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Mommy Dearest

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Summary: In response to a challenge. 9 years Post Chosen (7 Years Post Heroes and Slayers) a girl finds out she's adopted and wants to find her birthmother, a certain blonde Slayer by the name of Buffy Summers.

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Chapter One

Author: Raven Morbisk
Title: Mommy Dearest
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing!!
Summary: In response to a challenge. 9 years Post Chosen a girl finds out she's adopted and wants to find her birthmother, a certain blonde Slayer by the name of Buffy Summers.
Author’s Notes: Crossover with ‘Heroes’, ‘X-Men' (Movieverse but no actual movie crossover) and ‘8 Simple Rules (for Dating My Teenage Daughter)’. You COULD view this as a Buffy-centered sequel for my Buffy in my other fic ‘Heroes and Slayers’ but it doesn’t really matter if you’ve never read it.
Oh and as for ‘8 Simple Rules (for Dating My Teenage Daughter)’, Paul’s alive, Bridget’s eighteen, which makes Kerry sixteen and Rory fifteen… I think… That’s about it, I guess.
And I’m sorry in advance for any mistakes I might be making with Cleveland and Detroit and whatever other thing about America… I googled all my information because I’m not American, I’m Belgian and I don’t know shit about American states and everything.


Chapter 1

It was still early in the evening when Cate and Paul snuggled up together on the couch. The kids had gone upstairs almost right after dinner, leaving the parentals with the dishes. Paul suddenly frowned slightly and sat a little straighter, looking around his surroundings.

“It’s awfully quiet.” He said to Cate. She seemed to notice as well and stood up from the couch, walking to the bottom of the stairs.

“Give me that, you little jerk!” Rory came running down the other stairs in the kitchen with a folder in his arms and jumped behind the kitchen counter landing with a loud ‘oomph’ before Kerry and Bridget arrived as well.

“Now it’s too loud.” Paul grumbled and tried to disappear in the comfy sofa. He got a scowl from his wife and just shrugged.

“Girls, what’s going on?” Cate asked walking over to the girls.

“Rory’s got something and we want it.” Bridget crossed her arms. Kerry nodded in agreement and turned her head towards the giggle coming from behind the kitchen counter.

“Give me that!” Kerry demanded when Rory jumped up and ran to his father in the couch.

“Dad, you won’t let them kill me, will you? I’m the boy.” He said bent down next to him and ducking the pillows Kerry and Bridget threw at him.

“Girls, stop it throwing those at the boy.” Paul stood up and held open his hands to keep to girls from the boy. “Why do you want whatever Rory has?” He asked, not seeing the big picture.

“He said it’s about us!” Bridget cried out.

“Yeah, some Tootsiewootsie file or something, which could only mean one thing,” Kerry crossed her arms and glared at her younger brother.

“Embarrassing anecdotes that could totally bring down my reputation!” The blonde was near panicking at this stage.

“For once I agree with her.” The redhead looked surprised at her own words “That sounds strange.” She added frowning.

“What? You don’t have a reputation to protect!” Bridget countered. Before they could begin with their bickering Paul yelled at them to stop and then turned to Rory sternly.

“Give me the file, Rory.” He held out his hand but the boy just grinned and shook his head.

“No, I wanna see what this Tootsiewootsie file is.” He went to open the file but it was yanked from his hands by his mother that had crept up behind him. “Hey!” He yelled. Cate smiled at him smugly and put the file behind her back. He sulked and walked to the stairs.

“Thank you, you are gods.” Bridget breathed out. The redhead next to her looked at her like she was insane then turned to her parents.

“Something like she said only with more brain cells involved.” Kerry said with a tiny trace of a sneer.

“Oh well, I don’t have the file but I do have this little paper.” Rory grinned, holding a piece of paper up. Both Cate and Paul went for it but it was too late.

“Kerry’s adopted?!” Rory wasn’t grinning anymore; he was staring dumbfounded at the piece of paper in his hands. Cate took the piece of paper out of his hands while Paul has his eyes closed praying Kerry and Bridget had gone deaf over the last thirty seconds.

“WHAT?” Kerry shouted. Bridget put her hands over her mouth and stared at her the younger girl in shock. Paul opened his eyes and looked at Cate nervously. “I’m adopted?” Her voice choked up. “How’s that even possible? Bridget’s older than me!” Kerry had tears running down her face by now.

“Come sit down, Carebear.” Paul said uneasy. “Rory, Beach, can you go upstairs, please?” He asked the two others. They nodded mutely and headed up the respective stairs. Kerry shakily made her way to the single chair and sat down. Paul and Cate both took a deep breath and took a seat on the couch.

“I, I don’t understand.” Kerry said, staring out in front of her. “Why didn’t anyone ever tell me? Why doesn’t Bridget know?”

Cate and Paul looked at each other and decided there was no backing out of it anymore, it was time that Kerry knew the truth. They knew this day had to come but they didn’t want it to. Kerry already felt like she didn’t fit in and now they were afraid that the girl would alienate herself from them. Paul silently asked if he should start, when his beloved wife nodded he turned to his daughter.

“Your mother had a baby girl sixteen years ago, but she died a few hours after she was born. We didn’t know how to tell Bridget yet, because she was looking forward to have a little sister.” He placed his hand on his wife’s knee and waited for her consent to continue.

“I, we, told Bridget that the baby wasn’t coming home and she got so caught up in thinking that the baby was sick.” Cate told her daughter.

“So you went out and got me to make Bridget feel better?” Kerry nearly shouted.

