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Consequences of Toth

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Summary: Remember how the Toth divided Xander into two people? Well he did something else too. Remember how back in sophmore year Xander got possessed by a hyena spirt. . .

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: AsherserpentladyFR1877,766137043,66228 Jul 0720 Jun 08No

Chapter Seven

A/N: It's been a long time since I've updated this series, and I need to get back into the swing of things before I can start doing a more reasonably lengthed chapter. So this one is quite short, but you're just going to have to deal with it.

Plus, I'm stalled plot wise. Any suggestions?

Last time. . .

"We'll have to see how [Asher's bite] compares to the imagination of a 1200 year old, sex-starved vengence demon. Anya was fond of. . . marathon games."

Asher and Narcissus looked at each other over Xander's head. Yes, things were going to get interesting.

Asher laughed quietly and nudged Xander to stand. The Oba stood as well, slinging an arm around the strange boy's waist. He was looking forward to spending time with Alexander. The boy was beautiful, funny, and knew about the supernatural. Or a permutation of it anyway. Perhaps the puppy would be the one to earn a permanent place at his side.

Asher was just as eager to form a relationship with the intradimensional traveller. And for obvious reasons, he was looking forward to bonding with the boy. He had the same quite, loyal spirit his Julianna had. Anita may be a beautiful and passionate woman, but a love for her would only burn him and leave nothing but a cinder for his heart. Xander was the kind of man who had the soft love that would cradle and warm you for decades, with a core of base lust to singe you around the edges. He was the kind of man Asher had always dreamed of claiming. The kind of man Jean-Claude had striven to be for him, yet always fell just short of attaining.

Each with an arm around the young man between them, Asher and Narcissus guided their puppy to Jean-Claude's pretentious Green Suite. As implicitly promised, the room was done in shades of green. It reminded Asher of the French Court, with the leafy greens, creams, and gold leaf. It was ostentascious and hispered elegance without being tawdry. Xander eyed it suspiciously yet admiringly. There was a fireplace seating area and an office like area in the immediate room. Through an open door Xander could see a palacial bedroom. It was to there that he was guided, his jacket and shirt drapped over a couch in passing. He kicked off his shoes and flopped himself on the bed, waiting to see what the other men would do.

"We do not know each other well, petit chien. I wish to make this as comfortable as possible for both of us. What we are to do is very intimate. Mais, le question is how intimate do you wish to begin?" Asher did not insult the boy by hiding his face. There should be no hiding in a time such as this, when he wished to lay foundations for a hopefully long relationship.

"I have to admit to a mild apathy as to gender preferences, so that's not an issue. But you are right about the not knowing. I'd prefer it if everyone kept their pants on. Intimacy is fine and dandy, but I don't want to be as intimate as cleaning off each other's bodily fluids. . . Besides my own. By the way, how messy and eater are you? Cause if there's gushing or major spillage involved then I'd suggest moving to the bathroom."

"Non, I am a neat . . . eater as you say. You speak sensibly. Make youself comfortable and I will begin." Narcy pulled him back to rest against his slightly pillowy chest. Xander squirmed and shuffled a bit until the two of them were comfortable before nodding to the blond vampire. Asher climbed gracefully onto the bed, like a sack of silken liquid. He prowled foreward on his hands an knees, just the sight of him effecting Xander. He stared into bright blue eyes until all the world was blue, and peaceful as a warm summer day. He was at ease, he didn't fight. Why should he when all the lay beyond those eyes was quiet contentment, followed by warm, liquid pleasure?

Xander was unconscious and sticky before Asher withdrew his fangs.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Consequences of Toth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jun 08.

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