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Mommy Dearest

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Summary: In response to a challenge. 9 years Post Chosen (7 Years Post Heroes and Slayers) a girl finds out she's adopted and wants to find her birthmother, a certain blonde Slayer by the name of Buffy Summers.

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Chapter Seven

A/N: I’m ending it here. It wasn’t even my intention to make it 7 chapters. Hope you liked it.

Chapter 7

He knew he was watching him. Did they really think he was that stupid? He was standing behind him for the last twenty minutes, just looking at him, not saying a word. Warren first thought he was staring at his wings but that wasn’t it. He was just staring at the back of his head, this Peter.

“You’re up here for a reason.” The blonde teenager finally said, getting tired of the silence.

“Yeah, I am. And you’re right; I’m not staring at your wings.” Peter responded, not coming closer. Not out of fear but for Warren’s comfort. He didn’t want to scare the kid off. That’s what he was in the end, just a kid, who’s confused and angry.

“You’re a mind reader.” Warren stated and turned around “That’s why Buffy said you were special.”

“I’m not just a mind reader.” Peter smiled warmly. Warren couldn’t help but feel comfortable around this man. It was like he knew that Peter wouldn’t judge him.

“What do you mean?” The teenager asked. He took a few steps closer and tried to find something insincere about this man’s face but he couldn’t find it.

“I’ll tell you, if you can catch me.” Peter smile widened when Warren gave him a blank stare. He winked at his wife’s winged son and took off in the air. Warren involuntarily chuckled and watched him disappear in the sky. He spread his wings and followed the man’s air path.


“I, I don’t-” Kerry didn’t know how to answer that. She was already confused when first finding out she had a power and these people, her biological mother and aunt and their friend, were being so casual about it.

“Just ignore them.” Buffy said shooting a glare at her sister and Xander “It’s just that, uhm, when Cordy appears in someone’s dreams usually means it’s important.” She said with an uneasy smile.

“She said that someone screwed up the Grand Plan for me and Warren.” Kerry replied. At least they didn’t think she was crazy. However, she was definitely thinking they were.

“Grand Plan?” Dawn asked confused.

“Yeah, she said something about me having to save my brother. I wasn’t supposed to meet him yet.” Kerry involuntarily leaned closer to Bridget when Buffy seemed to explode.

“This is just great. I mean, really, fan-fucking-tastic!” Buffy stood up and began pacing angrily.

“Buffy, calm down.” Dawn said nervous. She knew from experience how angry she could get when the PTB, or anyone for that matter, messed with her or her family.

“Calm down?” Buffy asked her younger sister who shrugged a little in response. “You want me to calm down? I’m just a damn puppet to Them! They just love messing with my life, don’t they?” She threw her hands up in frustration.

“I know, Buffy, but you have to calm down or you’re going to scare the unknowing kiddies over here.” Xander replied, gesturing to the two girls.

“That’s just it. They’re just kids, how can They do that to my babies?” Xander walked over to his best friend and tried to calm the blonde down who looked like she was about blow a fuse.

“Buffy, don’t make me get Willow to,” His voice went down a couple of notches so only Buffy could hear him “put a nice and quiet silence spell on you.”

“You wouldn’t- she wouldn’t-” Buffy glared at the nodding man in front of her and crossed her arms “Fine but I’m still mad and I’m going to kick some serious PTB ass if they try to put them in danger.”

“Hey, didn’t you listen? Cordy said that the Grand Plan was messed up. She doesn’t need to save her brother anymore, they already met. They won’t get in danger.” Dawn spoke up.

“Wait, what, danger?” Kerry spoke up only to be interrupted by a soft sobbing coming from the door. They turned to face the slowly opening door and saw a young dark-haired boy inching his way in the library.

“Mommy, auntie Faith says I can’t go with daddy.” Zach said, shuffling closer to his mother. Buffy moved past Xander and knelt in front of her son who threw his arms around her neck and climbed in her lap, indicating he wanted to be picked up.

“If auntie Faith says so, you know she’s got a good reason, sweetie.” Buffy replied as the boy buried his face in her neck.

