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The Fearless Vampire Killers

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Summary: Willow runs into a man in trouble but one of them must be crazy after all how many types of vampire can there be? Warning - bad language

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Marvel Universe > Blade > Willow-Centered(Past Donor)HiltonKFR1515,6651192,18616 Jul 0716 Jul 07Yes
A/N: I've only really watched the movies so if I've screwed up some of the Blade lore, my most humble apologies and I beg forgiveness but hey it's just a bit of fun after all.

Disclaimer: Not mine, yadah, yadah, yadah....


Willow wandered along the Embankment idly studying the eddies on the murky Thames water. She’d returned to England after the destruction of Sunnydale, needing a change from the past years spent living on the Hellmouth. She still fought evil but on her own terms. Occasional patrols in her local area kept vampire activity down plus with Spike’s help she’d ensured her reputation had been established as a witch to be reckoned with, giving her an element of respect and freedom with the local underworld. She’d also made contact with a nearby coven who had proved useful in a number of situations that she would have struggled to handle alone.

Angel’s contact with David Nabbitt had allowed her to get great references and she was happy in her job for a large firm based in Canary Wharf. Angel had helped her fund her first apartment and for the first time in her life Willow felt truly herself. Independent and happy.

But one thing still hadn’t changed despite her many friendships gained in London; she couldn’t help but feel lonely. Her contact with the coven was limited as some were still wary of her power and it had proven incompatible with other members. The friends gained through work were great but she was unable to share her nighttime excursions and much of her past with them for fear of them believing her to be crazy. There was enough of that already with all the stupid colloquial English/American differences.

The sound of a scuffle interrupted her musings. She loosened the knife in a sheath on her wrist and dropped her other hand to the stake hidden in her pocket.

As she rounded the corner she took in the scene before her quickly. There were six attackers against a man who seemed to be holding his own. However the odds were against him and she couldn’t hide a wince as a particularly vicious blow landed on his ribs. She ran towards them and he was the first to notice her approach.

“No! Run. Go!” He redoubled his efforts in an attempt to distract the attackers from her but there were too many and two split off to face Willow. She noted their approach was both graceful and feral. She automatically checked their faces and was surprised to note a lack of ridges but their hissing, fangs and her senses made her realise they were vamps. As the first lashed out at her she dropped and took out his legs sending him plummeting to the floor. Taking advantage of the other’s momentary shock she rammed her stake into his chest pleased that her aim was true and returned her attention to the first vampire. He had got closer than she would have liked but flew into a series of blows Kennedy had once shown her which finished with a kick to the groin that would level pretty much anyone. She looked for another source for a stake but let out a scream as the vampire she had staked grabbed her hair and dragged her back roughly.

“Bitch. Been watching too much TV!” He laughed harshly as Willow’s mind raced frantically. She was sure she’d got his heart. “A wooden stake through the heart is fairy tale nonsense little girl.” Willow gathered herself and growled in annoyance.

“I am not,” She punctuated her words with a kick, back and down, that shuddered down his shin bone causing him to snarl in pain. “a little girl.” She followed up with an elbow to the stomach that would have winded any normal being however all it did was to cause the vamp to loosen his grip slightly. It was enough for Willow to free her blade and ram it into his side. She was shocked to see his reaction to the wound. The blade wasn’t particularly long, it being her spare silver athame, but the vampire howled in pain before apparently burning from the inside out and turning to ash. As Willow stepped back to dodge the burning embers her foot hit the second vamp, she span and dropped to her knees ramming her blade into his chest. He disintegrated in much the same way as the first and after a momentary pause Willow turned her attention to see how the other guy was doing.

She watched as he faced off with one remaining vampire. She could tell he was injured but he still seemed have the upper hand. The vampire, realising he was now outnumbered two to one, snarled in frustration before breaking off and disappearing over a high fence towards the back of the alley.

Willow approached the other man cautiously. She let out a small cry as he collapsed against the wall and slid down to the floor. She dropped to his side, “Don’t worry we’ll get you fixed up in no time.” She pulled out her cell phone and began to call 999. He reached out a hand to stop her.

“No hospitals.” His voice was raspy but his gaze was firm. “Can’t risk them calling in the cops.” Willow was surprised to hear a fellow American but acknowledged his determination and began to plan a way of getting them somewhere safe.

He saw an odd look in her eyes but for some reason felt sure he could trust her. “Thanks anyway. Those fuckers nearly had me there.”

