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The Walk In

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Summary: Second chances are rare, but James Potter just got one. Unfortunately, the body that he got for this do-over at life has baggage of its own. (repost)

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Prologue: An LA Story

Title: The Walk In
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Second chances are rare, but James Potter just got one. Unfortunately, the body that he got for this do-over at life has baggage of its own. (repost)
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss owns all things Buffy and Angel. J.K. Rowling owns all things to do with Harry Potter. I’m just borrowing the characters for my own twisted amusement. Please don’t sue me.
Timeline: Post-GoF for HP. Post-S/7 for Buffy. Post-S/5 for Angel.
AN: Okay, with the new movie having just been released, I went back and found this little story and decided that I’m going to try reposting it with some editing. So, if you read the first one, most of the first few chapters will be pretty close to the same. Since I started writing this before even Book Six had been released, it’s pretty safe to say that this will be AU for the books that follow GoF. So, no real spoilers, except for the beginning of OotP. Oh, and please forgive the Americanisms that sometimes might pop up. Okay, that’s it for me. Go on a start reading.

A LAPD Story

Anyone who was in L.A.’s police department for more than a week knew that odd things happen in the city. It was expected. This was LA, after all. Odd sort of people seemed to be attracted here for some reason or another. Because of this, LAPD police officers were taught to handle whatever situation they found themselves in, whether it be a simple giving a traffic ticket or responding to a call about someone who had suffered sever neck trauma, with the utmost care and caution.

Even so, tonight was an oddity in the amount of strange occurrences and would be one of those nights that went down in L.A. history, right up there with the Watts riots and the O.J. chase.

Kate frowned as she walked into yet another building that had been destroyed that night. She should have known better than to come back to LA.

The older building was on the far side of town, miles away from the wreckage that was once Wolfram and Hart and the street that had been obliterated due to a ‘gas leak.’ Still, like they had, it had been flattened to the ground.

She heard one of the forensic guys say that the building looked like it had been tore apart by someone’s bare hands. With the things that she knew, Kate wouldn’t be surprised if that were true.


She turned to the voice and saw Danny, her new partner, standing next to some rubble. It struck her as odd that he didn’t have any dirt on him. Then, in the relatively short time she had known him, he never did strike her as the type to get down on his hands and knees to dig through debris in search of survivors.

Behind him, another uniformed officer pulled tight on a blood hounds leash. Kate doubted that anyone inside could have survived this sort of wreckage, but the dog should at least be able to track down any remains.

“Do we know what happened here?” Kate asked.

Danny shook his head. “Not yet. But I think the brass are going to be leaning towards another ‘gas leak.’”

Kate’s frown tightened a little, but she didn’t comment. She knew Danny didn’t buy the whole ‘gas leak’ anymore than she did. Kate doubted that he knew what she did. He was young and held onto the idea that their job was to actually find the truth of what happened.

He’d learn soon enough, though.

“I take it someone must have already been found if they called us,” Kate said.

“Yeah. At least, we think it used to be a ‘someone’,” Danny said.

He lead her to several flood lights and where a man was taking pictures. The plastic sheet that had been covering the body was pulled back, and Kate could make out the very distinct red skin of a demon.

“We think that he must have been burned pretty bad during the explosion,” Danny said, kneeling next to the body. “Just look at how red his skin is.”

“Yeah,” Kate said. “Um…where’s his head?”

“We haven’t found it yet,” Danny said. “But look at his neck. Something must have knocked it clean off.”

Or pulled it off, Kate thought.

She remembered seeing Angel fight years back and had no doubts that, if he had wanted to, he could easily have decapitate someone with his bare hands.

“Any idea of who he was?” she asked, shutting down the disturbing thought.

Danny looked up from the body and brushed some dirt off his hands. “Not yet. We’re looking into who might have been living in the building, but, so far, all we know is that it was owned by - .”

“Wolfram and Hart,” Kate said. She didn’t have to see his face to know she was right.

“Yeah,” Danny said, standing up. “Looks like they’re having a hell of night.”

“Looks like,” she repeated.

The dog began to howl from the middle of the rubble, causing the two detectives to turn in its direction. The handler bent over the debris the dog was barking at and pushed some of the rubble aside. Two other uniformed officers hurried over and helped the handler pull a large piece of wall off whatever was beneath. A body could be seen beneath it. As the handler and one of the officer’s held the wall up, the other bent down and checked the man.

Even in the dim light, Kate saw surprise flicker over his face before he gave the urgent call, “We’ve got a live one!”

The paramedics, who had been there just to collect the bodies, jumped into action. Gathering the medical supplies and running towards the officers, they began to check the man’s injuries themselves and try to help him as best they could. Their response was a bit sluggish, and the youngest of the pair kept glancing to the older as they continued to work. Kate wondered if it were his first night on the job. If it were, he sure picked one hell of a night to start.

Moving forward, Kate tried to see the injured man better, but couldn’t get a good look at him until one of the uniformed officers moved out of the way. Her caught her breath when she saw his face. Somehow, she wasn’t surprised by who it was, but the large hole in his stomach had caught her off guard enough to make her gasp.

Danny glanced at her and raised an eyebrow. “You know this guy?”

Kate pressed her lips. There was no real point in lying.

“Um, yeah,” she said with a small nod. “His name is Wesley. Wesley Wyndham-Pryce."
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