“But I wanna go with daddy!” He said, though it sounded muffled. He pulled his head back and stared at his mother with a full pout. “Daddy said next time he went, I could come.”

“Where is daddy?” Buffy asked, softly rubbing her son’s back.

“With the birdboy in the sky.” He replied with a sniffle. He wiped his nose with the back of his hand, getting a frown from Buffy.

“When he gets back, I’ll talk to him, okay, sweetie?” Buffy replied, placing him on the table and grabbing a handkerchief from her jeans’ front pocket and wiped his nose and hand.

“Mommy, I wanna have wings, too.” Zach whined and crossed his arms, pouting. Buffy caught him concentrating very hard and put her hands on her hips.

“Zachary Nathan Kennedy Petrelli, don’t even think about it.” She said sternly. The boy looked at her with a guilty expression.

“What is she talking about?” Bridget asked her sister in a hushed tone. The redhead shrugged in response and watched the scene in front of her. A part of her was jealous without limits but another part of her was finding the scene played out in front of her adorable.

“But the birdboy did!” The dark-haired seven-year old countered with an incredulous expression. The blonde rolled her eyes at his response. Inwardly she was amused that even when her youngest son didn’t know Warren was his brother, he still wanted to be just like him and be treated equally.

“Maybe when you’re older.” She just said and smiled. He seemed to accept that because he smiled back widely.

“Hey Zach, my man, how about we go for some ice-cream?” Xander questioned with a goofy grin. The boy squealed excited and jumped up on the table. Buffy thought his jump however seemed a little too floaty to be natural.

“Dawn and Bridget, you wanna join us?” Xander asked, trying to be subtle. He picked up the boy and placed him on his shoulder as Dawn took the hint and stood up.

“No, I’m good. Ice-cream doesn’t do-” Bridget started but after a look from Dawn she took the hint and jumped from her seat. “Oh, right, yeah sure.”

The foursome left the room quietly, leaving Buffy and Kerry alone in the library. The blonde shifted nervously on her feet, not knowing what to say. Talking to Warren was easier; he didn’t look so much like Oliver. A rush of guilt that she thought she had long gotten over came back when looking at her daughter. Guilt over losing Oliver to those vampires and then having to burn him in the gym.

“You wanna go for a walk?” She finally asked, thinking fresh air would help her think. The redhead just nodded and stood up. They walked in silence to the yards, away from the prying eyes and ears of almost a hundred teenaged girls in the mansion.

“So… I bet you’ve got a lot of questions.” Buffy started.

“The understatement of the year, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry.” She added quickly seeing the look on the blonde’s face. “I don’t just have questions about you giving me up for adoption but about everything else today, too.”

“Given.” Buffy smiled and stuffed her hands in her pockets.

“I get that you were too young, I do, but it still hurts a little, you know, like you didn’t want me or anything.” The redhead looked away ashamed. She didn’t like to be this vulnerable but she knew she had to talk about it and this was the perfect opportunity.

“Kerry,” Buffy stopped walking and faced her daughter “the fact that me being pregnant was a shock to say the least, but it didn’t mean I didn’t want you, or your brother.” She stated firmly. Kerry nodded in understanding but it didn’t change what she felt “Hell, I wanted to run away when my parents said I should give you up for adoption.” Buffy snorted with a twinge of amusement.

“But then I wouldn’t have my parents or Bridge and Rory.” Kerry said thoughtful then snorted to herself. Buffy looked at her, having heard the soft snort.

“What?” She asked with an amused smile.

“I always hated the fact that I was the middle child, not being gorgeous Bridget or the boy. And now, I’m still the middle child.” Kerry rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, hugging herself.

“But you’re my first, and only, girl.” Buffy pointed out and moved a strand of hair from the redhead’s face. “My biggest regret of giving you and Warren up, is not watching you grow up. I missed everything and I’ll never get that back.”