“I can’t believe that you lasted alone up against six vampires.” Willow had begun to check him over to find out where he was injured.

“You knew?” He was unable to hide his surprise. “Are you a Nightstalker?”

“A what?” Willow couldn’t suppress a giggle. “Nightstalker. I kinda like that but no, I’m not. My name’s Willow.” He tried to sit up straighter and for a horrible moment Willow could have sworn she heard bones grate together.

“Hannibal King.” He managed to gasp before passing out.


Willow had called in a favour with a Brakken demon she’d helped out a couple of months previously and got the wounded man back to her apartment.

She’d cleaned him up as much as possible and he lay on her bed half naked and still out cold. Willow began her preparations, taking a few minutes to meditate before casting a minor spell to find out exactly what injuries he had sustained. She was surprised to discover that aside from the broken ribs, the main problem was some bruising, internal and externally as well as various sprains. The only weird thing was what she could only describe as an echo. It set her senses on edge like he was a vampire or something but she could feel his heart beating and the warmth in his skin. Shrugging she put it aside and concentrated on the task at hand.

Willow was relieved as she realised that she could deal with these herself and she hadn’t risked his life or done more damage by following his wishes.

She gathered various ingredients to assist her in healing his wounds and wrote him a quick note in case he came round before her. From previous experience she had discovered that healing injuries as severe as this came at a personal price now she didn’t use dark magics but it was a price she was willing to pay.

She felt the energy swirl within her and reached out to guide it to the areas where it was required, she smiled gently to herself as the bruising began to fade and felt his ribs knit back whole. She checked him over once more to make sure she hadn’t missed anything and was surprised to find his eyes open. Willow smiled briefly at him before dizziness overtook her and everything went black.

“What,” the confusion in his voice was clear but he was interrupted as the redheaded vision before him suddenly crumpled. He barely managed to prevent her head striking the side of the bed before letting her fall as gently as possible to the floor.

King took a few moments to look around the room and stretch gingerly before getting up to lift the unconscious woman onto the bed. Her bed he guessed as he was clearly in a woman’s bedroom but nothing overly floral. He also noticed a lingering smell of something he couldn’t quite identify. He was surprised to see various candles burning and headed to the door to find a light switch. It was then he saw the note propped up on the dressing table.


Hope you’re feeling OK. Don’t worry I’m fine, I’ll be up and babbling in no time. Help yourself to food from the kitchen. The bathroom is down the hall with some spare clothes. There’s a phone is in the hall if you need to let anyone know you’re alright.

If you want to leave I’ll understand. Take care.


Who the hell was this woman? First she comes running to help someone, a rarity in this day and age. Then she battles and is completely unfazed by two vampires, before taking an injured stranger home and, well, healing him. He unconsciously ran his fingers over the area where his ribs had been broken. He reread the letter again. And she thinks I’m just going to leave!

He moved out into the living area of the apartment. The place was tidy, and there was some serious hardware in one corner of the room that he studied briefly in appreciation. He wandered over to a pin board covered in photos, friends and family he assumed. The windows appeared strangely tinted and he took a closer look. It appeared that she’d installed some kind of UV shielding. Why have the means protect vamps if a) you knew what they were and b) went out and killed them?

After cleaning up in the bathroom he made a quick call to Whistler letting her know he was alive and a quick summary of the previous night. He didn’t mention that he’d been hurt and just left it that someone had helped him out. He couldn’t work out why he was so reluctant to give details about Willow. He wasn’t sure whether she should be dragged any further into his world but on the other hand she could be a great ally from what he’d seen so far.

Putting his thoughts aside he moved into the kitchen and made himself some coffee and raided the fridge for food. He was hungry and grabbed enough to make a sandwich but paused briefly at the mysterious container tucked in the back of the fridge. It looked like something from a medical centre but he resisted the urge to pry further. He settled on the couch and turned the TV on, keeping the volume low in the hopes of letting his saviour get plenty of rest.

He spent the next several hours watching daytime drivel and checked in periodically on the sleeping woman. He’d been relieved when her breathing had settled in to a natural sleep. He mentally reviewed the fight from the night before. They’d heard reports of vampires stalking the homeless along the embankment but everyone had believed it was only two vampires involved. He shook his head in frustration, if found out who had been lying he’d rip their…

He turned to face the pale woman in the doorway who’d been unable to repress her squeak of surprise at finding him still there.

“Hi” Willow ran her finger through her hair trying not to think about how bad she must look.

