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Separated by House

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Summary: STORY CONTAINS DEATHLY HALLOWS SPOILERS Nineteen years ago, Harry Potter saved the Wizarding world. Less than ten years later, he left in disgust to live as a muggle doctor. Crossover with House, MD. understated slash.

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(Past Donor)renatriaFR1832,57122314,11329 Jul 0729 Jul 07No


Alright people, the closest I got to being a doctor is some time as an Army medic, and as I neither expect battlefield injuries nor dog tags in this story, I may get some of the medical stuff wrong. Subtract some years from the Harry Potter universe (as I recall, there's no real reference to what year it happens anyway) I don't own anyone, much less a hot doctor with a cane.


That's right, this story is DH compliant. Everyone who died is still dead, I've even made a list in my personal notes of who was there and which of them died that weren't mentioned as having died (there was a mention of a total number of dead good guys) There are only two changes to canon. First, subtract about fifteen some-odd years from all of Harry Potter canon. As I recall, there really isn't much mention of dates, but I want everyone to be aware that Harry Potter was born in July of 1968, went to Hogwarts in 1979 as a first year, and that Deathly Hallows took place in 1985-86.

Actually this bit doesn't matter all that much, unless I happen to mention dates, which I don't know whether I will or not.

Secondly, as far as I am concerned, there was no epilogue in Deathly Hallows.


"Dr. House, I was wondering why. . . House, wake up" Dr. Allison Cameron sounded exasperated, walking around the desk to wake her supervisor, Dr. Greg House. He wouldn't wake. She checked, there was a pulse, and he was breathing. "Chase, Foreman, get in here!" she yelled as she pulled a penlight out of her pocket. She opened House's eyes, shining the bright light into them. "House is unconscious, get a gurney."

"Overdose?" Foreman asked as Chase called a duty nurse.

Cameron shook her head "Heart rate ad breathing are normal, OD would depress both. Pupils are PEARL, no physical signs of stroke."

Foreman reached over ad pinched House's hand, hard. "Non-responsive to pain. There's a bruise forming on his forehead."

Endless moments later, a orderly arrived with a gurney, which they quickly loaded House onto before rushing him down to emergency. The ER doctor was waiting when the elevator doors opened. "What happened?"

"Not sure, found him unresponsive about seven minutes ago. Heart rate and respiration are strong ad normal. Pupils are PEARL, fresh contusion o his forehead, ad he's non-responsive to pain. "

"Understood. I want him on EEG & EKG monitors, pull a CBC and a tox screen."

After the first word the three young doctors knew they were all but dismissed, left standing in front of the elevator as the emergency room staff took over. Cameron stopped one of the nurses. "He's wearing contacts."

"Thank you doctor, I'll make a note, we may have to take them out." the nurse said, then went back to work.

"Contacts?" Chase asked

"Yeah, I noticed them when I was checking for concussion. Colored contacts" Cameron answered

"ha! I knew those blue eyes were too good to be true." Cameron and Chase stared at Foreman, shocked. "What? I'm not blind."

The three doctors went back to the diagnostic medicine office, knowing that emergency would keep them up to date on any changes. Time passed slowly. Every few minutes one of them would check the internal network to see if any results were back or what additional tests were being ordered.

"Where's House?" A voice startled them as Dr. James Wilson stuck his head in the door.

"Oh! We should have called you!" Cameron exclaimed.

Foreman leaned over to Chase. "I'm surprised one of the ER nurses didn't call him."

"What?" Wilson asked.

"House, something happened. Cameron found him unconscious. He's down in emergency now."

Wilson's face went white. "Bloody Hell! No one's down there with him?!? " He turned and ran to the elevator then spun on his heels and took the stairs.

Cameron, Chase and Foreman looked at each other. "Did he just say 'bloody hell'?" Chase asked.

"Forget that," Foreman responded. "Since when does Dr. Wilson have a English accent?"
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