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Summary: When you meet Sam Winchester, you promised to never let go.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)ebonypsycheFR1816190168526 Jul 0726 Jul 07Yes
So..hi. This is one of those "Insert YOUR name" here stories. It was written for the rounds of kink challenge going on over a Livejournal.

Disclaimer: Now why in the world would I want to own these boys? *nervous laughter at glances at Kripke* See I said they don't belong to me. Can I have my puppy back now?

Sam Winchester is the most honorable, sweet, and respectable hunter you have ever met. Plus he's a fucking animal in between the sheets. Win-Win.

You always told your mama that if you met a boy like him you'd (fuck him into the floorboards) hold on tight. He gets you- the smartass, the bitch and the intellect.

Yeah you know you're the total package. It's why you want the same in your lovers.

But you wanted more. Someone who knew how to deal when you flew off the handle (grabbing his shirt and ripping it open so that you don't say anything you might actually regret)- not coddling, not holding back, but with care. Someone who didn't fuck with your mind with fake platitudes of what could be, what should be and what you could never have- normality.

And Sam is it. With subtle humor (porn hands), quiet observation (instinct for all of your kinks) and those damn puppy dog eyes (looks that let you know that when you get back to the motel he wants to try to break every fucking thing in the room while fucking you).

Like you said- total package.

The first time you flip out and stomp off he comes trailing (screaming " what the hell is wrong with you?") after you. He thinks he's protecting you by not letting you go with him and Dean, but you already know about the things that go bump in the night- hell you're the one that researched this damn thing- so why would watching them kill it be anything but a turn on? Then the image of Sam and a gun comes to your mind and running doesn't seem like the right option anymore.

Especially when you know you can find a way to (lean up against the wall and get off with nothing but the feel of Sam's mouth and hands)…compromise.

And that you find out is the best idea ever.

Especially when he relents. As long as you don't get out of the Impala.

The next time you leave after an argument, you don't give Sam a chance use sex to change your mind. You have your first serious battle scar (damn elf shoved you in a tree and clawed at your skin) and it's the first time you thought of yourself as a liability. It doesn't sit well with you to be weak and you have a plan, but if Sam finds out he'll take it the wrong way.

You were always the type to have your cake and eat it too (especially since you heard the expression because why wouldn't you eat your own cake?).

The sex comes when you get back and he's in the shower. A wet Sam is always good. You make sure he forgets to even ask questions when you do that thing with your tongue…

The first time Sam sees you fire a shotgun with ease (zombie) led to the most mind blowing sex you ever knew existed. The part that gets you is that there's no argument before.

You hear Dean groan as you get out the car (maybe a sign that you two have broken enough shower pipes in the motel rooms but what else were you supposed to hold on to?) and burst your way into the room, a tangled mess of limbs and he wastes no time getting into you. It’s fast and sloppy and definitely imperfect but it's everything you wanted and more.

Especially when he tells you that he loves you. Because that's just fucking awesome.

The End

You have reached the end of "Win-Win". This story is complete.

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