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A Long Strange Trip

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Summary: Logan Echolls and Dawn Summers became more than friends when things in their lives were a little crazy. Now, a spur of the moment vacation in Seattle promises to make things a little crazier.

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Come Away With Me

Disclaimer: All characters and/or places belong to Joss Whedon, Rob Thomas, or James Cameron.

A/N: I am really messing with things here. The pulse has already happened. Takes place during Dark Angel season 2, Veronica Mars season 2 and (sadly) after the last episodes of Buffy and Angel. I am also assuming you know the details of BtVS. Hope you enjoy!

She lay with her head on the window panel as the wind whipped through her hair. Her eyes were closed but she wasn’t sleeping. He could tell. She looked much more peaceful when she was sleeping.

She was worried about so much these days. He knew it was getting to her, carrying the weight of the world. That’s why Logan decided he should get Dawn out of L.A. for a while.
* * * * *

After her hometown of Sunnydale was destroyed, Dawn’s sister Buffy had moved them to L.A. to live with some friends they hadn’t seen in a while. A few months later, after she was sure she could leave Dawn in safe hands, Buffy had left to fight a new battle. Dawn started school at Hemery High. Buffy’s old school before she had burnt down the gym. There Dawn met Logan, who was running from heartbreak at his latest girlfriend dumping him for his best friend and whose father was in prison for the murder of his old ex-girlfriend.

He was broken and she was lonely. They made perfect friends. But over time their friendship grew into something more. Feelings they hadn’t wanted to admit to. But when Dawn’s sister had died (for the final time) she had turned to Logan and realized that she still had someone there to love her even if her sister wasn’t there anymore.

She had broken down and told Logan everything. About demons, vampires, werewolves. At first he’d thought that her grief was getting the best of her but eventually he had come around. He believed her when it mattered and it had saved their lives. That was two years ago.

Logan knew that Dawn was working with the Watcher’s Council. He knew that she was, in fact, training to become a watcher but he also knew what the council didn’t know. That since Buffy’s death Dawn had started training and using her innate “key” powers (yes, he knew about that too) to become the slayer Buffy had never dreamed Dawn could become.

The knowledge of how much was out there, how much she had to overcome was wearing on Dawn. And Logan knew he was the only thing grounding her. He was the thing she needed most. It felt good to be needed.
* * * * *
At last, they had arrived at their destination. Now, Dawn really was asleep. Gently Logan reached over and brushed her hair from her cheek.

“Dawnie. We’re here.” He said quietly, not really wanting to disturb the slayer but needing to.

Dawn groaned lightly before slowly opening her eyes. She looked around at the rainy scenery.

“Where’s here?’

“Seattle, silly.”
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