Xander. A look of confusion crossing his face as he tried to figure out where maths figured into the plan.

“No, about learning and shopping in a different country with a whole magic culture thrown in too. Kind of a once in a life time experience.”

“So it’s settled then. We’re going to go have a fun time and support Will with this talk thingy. My kind of fun.” This seemed to settle it for Xander.

“Apparently, well I have arrangements to decide goodnight all.” With that closing statement Giles left at a more leisurely pace than when he’d arrived.

Willow gave her two best friends in the world a bemused glance, then asked slyly. “Are you guys only coming as a reason to add more ammo to the make fun of Giles and stuffy British routine?”

With innocent faces firmly in place they both turned and replied
“Willow I’m hurt you could think such things of us truly” Xander smirked
“Really Will what kind of people do you think we are?” Buffy questioned

“So it’s a yes then”


“Oh definitely”

“You guys are so predictable” laughed Willow.

“Well we’ve got an early start in the morning, all those slayers won’t train themselves” mentioned Xander, scowling at the thought of the early morning awaiting him.

“Yeah I need to head off too, Faith‘ll be ready to take the advanced class on patrol by now. Thought I’d tag along.” The blonde slayer admitted.

“Night Will’s” they echoed walking away.

“Night guys” she replied.

Closing her bedroom door she notices the owl has left. I’d love to know how it did that she thought. While preparing for bed she thinks over what they’d asked her to do. While undeniably nervous she smiles at the idea of being sought out for her perspective. It’s been a long time since she taught. I hope teaching there is the same as a normal school.

Willow got into bed and the last thought she had before falling asleep was how different would her life have been had she gone to a magic school, and for the first time in a long time slept peacefully without missing Kennedy.

A.N Hey hope you enjoyed. I think the conversation was too long. My first fic so please review * does puppy dog eyes* next chapter getting to hogwarts.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Role Model......Me?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Jul 07.

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