“Hey there.” He looked at her slim form and couldn’t help but be impressed by what he knew she was capable of. “Thanks. Again.”

Willow liked his smile and moved over to the couch and flopped down next to him. “How are you feeling?”

“Me. I’m great. Especially since last night I could have sworn that I had broken ribs and I know for sure that I’d sprained my ankle,” he looked at her startled expression, “It was how they caught up with me.” He grinned sheepishly.

“Um, right yes. I have to,” Willow got up and headed to the bathroom. “Freshen up, yeah. So I’ll just,” she waved vaguely “go.”

He smothered a smirk as she squirmed at his comments and watched her shut herself in the other room.

This was going to be interesting.


Willow leant against the back of the bathroom door. She couldn’t believe she forgotten about last night. What the hell was she thinking bringing a complete stranger back to her place. OK so he fought vampires but hell maybe they were like another demons minions or... She took a calming breath. Relax Rosenberg, you know he’s human, well mostly as she suddenly remember the odd vibe she got off him when she was assessing his injuries. Nobody is hammering down your door despite the fact he could have rung for back up by now.

She moved to the sink. Thankfully aside from the bags under her eyes she didn’t look too bad. She climbed into the shower and tried to get rid of her remaining tension. Fortunately there were some spare clothes for herself too in the airing cupboard and finally feeling refreshed she went out to confront the man she’d rescued.

She found him back on the sofa but noticed a second mug on the table. “That for me?”

“Sure. I’ve tried two at once but I find it’s taxing on the laundry bill.”

Willow gave a small smile, unsure if he was taking the micky out of her or just felt the need to crack a joke.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean. I,” He paused. “I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee.”

Willow laughed. “No need to apologise, I tend to get a bit buzzed myself and just don’t get me started on sugar.”

King smiled and relaxed back into the sofa. “Oh I’ve got a great story about,” he stopped realising it would be unwise to reveal more without knowing more about her.

Willow looked at him carefully. He seemed better but was perhaps looking a little peaky. She sighed and smothered the thought. She was such a mother hen sometimes, she barely even knew they guy. That was one thing at least she could try and rectify.

“So what’s a Nightstalker?” She watched him wince then sighed. “I’m not going to go running off and tell the news, or the local Master vamp. We helped each other last night, right?”

King looked into her eyes. She seemed honest enough but everyone knew women could be deceitful little… He shook himself mentally. Man, he needed counselling or something. This woman had saved his hide, he owed her a little trust at least.

“Nightstalkers are like minded people who have experienced the menace that vampires present and are willing to fight or help in the fight against them.” He waited for her reaction.

“Goddess! Just ordinary people?” Willow was shocked. Ok so she’d just been a schoolgirl when her introduction to the other side of life had begun but to have had to continue the fight with out any extra advantages was amazing. Then she remembered that it shouldn’t be that surprising after all what had Xander got except for his extraordinary heart and a tendency to be possessed.

King looked at her appraisingly. Goddess? Rather an odd turn of phrase but more importantly what the hell did she mean by just ordinary humans.

“Ordinary? Why you got super powers or something?” He stared in surprise as she flushed guiltily. “Oh come on. Thanks for helping me and all that but what planet are you from.”

Her eyes flashed in anger and he felt a chill race down his spine. She may not be a vamp but damn did she have an aura of danger. It was pretty damn hot.

“A planet where 30% of my high school failed to graduate through early death and resurrection as one of the undead.” Willow was breathing heavily as she tried to restrain her anger at his dismissal before he’d even heard part of the truth. “I’ve been fighting vampires since I was 15 and do not need you looking down your nose at what me and my friends have achieved. We’ve saved the world more than once and destroyed our town in the process.”

King’s mind raced as he started to put two and two together.

“My God. California 2004, the town that disappeared into a huge crater. You’re from there?” He looked at her reappraising what he knew. “Fuck me, that was awesome! We went to check it out after, it was unbelievable. Our intel indicated that the vampires stayed away from there but could never figure out why.”

“Stayed away! Are you kidding? We had a huge vamp population if it wasn’t for Buffy the west coast would have been overrun.”

“I’m telling you they wouldn’t go near that place if you paid them.” King tried to keep his voice down but she was talking crap and he wasn’t going to lie down and take it.

