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Sleeping Power

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Summary: The one who sees is about to make a startling discovery about his abilities Paige/Xander paring

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Charmed > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Paige MatthewsborgthreeofnineFR181527,59614047,89627 Jul 0712 Jun 08No

Chapter One

I do not own the characters’ im writing about or the world or worlds they live in . . . really just ask them they’ll tell you.

After season 7 Buffy
Season four Charmed

Well here I go this is my first fanfic after reading them for about a year I thought I would try one.
Please review with constructive criticism, thank you!

Chapter one


A six-foot tall red skinned demon with black star patterns over her eyes shimmered into a huge underground carven her black waist length hair shimmering in the dim light. The six human formed demons in the carven immediately tried to shimmer out. With rapid fire lighting balls she reduced five of the demons to ash while lashing out with hand to catch the sixth demon by the throat. Looking at the demons eyes with a look that spoke of eternal hellfire she asked “ Who has killed Balthazar? Who has killed my son?”

In a squeaky sniveling voice the demon responded “It . . . It was the Charmed Ones . . . but they didn’t kill Balthazar, they killed the Source.”

Shoving the demon up against the uneven carven wall she growled “Do you expect me to believe that Balthazar died protecting the Source? HE would run when it looked like the odds where turning against them. Now tell me the truth or I will leave your still beating heart lying on the ground to warn others about lying to me.”

“No . . . no Honest Elizabeth . . . ”he said
Elizabeth punched the demon in the mouth hard enough to knock three teeth out and on the ground. “Don’t call me that! My name is Echidna! Remember that or else!”
“Okay, Echidna, I swear to the Source that they did. A couple of months ago he fell in love with a Witch separated his demon side from his human half. He then betrayed the Source and helped them destroy the Source by taking his powers using the Hallow. Got corrupted by the power of the Source, became the Source, married a Charmed One, then got destroyed by the Charmed Ones when they managed to turn his wife good again.” He replied.

“Well then I guess that means they will find out what happens to anyone who is not the Source or I and kills my children.”Echidna replied. Throwing the demon across the carven, she produced a lighting ball and reduced him to ash and shimmered out.
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