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Summary: Even after all she has lost, even after all that was taken, even after all their betrayal, she still has no idea who she was and what there is to come. Now, the real trials begin...

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-CenteredSyriopeFR1546218,50544428183,50926 Jul 0719 Oct 14No



Disclaimer: Anything you recognize is owned by someone other than me. Buffy was created by Joss Whedon and his. Lord of the Rings is credited to J.R.R. Tolkien. This plot was inspired by a challenge request – or, actually, a few…

Note: With the influx of Buffy crossovers with Tolkien, I wanted to try my hand at my own. The challenge request will be posted in full once the story is complete. But I haven’t seen a family-related story for awhile and this is where the muse took me.



“Oh, that had to hurt.”

“Nope. Sorry to disappoint.”

With that snappy comeback, the Slayer flipped back to her feet, the edge of her foot catching the stake. It flew in a graceful arc and landed in her hand. But she wasn’t done toying with her prey yet. As the vampire rushed her, she simply stepped aside, a well-placed blow sending it pummeling into another headstone.

Deep in the shadows, a figure with silvery hair and matching eyes emerged, eyes entranced on the figure. She took one step into the light, not wanting to leave and knowing the dangers she faced by stepping out of the boundaries dictated to them years before.

It was only a footstep that alerted her to the danger. She half-turned, seeing the foggy blue light behind her. Realizing that, indeed, she had stepped her boundaries, her footsteps rushed to carry her back into the shadows. Even as the Slayer fought not one hundred feet away, she was unaware of the dangers outside of the graveyard.

Hearing the snarl of the feral creature following her, the figure removed a branch and swung it hard, the tree connecting with a solid face. As she backed away, a hand reached out and grasped her ankle, tripping her. She kicked out, the edge of her soft slipper colliding hard with the curled, luminescent horn of the demon as it bared neon blue teeth at her.

With a cry, she jumped up and began running, not caring if she was leaving the protective circle or not. Her filmy gown flowed around her as she continued to run, parallel to the sound of a Slayer driving her stake into an intended target. She wanted to scream, to cry for help, but the girl would never be able to reach her in time. She had nearly reached the fence, drawing closer to the protection of her sisters when a hand grabbed her neck and pulled her backwards. Cold claws dug into her flesh, ripping away a silver chain which tumbled to the ground. Throwing off her captor, the woman charged over the fence and began running parallel to the street.

She had not moved more than five further steps when a second demon appeared in front of her. With a gasp of alarm, she swung her leg up, knocking the creature aside. But before she could make her escape, the first demon had met her, his hands winding around her neck, lifting her bodily from the ground. She uttered soft gasps of terror as the fingers closed, choking the life from her. Her eyes spied the backside of the Slayer moving away from her, patrol done for the night and all vampires in that particular graveyard slain. She attempted to cry out, do anything, but the pressure against her throat was too great.

And then, as though the demon no longer wanted to toy with her, there was a resounding crack and the body fell heavily to the ground.

Kicking aside the shiny film of the gown, the two demons continued on.

Less than a moment later, the body turned into little more than silver vapor which wafted towards the night sky.

~\~ ~/~

“Got any idea what this is?”

“Hmm?” Buffy asked, looking over at her Watcher. He was perched on the edge of a chair, staring at a plain brown towel. “Giles, you really have to have lost your mind if you think that that moldy old thing is anything other than a—“

“I wasn’t speaking of this,” Giles snapped, his impatience clear as he folded back the edge. “I’m talking about this.”

“Ooh,” Willow squealed, practically leaping over Buffy to take hold of the shiny silver thing in Giles’ towel. But the moment her skin made content, Willow blinked and snatched her hand away, her eyes narrowing.

“What is it?” Buffy asked, her eyes searching Willow’s face which showed mingled confusion and then a hint of surprise.

“I don’t know. I touched it and I just knew… it shocked me.”

“It’s just a piece of jewelry,” Xander replied from his spot across the room next to Anya. She was happily doing inventory reports and he was being her usual muscle man, lifting heavier objects out of the way so she could get to the codes underneath.

“It was found in a graveyard last night, actually,” Giles said, clearing his throat. “By, um, Spike.”

“I guess you better leash him up so he’s not around digging up graves,” Willow said solemnly.

“I don’t believe that he has,” Giles said, leaning forward so as to not touch the metal. “You see, when he touched this, his hand started on fire.”

“Oh,” Buffy said, quietly taking the towel from Giles.

“I think it has some sort of defensive mechanism,” Willow surmised, glancing over Buffy’s shoulder as her fingers reached ever closer to the trinket. “It looks like something from the Antiques Roadshow.”

“That was exactly what I thought,” Giles replied, getting to his feet and pacing slightly. “His hand started on fire, your hand was repelled as if by electric shock. When I tried to touch it—“

“Let me guess,” Buffy suggested dryly as she set the towel on the table, “you burst into song?”

“Quite not,” Giles replied crisply, wrenching up the sleeve of his coat in order to show the two women the deep red welts on his wrist. “Whatever magic is protecting that… that thing is powerful.”

“Looks like a job for team us,” Willow said, glancing across the table to Tara, who had remained silent. “What do you think?”

“We shouldn’t t-touch it,” Tara replied carefully, glancing around the circle of scoobies until her eyes met Buffy’s. “I-It’s obviously not ours if-if we c-c-can’t get it to work properly.”

“She’s right,” Buffy replied. “We can’t trust anything that’s so silver and shiny. Maybe it’s a key to fight Glory.”

There was a slow moment as everyone registered what she said.

Then again…

Buffy reached down and pulled at the chain, taking the silver disk into the palm of her hand. It felt cool as it rested there, a stunning light seeming to emanate from it. It was circular with two large pillars of silver that rose over the top that ridged from the center where a small object looking like a sun rested between the two pillars.

“Have you even looked at this?”

“Yes, I have.” Giles sounded frustrated now. “And how… it’s not burning you or piercing you or electrifying you.”

“Maybe it likes me,” Buffy suggested half-heartedly as she turned the disk over in her fingers to read the back. There was nothing there but tarnished silver and the remains of tiny runes in the upper corners. “All I can say is... its a little old, but I can probably find something to match it.”

~\~ ~/~

It was well past twilight when four women gathered in the glade. One bore a tragic face as she shared the news of her sister’s fate with the others.

“It has begun,” one with white hair said, turning from the others as she stared out at the horizon, Sunnydale in slumber. “We must keep our eyes on her. At the first sign—“

“Does she still suspect nothing?” one with scarlet hair asked, glancing from woman to woman. The raven-haired one, that one that had delivered such ill news, shook her head.

“We have succeeded in that,” the one with white hair continued, turning back to her sisters. “But we cannot hide the truth forever. One way or another, Buffy Summers will learn the truth. And, when she does, our role will change again.”

“If we are even forgiven for what we have done.”

“We need no forgiveness. We have kept her safe…”

“For the most part!” one with golden hair argued, turning on the others. “She has died—“

“She has died and yet still walks this earth,” the white-haired woman replied calmly, turning from them. “That she remains still speaks much for her. But we cannot hold our protection on her much longer. The world is changing… and her time is coming. We must be ready.”

With that, the four women parted, each headed in an opposite direction, a long-spoken promise lingering between them, despite the loss of their fifth.

~\~ ~/~

Well… what do you think? I know there isn’t much to start, but there is back-story coming that explains this part. There are no pairings set yet, nor do I really intend to have any. I may change my mind, though. As I do have a bit written, I will post faster updates as long as I still have the time to do so.
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