“I have not been imagining blood sucking leeches that kill my friends and I’m telling you they lived on the bloody Hellmouth.” Willow felt her anger rise again. Who the hell did he think he was? “I’ve rammed enough wooden stakes in their hearts to be sure!”.

Who the hell did she think she was! Unthinkingly he snapped back at her. “Listen, I should fucking well know. I was one!”

It suddenly went silent as they absorbed what the other had said.

“You were a what!” Willow jumped up from the sofa and stared in shock at him.

“Wooden stakes! On a what-mouth?” King dropped his head into his hands, what the hell was going on.


Willow tried to calm herself. He was human she was absolutely sure of it. How in the name of the Goddess could he have been a vampire? You couldn’t just give someone an injection to cure them. She remembered the strange effect she’d experienced when she examined his injuries.

“You can’t kill a vampire with a wooden stake.” His words were spoken quietly into the silence that had fallen between them.

“Well I would beg to differ on that but last night I was sure I’d staked his heart but he didn’t,” she waved her hand “poof.”

He looked up into her confused expression “I don’t know where you got that idea from but you need silver to kill a vampire.”

“Ah, that explains why my athame worked then.” She nodded as she tried to absorb the information. “How did you get rid of your demon if you were once a vampire?”

“Demon!” King felt his draw drop again. “Lady, are you some kind of wacko?”

Willow ground her teeth in frustration. This guy was driving her nuts with his disbelief and dismal of everything she was saying. And besides hadn’t he just claimed to be miraculously cured of vampirism.

“Would you please stop putting me down for one god damn minute!” Willow snarled at him. “If you stopped being sarcastic for a moment we could compare notes and try and work out our different experiences. If however you feel that is beyond you, and I wouldn’t be surprised right now, then feel free to get the hell out of my house!” She sat in the armchair opposite him and folded her arms in expectation.

“I,” He paused and looked shame faced for a moment. “I’m sorry. Again. I’ve got a bad habit of shooting my mouth of before really thinking.” He watched her body language soften a little. “How about we start again. Hi, I’m Hannibal King.”

Willow sat for a moment trying to decide of this was really worth it, all he’d been so far is a pain in the backside but she could help but feel a certain kinship. After all how many other vampire hunters were out there. “Hi, I’m Willow.”

He sighed in relief, for a moment there he thought she was going to throw him out any way. “So I kill vampires for a living what do you do?”

Willow laughed. “I’m a computer programmer.” He looked shocked for a moment. “Vampire hunting is just a hobby you could say.” She added.

“A hobby. Well it takes all sorts I suppose.” How could she just sideline it like that, he thought to himself. “How do you find them?”

“Mr King, Hannibal,” Willow held back again trying to decide how much to tell him. She took a deep breath, “I patrol locally, making sure the vamp populace doesn’t become too big a problem. I can’t get rid of them all as another group would just come in and replace them after all.”

“Just like that, you wander around and find them?”

”Well they’re not that hard to spot considering the neck biting, fangs and ridges.”

He fought back the urge to make another sarcastic comment. “Okay, we were doing real good there, right up to the ridges part.”

“Well you know they go ‘grr’ when they change to bite someone.” She looked at his face realising he had no idea what she was talking about. “Fine, you tell me how you find vampires then.”

“Intelligence. We track down where they’re hiding out through familiars and informants, following up on suspicious deaths and disappearances. Then we go out and kill all the normal looking folk with fangs.”

“So your guys are ‘fangy’ all the time then?” Willow began to grasp that they were fighting two types of creature that they both called vampires. He nodded. “OK I’m guessing that both types drink blood to survive.”

“Types, I’m not sure what you mean.” Hannibal waited for her to explain further.

“Well judging by our earlier misunderstandings, the creatures I hunt and call vampire and those that you hunt are different in some way.” She waited for him to add something but for once he seemed to have nothing to say. “Look let’s just go through what we know and go from there, OK?”


“So number one, drinking blood to survive.”


“Looks like a human unless feeding when fangs extend and face becomes, er, demonic.”

“Score a big no there. Could you expand a little on the whole demonic thing.” He leaned forward expectantly.

“Well their faces transform from looking like you or me to, well the easiest example I can use is like a less deformed klingon, it’s just their brows really. Also their eyes turn feral and a golden colour and their fangs extend.”

“Okay. Well my guys are permanently fanged with no facial disfigurement.”

“Okay. So pretty big difference there. How about weaknesses? Sunlight, crosses, holy water.”

