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A Long Strange Trip

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Summary: Logan Echolls and Dawn Summers became more than friends when things in their lives were a little crazy. Now, a spur of the moment vacation in Seattle promises to make things a little crazier.

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Multiple Crossings > Dawn-CenteredfirewithfireFR1842,826021,68417 Jul 0718 Aug 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Cheater, Cheater

Dawn took her fighting stance only to hear a loud chuckle at her expense. And then, a second later, she found out why when she was knocked off her feet faster than she could blink.

She stood. Giving the guy a defiant stare, she took her stance again. He shrugged.

"Hey, I could do this all day," he said before disappearing in a blur just to knock her on her butt again.

Don't want to play fair, huh? Well, two can play that game, she thought as she stood up. She quickly muttered a spell under her breath.

Alec was surprised to find himself being thrown up against a wall. And the girl hadn't even touched him. He looked at her, amazed. She grinned.

"Not so tough now, are you?" She concentrated on keeping him up against the barn as she watched him.

"Put me down. Will ya? You could have just told me you were from Manticore." He told her looking annoyed.

Dawn put him down. She could have played along but it would just come back to bite her in the butt later. She watched as he dusted himself off.

"I'm not from Manticore. Never heard of the place," she told him honestly while reminding herself to see what she could find out about it later.

Alec looked at Dawn like he didn't believe her. And then told her he didn't.

"Yeah, right.," he said while he was checking his jacket for signs of damage. "You're trying to tell me that you aren't one of Manticore's special projects."

He looked up at her and shook his head. "I don't buy it. No way I could lose a fight to someone who wasn't from Manticore."

Dawn smirked at him.


Alec looked at the tiny girl again. No. No way, he thought to himself. But after that smirk she had just given him, he wasn't so sure anymore.

"Well, if you're not from Manticore, then where the hell are you from?" He asked, annoyed yet again. He didn't like not knowing what he was up against.

Hell was right, Dawn thought.

"Sunnydale," she answered simply.

Sunnydale? Where have I heard that before, Alec asked himself. Then, it hit him. About 3 years ago, when he was out on assignment, he had heard about a small town in California that was buried in an earthquake. He had thought it was unlikely for a whole town to go under but he was a government created, genetically altered fighting machine. So, he guessed stranger things had happened.

"What's Manticore?" Her curiosity had finally gotten the best of her.

"Um...It's a private school," Alec was telling a flat out lie and he knew she knew it.

Dawn glared at him.

"Do I look that dumb to you?" Dawn asked before she remembered that this guy wasn't exactly the nicest person she'd ever met. She braced herself for an insult while reminding herself that it would be mean to throw him against the wall again.

"Eh..." Alec said with shrug and a shake of his hand that was meant to say 'kinda'.

Ok, she was gonna throw him up against the wall again. And she would have too, except that she heard Logan calling for her. Apparently, he was done with the police already.

"Dawn!" This time it was closer.

Alec turned to look in the direction of the voice. When he turned back, she was gone.

He listened the way that only an X-5 can and heard her circling around to intercept the guy that was calling out to her. He could have easily followed her but he didn't know what she was capable of besides moving things with her mind.

"Dawn, huh?" Alec made a mental note to himself so that he would remember the name. "Until we meet again."

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Long Strange Trip" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Aug 07.

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