“No, no, that’s not what happened.” Paul tried to calm the girl down “After a few weeks I wanted to do something for your mother because she was starting to get into a depression, so I took her to L.A., the fanciest hotel I could afford and did everything she wanted.”

“We met a woman there, who was very nice and friendly and she told me her daughter had gotten pregnant but that she was too young for being a mother.” Cate said gently. “She seemed to like us and asked us if we wanted to adopt the babies when they were born.”

“Babies? I was a twin?” Kerry put her hands in front of her mouth and new tears fell from her eyes.

“You have a three minute older brother.” Cate smiled a little when her daughter’s eyes twinkled for a second.


“When we went to pick you and your brother up, the nurses told us that the boy had already been taken away by his parents.” Paul said sadly.

“They took the boy and left me? They didn’t want me?” Kerry sobbed. Cate wanted to get up and hold her daughter but one look from Kerry told her to stay put.

“Carebear, they didn’t take either of you. Someone else apparently took the boy away.” Paul winced when Kerry stared cold at him.

“How do you know? And don’t call me Carebear.” Kerry’s voice was angrier now “You just went to their house and said ‘Hey, you think we could get the other kid, too? The girl isn’t enough.’” She spat.

“No, that’s not how it went.” Cate had her own tears flowing down her cheeks.

“You met her once, your-” Paul couldn’t believe he was actually saying this “biological mother’s mother, your grandmother. You were just a toddler and we told you she was an old friend of the family.”

“She wanted me back?” The teenager asked confused but skeptically.

“Not exactly.” Paul said carefully “She was however very surprised that your brother wasn’t with us.”

“Then why did she come?” She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself but the tears kept coming.

“She said that her daughter had run away and she was scared that given the circumstances her daughter might never have children again.” Cate answered. “She just wanted to see you; she said you were beautiful, like a little angel.”

“I, I, I need to get out of here.” Kerry stood up on shaky legs, wiping her tears. Her parents stood up wanting to comfort her but she held her hand up “Don’t. Just… Don’t.” She slowly made her way up the stairs to her room, leaving Cate crying in Paul’s arms.

When she entered her room Bridget was sitting on her bed, looking at pictures of her and Kerry when they were younger. The blonde looked up and opened her mouth to say something but couldn’t think of anything to say. Closing her mouth, she put the album away and opened her arms. Kerry started crying all over again and crawled on her sister’s bed in the blonde’s arms.

“I love you, Kerry and no piece of paper can say that you’re not my sister.” Bridget whispered, stroking her sister’s hair caringly. Kerry didn’t respond, she just crept closer to Bridget and eventually cried herself to sleep.

When Kerry woke up in the morning, she noticed she was still held by her older sister. She looked at the blonde and saw that the blonde was sleeping and that she had cried as well. She tried to get out from under Bridget’s arms but only succeeded in waking her.

“What? What time is it?” Bridget said groggily. She then noted Kerry looking at her with the faintest of smiles “Hey, you feeling a little better? Wanna talk about it?”

“I don’t know what I’m feeling. Mostly betrayed but a little strangely understanding, like I now know why I never felt like I belonged in this family.” The sixteen year old said thoughtfully.

“You do belong in this family, Kerry, you’re my littler sister.” Bridget retorted.

“I’ve got a twin brother.” She looked at Bridget, ignoring the blonde’s statement “Somewhere out there.” They both looked at the door when Rory knocked softly.

“Kerry,” the boy started and made his way to the end of the bed “I just wanna say I’m sorry. If I hadn’t taken that piece of paper you probably never would’ve known you were adopted.”

“It’s okay, Rory. Maybe this is a good thing.” Kerry replied.

“How’s this a good thing? You’re not really our sister.” Rory frowned receiving a glare from his oldest sister.

“Maybe if I can find my real parents,” Kerry started thoughtful.

“You know who you are.” Bridget finished getting a surprised look from her brother ands sister “What? I watch movies, you know.” She shrugged.

“Then I guess you want to know what your biological mom’s name is.” Rory questioned.

“Yeah, but if I find them, there’s no telling mom or dad. I don’t want them to know.” Kerry found it strange calling Cate and Paul her mom and dad now, even though that they were her parents; after all, they raised and loved her like she really was their daughter.

“I googled her.” Rory said with a bit of pride in his voice.

“Who?” Both Kerry and Bridget asked.

“Your biological mom.” He responded “Her name was on that paper I took from the file, your biological dad wasn’t, I’m sorry.” He took out some folded papers from his pocket and handed them over to Kerry. “I printed some things that looked useful.” Bridget read along over Kerry’s shoulder.

“Buffy Summers? Who calls their daughter Buffy?” The blonde pulled up her nose.

“She got expelled for setting her High School gym on fire!” Kerry laughed a little. “Then she moved to Sunnydale, California. She was a suspect for a murder case.” The redhead frowned lightly, not really sure she wanted to know all about her birthparents anymore.

“Yeah but Sunnydale is gone.” Rory said a little ruefully “I don’t know if she got killed in that earthquake or that she moved.”

“Girls, Rory, time to get ready for school!” Cate yelled up the stairs. Rory sighed and made his way out of the girls’ bedroom.

“I don’t know if I’m ready to talk to them.” Kerry said, not moving from Bridget’s bed.

“Then don’t. I’ll drive you to school.” The blonde offered cheerful.

“You just don’t wanna get in the loser van.” Kerry replied, raising an eyebrow at her sister.

“Kerry. How can you say that, really, I’m- Yeah, you’re right.” Bridget relented then poked her sister’s side “Get your butt off my bed and get ready for school.”
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