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Summary: Harry Potter died to save the wizarding world when he was just a baby. Now the Resistance, an unlikely group of students, needs someone more than ever. Because Voldermort may have been evil, but at least he wasn't Dumbledore.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsMusuFR151888012,08426 Jul 0726 Jul 07No
Disclaimer: I do not own any one but Sarah. She is my own little character I have used her in another HP story. She can be a little Mary Sue-ish.

Summary: When Harry faced off with Voldie when he was just a babe he was killed also. With no Harry Potter and no wizard that could beat him Albus Dumbledore brought down on the wizarding world something they had never had before. A king. An unlikely group of students ban together in hopes to find a way to stop Dumbledore. There are rumors amongst the Ministry that Dumbledore hopes to separate the Wizarding world from the Muggle world.

Pairing(s): for now it is only Draco/Sarah. later there will be slash and maybe femslash.

Time line: the year is 2002. This takes place in the Hogwarts students' last year of school, and in the fourth season of Buffy. I like Dawn so she will be a part of my story.

Lastly, I am not sure when the Buffyverse will actually make an appearance.

The castle pushed her foreword farther down the hall, before suddenly it pushed her back the way she came, and then again it pushed her back. "Hey!" She hissed looking around. She was used to the castle using her in such a fashion. It had become quite pushy with her over the past few weeks trying to get her apparently right here. She looked around noticing a tapestry across from her, but not interested in what it had depicted. She felt the push of magic, and she turned around to find a door, that she was very sure had not been there during her pushing contest with the castle. "What?" She whispered. A not so subtle push forward and she was in the room.

Looking around she did not note anything of vast important, honestly the room was empty. Nothing in it, but what appeared to be an old school desk, that she was certain had seen better days. Impatient the castle pushed her forward. "Seriously, you need to work on your manners." She walk to the desk to find several pieces of parchment laid out. She pulled out the old chair, sitting in it softly, afraid that it would break from even her lithe form.

She pulled the parchment to her and glanced over the writings, not long was her mouth hanging slightly and glazed look had come to her eyes. This had been exactly what she had been looking for. A Saviour. She looked about and could feel the castle giving a sigh of relief. "Thank you." She whispered, before gathering all the parchment and hastily rolling them up. She tucked them deep into her robes not wanting to lose one bit of this precious information.

Sarah moved quickly down the castle hallways, she knew the way and could smell her mate already. Silently she slid up to the portrait that would take her into the Slytherin common room. "Gryffindor sucks," she told the old man, "Ah, our young lady has come home again?"

"Not right now," She looked down the hall where she could just make out the door leading to Professor Snape's chambers. "I must share something with Draco."

"Of course my Princess." The man was always so sweet to Sarah even though she was a Gryffindor. The wall slid away and she moved into the room quickly. She went straight to the Head Boys' dorm, once inside she cast a silence charm.

"Draco wake up." She threw back the curtain to his bed. "Now luv, wake up." She shook his foot until she got a muffled, "L've m'lone."

Sarah stamped a foot with impatience, a smirk made its way to her lips. With a blast of her magic energy the covers that had hidden Draco blew away from his body.

"Oi, bloody bint!" Sarah laughed out loud, Draco was always a mean morning person. She looked at her watch and laughed: it was two in the morning.

"Now will you listen to me?" She looked down at him barely containing the laugh that bubbled up at the sight of his werewolf boxers. A gift from her that she knew would always make her laugh.

"Not much choice." He mumbled. "Read." She thursted the parchment under his nose. Sarah watched as his eyes flicked over the paper, she knew when he reached the truly important information when his eyes bugged out. "This can't be right. How did you find this?"

"The castle showed me. Now do you believe me?" Sarah put a hand on her hip.

"It was never that I didn't believe you Luv; it was that the notion was completely ludicrous." Draco sat on the edge of his bed, "Really, where did you find these documents?"

"The castle took me to a room. It must be unplottable because I have never seen it on the Map." Sarah sat next to Draco, he slipped an arm around her waist.

"Why you?" Draco asked, it was a question that had been coming up a lot lately. Why had the castle chosen her?

"I don't know Drac, but it wanted me to find that room just like it wanted me to find these papers." Sarah thought for a moment. "We need to call the Resistance in. They need to be made aware of this now that we have something to actually give them."

"Yes right, of course." Draco's sarcasm was truly deep. "Because it will make complete sense to tell them that the school has been pushing you around to find this." He shook the papers violently.

Sarah turned cold amber eyes on Draco, and he really hated when they changed colors like that. "The castle choose me Draco because I believed that there was a hope. And it gave me one." She shook her head and the next time she looked at Draco her eyes were back to their beautiful blue. "Harry Potter is alive. And we will find him."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Saviour" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jul 07.

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