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Everything's Bigger in Texas

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Summary: Drabbles/Double Drabbles feat. Buffy/Nick (Added: Capacity to Love)

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

My Reprieve

Title: My Reprieve
Author: Lisa
Status: Completed Double Drabble
Rating: G
Fandom: BtVS/CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Crossover
Pairing: Buffy/Nick
Genre: Drama
Summary: Buffy moves to the City of Sin. Part of the series “Everything’s Bigger in Texas”
Challenge: Challenge #000: Starting Over at TTHDrabbles
Spoilers: Post-Chosen
Disclaimer: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and all related characters are copyright of CBS & Jerry Bruckheimer Television. Buffy The Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright of Joss Whedon & ME. No infringement intended.
Distribution: Not without permission from myself.
AN: Huge thanks to Ava for beta’ing this piece to me. You are always so willing to help me out and I appreciate that so much. xoxo


Buffy sat perched on the edge of her new plush dark mocha sectional with a lounger as she stared at the ruin that was her family room, sun-light streamed in from the window. The mess trailed throughout the house, even the large backyard had boxes scattered by the pool. Gods, she had her own pool.

Faith was pissed that Buffy got to move to the City of Sin and had promised, though it sounded more like a threat, to come visit often. She was looking forward to it especially because she was living alone, since the big showdown with The First the two original slayers had gotten closer and come to an understanding.

Standing Buffy walked into the kitchen while making a mental list of things to take care of before she went patrolling that evening. Wood was supposed to have talked with the Principle at the nearest high school about her getting a job as a counselor. She enjoyed working at Sunnydale that finale year, plus this way she could keep in contact with the newly called Slayers.

Cruelly vicious had been the theme since leaving Sunnydale and Buffy couldn’t help but see this move as a fresh start.

Completed: July 24, 2007
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