“You haven’t missed everything, not yet at least.” Kerry replied with a small smile. Buffy felt like her heart stopped seeing that smile. “I want you in my life, Buffy. I know Paul and Cate are my parents, but you’re my biological mom and I’d really like to get to know you.”

Buffy’s eyes teared up. She took the redhead in her arms and held her closely. Kerry wrapped her arms around the blonde, burying her head against the blonde’s shoulder and breathed in her scent.

“I’d like that, too.” The blonde whispered. They pulled back after a few minutes, both turning away from each other as they wiped small trails of tears away.

“So, tell me about your power.” Buffy chuckled, turning back to Kerry.

“I’ll you mine if you tell me yours.” Buffy gave her a blank expression in return. “Come on; tell me the truth about this school.”

“Okay, anything you wanna know.” The Slayer smiled and put her arm around the redhead.

“And about the mirrors in Faith’s room.” Kerry said quickly. That had been bugging her since she woke up but she was slightly afraid of the brunette.

“That… is Faith’s way to talk to her lover who died a few years ago.” Buffy answered with a grim smile, remembering how everyone thought Faith was crazy hanging up all those mirrors.

“Ow, is that why she was so... abrupt when Bridge asked about it?” The redhead immediately regretted asking about the mirrors.

“Yeah, probably. The only person she talks to about Niki, is Micah, the son she left behind and who Faith adopted.” Buffy shrugged and gestured for them to walk some more. “What else do you wanna know?”


“You’re fast.” Warren said as he and Peter landed back on the roof after their flight. At first he was very surprised about the speed of his… stepfather? After his surprise he actually enjoyed trying to catch the older man.

“You, too.” Peter grinned. A part of him was pleased he could out-fly a person with wings. “Guess those wings are good for something, right?”

“I guess.” Warren replied sullenly.

“Look, Warren, I understand that you haven’t had the warmest home, with your father acting like that, but don’t take it out on Buffy.” Peter had to get this of his chest. He knew Warren was angry at Buffy for putting him and Kerry up for adoption but he needed the boy to understand.

“She abandoned me, and my sister.” The blonde teenager replied with a glare towards Peter.

“She loved you both, she didn’t want to but she had to.” Warren just rolled his eyes at him and stared over the yards, seeing Buffy and Kerry “Warren, she’s thirty years old and for half of her life she’s been wondering how you two ended up. She believed that you were with your sister and that you were in a loving home.” Peter sighed after not receiving an answer for several moments.

“Do you know anything about this school for mutants?” The teenager finally asked. He still didn’t look at Peter but at least he was talking.

“Yeah, it’s a good school. Have you seen the busty brunette?” Peter asked, taking a few steps closer to Warren. When he nodded Peter continued. “Well, her adopted son goes there.”

“Is he a mutant, too?” The teenaged boy asked, finally looking at Peter.

“No, he’s like me.” Warren rolled his eyes and turned his gaze back to the yards. “I was just trying to suggest that if you decide to go there, you could come back with him once in a while. Buffy would really like it.” Peter hoped he was being subtle but seeing as Warren hadn’t lashed out he figured it worked.

“Why is he in that school if it’s for mutants?” Warren asked confused.

“Because the school isn’t for mutants alone anymore. It’s for gifted children and they’re right.” He put his hand on the blonde’s shoulder and made him look at the man. “You are gifted, Warren, it may not seem that way to you but you really are.”

“I’ll check the school out when I get home.” He replied, inwardly wondering why this man was being so friendly to him. Wasn’t he upset that he wasn’t Buffy’s first? That his first child was Buffy’s third and that she hadn’t told him about it? Or maybe she did tell him.

“Say goodbye to Buffy when you leave.” Peter squeezed his shoulder before turning away and heading back inside the mansion.

“Hey, you haven’t told me about your other abilities.” Warren called out. Peter turned to him with a smile and winked.

“I said you had to catch me, and you didn’t. You’ll just have to come back and try again.” He turned away again and left the teenager to his thoughts. Warren stared out in the yards, looking at Buffy and Kerry talking.

“Maybe I will.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Mommy Dearest". This story is complete.

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