“Yep, I’m with you there. Now we get to the nitty gritty, killing the bastards. Decapitation, silver, garlic, UV, no to the wooden stake to the heart.”

“Well I know it works for mine they just disintegrate to ash. None of the fancy burning from the inside out that I saw last night in the alley though. Silver doesn’t kill them it just injures them, they heal pretty fast too. I don’t think garlic is fatal or anything.”

“Yeah, makes life hard when the fuckers can regenerate from pretty much anything except death.” He rubbed the back of his neck trying to get his head round what he’d learnt.

“Regenerate, wow, that’s a step up. I’m pretty sure you chop something off it stays chopped, they just heal from most wounds.” Willow ran over everything they’d discussed in her head again. She realised that there was one area they still hadn’t covered. “So how come you’re mortal again? The vampires I know bite a human, drain them then when they’re near death feed their blood to the person they’re trying to turn. When the person dies their soul is expelled from the body and a demon takes its place. They become reanimated corpses.”

King shook his head in wonder. “It sounds like some kind of weird sci-fi show.” He held up his hand forestalling her protest. “I’m not saying I don’t believe you, it’s just, different.”

“Well, how did you become a vampire then?” She couldn’t hide her curiosity.

“Many are born as vampires, pure bloods, but a person can be turned as well. When a vampire bites you you’re infected with a virus. It actually transforms you into a vampire, like a new species through genetic manipulation or something.” He shuddered in remembrance. “You need blood to survive, gain increased strength, agility and healing, loose the ability to walk in sunlight and a conscience.” He looked at his feet remembering his past. “There’s a cure though, like an antivirus. It’s just as likely to kill you as cure you but it’s better than being one of them.” He practically spat out the last few words.

Willow looked on in sympathy then moved back beside him and laid a comforting hand on his arm. “That sounds horrible. I had some friends, who weren’t cured but they were given their souls back. The memories wrecked one of them for a hundred years and the other, well, he came terms after a short period of insanity.”

He gazed at her in amazement. She didn’t hate him for what he had been, hadn’t judged him. He stared into her green eyes and lost himself for a moment.

“You’re one special woman.” He was surprised as she practically jumped back and a look of disbelief flashed in her eyes. Her hands dropped into her lap and she looked wracked with guilt. He felt himself reach out and offer the same comfort she had given him earlier.

“Hey, hey, hey, pretty lady. It can’t be that bad.” She flinched away.

“I tried,” Her voice caught. “I tried to end the world.” Tears welled up and she found herself sobbing out her confession to this stranger. “and worse than that,” she rubbed her hand roughly over her eyes. He swallowed nervously he had no idea what she was talking about but what could be worse than trying to end the world. “I killed a man.”


King sat back. OK so this woman sees killing a man as worse than trying to end the world. He couldn’t see the big deal. His memories of killing whilst a vampire were vivid but he held more of a revulsion regarding the consumption of blood rather than the actual deaths themselves and since he’d been cured he’d killed plenty of familiars as well as vampires. Somehow he didn’t think that would comfort her.

“So, the old tried to end the world trick eh?” He watched as she glanced at him through her reddened eyes. “I would have tried for world domination myself. Incredible wealth and power, beautiful women at my beck and call.” She snorted softly.

“Well, the beautiful women thing is tempting.” She broke into a tentative smile at the look of shock on his face.

He cleared his throat and tried to rid his mind of some pretty lurid images of her and Whistler. “Do you mind if ask how?” He watched the nervousness return to her expression.

“You gonna laugh at me again?”

“Nope. Scout’s honour.” She laughed softly as he made a mock salute and crossed his eyes.

“I’m a witch.” She waited for his comeback.

“Uh huh.” Witch, right. Of course. He pondered for a moment longer. She certainly seemed pretty rational, except for the ending the world thing. Of course then there was the whole miraculous healing. “Are we talking Glinda, or wicked witch of the west?”

It was his turn to laugh as she took offence. “Easy, easy don’t turn me into a frog!” His laughter increased as her expression turned to fear.

“It’s not funny. I have a frog phobia OK.” She watched as he gasped for breath before joining him in laughter.

“We make a great pair of Fearless Vampire Killers.” Her passing comment sobered him up quickly.

“Man, just when I thought my life couldn’t get any weirder.” He sat back and looked at her again. “So I’m not saying I don’t believe you but any chance of a demonstration or something.”

