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This story is No. 2 in the series "SGA-red". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Revenge is a dish best served cold

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Stargate > General > General: Atlantis(Past Donor)HiltonKFR1319072105,95019 Jul 0719 Jul 07Yes

A little follow up to New Girl, I couldn't let it go..

Warning – one instance of v. bad language. :0)

Ooops - disclaimer - not mine, only borrowing etc.....


The first time it happened John just dismissed it. He didn’t have a completely over inflated ego unlike a certain scientist but he knew he was an attractive man. The woman was new to the city and the double take was just a natural reaction.


The second time it happened John was, well, flattered. The new Prof. in the botany labs was hot. He hadn’t really had a chance to talk to her yet but from the way she appeared to be checking him out maybe he should. Seeing his regard she ducked her head and with what looked to be a hint of a coy smile she disappeared into a transporter. Definitely promising.


The third time was a lot more worrying. He’d expect more out of a soldier under his command. They may be in the Pegasus Galaxy but the fraternisation rules were there for a damn good reason. He made a mental note to tell Lorne to have a quiet word with her to prevent it ending up with anything formal.


By the forth time he was down right freaked out. Don’t ask, don’t tell was all very good but how the hell was he supposed to deal with a soldier out right ogling him. Sheppard took a moment to take some deep calming breaths. He checked back over to see the other man with his head firmly down disappear out of the room.

Enough was enough. He needed to get this sorted out right now. He’d find Lorne and come up with a plan of action, he needed the other man's calmer head as he wasn’t entirely sure he could handle this with the appropriate dignity. Normally unwanted advances could be turned down with a smile and a joke but this was a whole lot more serious.

As he entered the Major’s office he could have sworn he caught a flicker of something in his eyes but it was gone before he could give it any further consideration. After explaining the situation he was irritated to find the officer had a barely suppressed smirk on his face that bordered on insubordination.

Still maybe he was over reacting after the morning he’d had. Lorne was a good second so before he could say anything he’d regret he left heading off to do the one thing he knew would ease his frustration - Rodney baiting.

He’d practically made it down to the labs when he ran into Elizabeth who simply stared at him for a long moment before what he termed as her diplomatic mask slipped into place and she exchanged pleasantries with him. This time he was sure that it had something to do with his hair. As soon as she was out of sight he checked the hallway was empty before tentatively reaching up and checking out his locks. Nothing felt obviously out of place, just its usual unruly spikiness. What the hell was going on?

As he finally reached McKay’s lab he was surprised to realise that not only was Rodney there but Willow, Radek and Ronon too. He had a moment’s hesitation before entering.

The room instantly fell silent as soon as he came into view.

Willow was the first to break and began giggling which broke into a full blown laugh as the others joined her.

He stood silently fuming as he counted in his head until he was sure he wouldn’t verbally castrate someone. Still not fully trusting himself he waited until they’d stopped before simply raising his eyebrow in question. Rodney took one long look at him before turning to the redhead.

“Willow. I, Dr. Rodney McKay, fully admit that you, in this particular instance, are smarter than I am and far more creative when it comes to revenge.”

John’s jaw dropped open as quite frankly they were some of the least likely words he’d ever expected to hear.

“What the fuck is going on?” Willow simply smiled and moved over to pull Rodney up out of his chair.

“Why thank you Dr McKay. Would you care to join me for refreshments? I hear there’s mac and cheese today.”

“I’d be delighted. Shall we?” The pair swept out of the room and with a last glance at the bewildered Colonel they left. Realising that he still had no idea what the hell had happened he honed in on the weakest link remaining.

“Zelenka, care to explain.” Radek tore his eyes away from the Major’s head to look directly at him.

“I believe Willow referred to it as a glamour.” John gave up all pretext of trying to look composed and reached up to check his hair again.

“What? It doesn’t feel any different.”

“That is the point, no? If you could see it looked like that then I suspect you would not have left your quarters.” Radek swallowed nervously, realising he had perhaps gone too far as a thunderous look crossed the Colonel's face.

“Looked like what.” He ground out.

Ronon took pity on them both and reached out to pull Zelenka away from Sheppard’s fury, pushing him gently toward the door before following him.

With thump on the John’s shoulder on the way past Ronon gave him a grin, his pride in Willow’s success overshadowing his sympathy for the stunned man.


The End

You have reached the end of "Prank". This story is complete.

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