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Separated by House

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Summary: STORY CONTAINS DEATHLY HALLOWS SPOILERS Nineteen years ago, Harry Potter saved the Wizarding world. Less than ten years later, he left in disgust to live as a muggle doctor. Crossover with House, MD. understated slash.

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Chase sat down casually. "You have me at a disadvantage, Dr. Wilson. You have my wand, and we're behind closed doors in your office."

"Yes, well, you also threw off my immobilization charm without one. Besides, we're in a hospital. Polite society would never duel in a place of healing." Wilson sat in his chair and leaned back, wands sitting on his lap.

"Of course not." Chase answered.

They sat silently for a moment. "Can I offer you something to drink? A soda or some water?"

"Thank you. Some water would be nice." Wilson pulled a couple of bottles of water out of the mini fridge behind his desk, keeping Chase in sight the whole time. They both sipped at their water for a few moments.

"I'm not familiar with any wizarding Wilsons. Muggleborn?" Chase seemed very casual, but wizarding society was based on rank and position, and the wizard across from him was a stranger.

"No. I'm part of House Longbottom." Wilson smiled slightly, sipping at his water casually.

"Hmmm. Seems the gift for healing is strong in your house this generation. Didn't your Head of House receive a Mastery in Healing?" When in doubt, small talk was always polite, and it never hurt to compliment ones family.

"Yes. What about you? I take it you're part of House Chase?" Two can play this game.

"Did my name give it away? Yes. You said you were at Hogwarts, which house were you in?"

"Gryffindor, and you? Which academy did you attend?"

"Oh, I was tutored at home."

"Well then Healer Chase, I think we've covered the pleasantries. Why are you here?"

"In New Jersey? I work here. My specialty is actually integrative medicine, using magical and muggle techniques. Muggle life support equipment can be used to keep people alive for much longer than charms alone. Even more exciting, they can be used when traditional support charms are contraindicated by existing magic. "

"Good to know. though I do read the wizarding journals as well as the muggle ones. I meant, what were you doing with House?"

"I just wanted to see if magic could find something the muggle doctors didn't. Perhaps the residuals of a hex or curse."

"Why would you think he'd been a victim? You didn't know he had any tie to the wizarding world."

"Infarctions are very rare in muggles, except cardiac. Dr. Wilson. They do however crop up in victims of the cruciatus. Repeated applications of the curse can cause physical problems for years. I know spent a good bit of time growing up in Europe, which could have made him a victim of the Death Eaters. Was he a victim because of his friendship with you, or was the friendship because he was attacked?"

"Neither. We've known each other for many years, though you are correct, he did suffer the cruciatus. However this isn't an after effect of that curse. Nor any other curse I can think of." Wilson looked annoyed at more than his friend's illness. "Though I'm sure that there are some curses I'm unaware of in the world. I understand that there is an entire class of curses developed by Aboriginal wizards."

"Yes, but this doesn't fall in line with any of them. Dr. Wilson, have you looked into the cruciatus treatment developed after the last war by St. Mungos? "

"Healer Chase, House already takes it. It isn't from the cruciatus. Perhaps someone attacked him earlier today in his office" Wilson looked pointedly at Chase, fingering his wand.

"I'm a Healer, Dr. Wilson. I don't attack people, I fix what others, or nature, have done."

"Did you know that Narcissa Malfoy holds a Mastery in Healing?"

"Umm, actually I did."

"She's currently in Azkaban, though she did avoid the kiss. Its amazing how many healing spells can be used as offensive spells. For example, a surgical spell could sever arteries, or even limbs if applied properly, and might not show up in a basic diagnostic charm."

"Are you threatening me?"

"Only if you've hurt my bondmate."

Chase's face softened. "He's your bondmate? Dr. Wilson, I had no idea. How are you holding up?" Wizarding bonds bound a couple together, and sometimes the magic caused bleed-through of injury or illness.

Wilson thundered "Are you deliberately trying to bait me?"

Chase looked up at Wilson "What do you mean?"

"You continue to use a muggle address despite us discussing wizarding matters, while I have been using your title for some time." Wilson was obvious upset now. He knew Chase was playing head games, using terms that implied lower rank.

"One of them." Chase said.

"My pardons, Healer Chase. Had I known, I would have, of course, used your full address. Please forgive my ignorance." Wilson stared Chase directly in the eyes biting each word off, his tone illustrating that his manners were growing thinner at every moment "of course you'll have to tell me them first."

Chase raised his eyebrow "And you'll do the same?"

"Of course"

Chase stood and bowed slightly. " Healer Robert Salix Chase, Lord Regent of the House of Chase, son of the House of Binns." He stood and looked Wilson in the eye, his manner and bearing confident that he had been in the right all along, and that the older doctor was of lesser rank in the Wizarding world.

Wilson stood and returned the bow. "My honor to meet you Healer Lord Chase. " He paused to allow Chase to acknowledge. "I am Master Healer Sir Neville Aalwyn Longbottom, Lord of House Longbottom, bondson to House Potter, son of House Bones."

"My-my honor to meet you Master Healer." Chase dropped into his seat shocked. "Lord Longbottom? The same that created the treatment for long-term cruciatus damage?" He went silent a moment. "wait, bondson to. . . does that mean. . . . House is Harry Potter?!?!"

"Yes. Please, call me James. You can see why we don't use our right names."

"Thank you, James. Call me Robert, please. . . then the she you mentioned. . . is her ? Potter. . . "

"I don't know. Greg hasn't had a problem like this since, oh, fifth year or so. He had visions then of the attacks that were happening. Sometimes, they knocked him out."

"But he doesn't have the scar."

"It seems cosmetic surgery can do what no charm or healing spell could. It was the first thing he tried when we left the Wizarding world."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Separated by House" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Jul 07.

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