Willow was surprised, she’d expected him to laugh in her face then walk out when she told him. Ok so the laughter part kinda happened but he was taking it better than she expected. She looked to the table, levitating the cup was out as the liquid sloshing about made moving it incredibly tricky. She settled for the shattered remains of his cellphone that were left on the table.

He stared in surprise as his phone rose from the table and floated across to him.

“Are you going to take it? It loses some of the impressiveness if I just drop it in your lap.” Willow grinned enjoying his amazement.

He reached out and waved his hand over the phone before plucking it from the air.

“Nope, no wires.”

“Way fucking cool.” He had to admit it seemed pretty solid evidence but levitating objects wasn’t unheard of and parapsychic phenomena weren’t the same as magic in his book.

“I can feel a ‘but’ coming on.” Willow watched as he fought the urge to come back with a smutty remark. She had no doubt King and Spike would get along if they could just get over the ‘I’m a vampire’ and ‘I kill your kind’ issues.

“I’m sorry it’s just that I find it easier to accept a more scientific reasoning to my fucked up world. Kinda makes me Scully to your Mulder, which really messes with your head when you take into account hair colour.”

“Would you believe I was the scientific mind in my group?” She was still chuckling over his X-files comparison but couldn’t hide her panic as she realised her inadvertent slip.

“There are more of you?”

“Witches, yeah sure.” Willow prayed that he’d just let it slide.

His eyes narrowed, she answered far too quickly for his liking. This babe definitely shouldn’t play poker.

“Hmm. So do all witches fight vampires?”

“Not on a day to day basis, no.” Willow was trying to think of a way to explain her situation without giving away too many secrets. “I’m fairly unique actually.” She paused before deciding honesty was her best defence right now.

“Look, Hannibal, I’m sure there are lots of things about your Nightstalkers that you don’t want to volunteer to me and the same goes for the people I worked with. I’m not saying I’ll never tell you I just don’t think now is a good time. Are you OK with that?”

Hannibal watched her closely while he considered it. It was true of course after all they’d only just met and they both had people to protect.

“Well OK then, but you’re not going to be able to get the decoder ring ‘til you do.”

“Decoder,” she looked at his face seeing the teasing in his eyes. “Oh goddess. I must be turning prophetic or something, I foresee you’re going to drive me nuts.”

He laughed. “You’d surprised how many people form that shocking assumption about me. Still as first impressions go I’d rate our meeting as pretty good for me.”

“It’s a miracle you’re still alive.” She retorted with a grin on her face.

“Hey! I’m the one with the smart mouth round here thank you.” Willow’s eyes twinkled as she paused to study his face for a moment.

“So it’ll be dark soon.” He glanced to the window before turning back at her with a ‘so what?’ look on his face. “Have you got to be somewhere or do you want to go patrolling?”

“Patrolling. With you.” He looked at her thoughtfully for a while before deciding that the situation definitely needed checking out further. “Sure, why not? I love killing vamps, you love killing vamps. It’ll be a blast.” He jumped to his feet before reaching out and pulling her up.

“You need to get kitted up in slaying gear or anything?” He watched a flicker of panic run across her face and made a note to find out what had hit a nerve at some point. For now he figured he’d better just concentrate on making a new ally.

“Er, yeah sure. Just give me 5 minutes and I’ll be with you.” Willow left the room in a hurry only pausing as she considered the situation. Here she was about to go rushing out with a near complete stranger on a vampire hunt and not only was she not nervous about it she was practically buzzing with excitement.

She took a moment to ring Spike, asking him to pass a message onto Giles to investigate Hannibal King and that if he didn’t hear from her by tomorrow night he was to hunt down said man and extract whatever vengeance he felt necessary.

Knowing Spike never picked up his messages until first thing in the morning meant she had the night to decide how much more they could trust King without having overprotective friends giving her grief.

Glancing over herself in the mirror she smiled at the confident woman reflected there. Grabbing her spare weapons she return to the living room.

“Right, take this in case we run into any of my vampires.” She told him handing over a stake. “I’ve got silver too in case we run into some of yours. You wanna to start where we left off last night?”

Turning over the wooden implement in hands he took a moment to study the woman before him. It was strange seeing someone so bubbly, getting excited over the prospect of ashing some vamps, Whistler was always so damn serious. Still, woman after his own heart - there was killing to be had.

“I’m game if you are, lead the way.”

Willow gave him a blinding smile which he couldn’t help returning.

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship he thought to himself as together they set off down the streets of London.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Fearless Vampire Killers". This story is complete.

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