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True Destinies

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Summary: *Completed* Faith is recruited to fight in a war to end all wars, discovering new things about herself, and the world around her. x-over with characters from Blade & The Matrix

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Marvel Universe > Blade > Faith-Centered
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Warriors Wanted

Chapter 1
Warriors Wanted
El opened her eyes; she was back on the ship. She looked around; Kale one of the operators was still watching the monitors. The captain unjacked her.
“Who were the copper tops?” He asked as she sat up.
“I don’t know, Faith, and a changeling.” She stood up, slid off the chair, and stepped toward Kale. “What happened to them?”
“Taken into custody.” Kale spoke. She turned and looked at El with her piercing brown eyes. “Did you get it?”
“Yeah, two messages: first we are advised to start unjacking warriors to help fight and to keep the agents busy. The second is for you, Eyecon.”
The tall, pale, blonde haired captain stiffened. “Continue.”
“When you resign you have to go to Zion so the new Captain can receive the codes.” She stepped toward him. “You have two weeks to make your decision.”
Eyecon sighed as he ran his right hand over his thinning blonde-almost gray hair.
“So about the first part, if the agents think Faith and the other are a threat, maybe we should take them.” El spoke up.
“It’s a risk.” Kale warned. “They are older.”
“Run their backgrounds, we could use another changeling.” Eyecon commanded. “Need some sleep.” He left the chamber.
“Any word on who he’s picking?” El asked.
“None, but if we unjack these two, it will be his last trip in.”
“I can’t imagine what it’s like.”
“No, we really can’t.”

Faith left the club with Frost escorted by agents. She sighed listening to the vampire complain.
“Do you mother fuckers have any idea who I am?” They ignored him. “Hey, I’m talking to you!”
A black car pulled up in front of them. The agents opened the door and shoved Faith and Frost in. Faith shifted uncomfortably with her hands cuffed behind her back. The agents got in and started the car. Frost shifted around.
“Will you cut that out?” Faith demanded.
“There’s no fucking handles.” Frost told her.
“There’s no fucking handles to open the door.”
Faith looked down he was right, there weren’t even buttons for the window. He growled.
“What’s your problem now?”
“I haven’t fucking eaten yet.”
“Did you kiss your mother with that mouth?”
“No, I ate her with this mouth.” He said leaning into her. “You smell so good.”
“It’s called Tommy Girl, I’ll get you some next time I’m shoplifting.”
“I thought slayers were all goodie-two-shoes.”
“Well, then you haven’t heard about me then.”
“And you are?”
“Faith, and you are?”
“Deacon Frost.”
“Well, Frost, you got any connections to get us out of this?”
“If they’re cops, yes; the government, no.”
“I really can’t get arrested again.” She muttered.
“Again?” He asked in surprise. “What did you do? Slay a really important vamp?” He joked.
The car stopped with a jolt. The agents got out and ripped the two from the car.

After being pulled into a building, a long elevator ride to the 12th floor, Frost and Faith found themselves in separate rooms. The rooms were completely stark white, furnished with a single steel table and two steel chairs on either side.

“Do you have any idea who the fuck I am?” Frost asked as an agent cuffed him to the chair. Another agent sat across from him as a third stood in the corner behind Frost. The one at the table put a folder on the table. He opened the folder and sorted through the pages. Then he put his arms down on the table.
“Very interesting record, Mr. Frost.”
Deacon did not react.
“Do you know how many counts of homicide we can put you down for? Hundreds.”
Deacon smirked.
“We can make you out to be a serial murder.”
“And where are you going to hold my trial? In a sunny courtroom?”
“If you do not cooperate, yes.”
“Do you have any idea who I am?”
“You believe that you are a vampire.”
“A fucking 100 year old vampire.”
The agent looked up as another agent entered the room.
“Oh, one more to join the party.” Deacon said as he broke the cuffs and jumped onto the table. “No human can do that.” Deacon tried to flip over the agent to get to the door. Except the agent reached out, grabbed him by the throat, and slammed him down on the table.
“Fuck.” Deacon growled.
The two agents held him down as the first one pulled something from the inside breast pocket of his jacket. Deacon watched as the metallic thing came to life & began to wiggle around. Deacon began to struggle as the agent held it over him. As the agent’s hand got closer Deacon kicked it and the thing landed on his face. They all watched as it crawled over to his nose and crawled up his left nostril.

Faith was left in the room with her wrists cuffed to the chair. The agents entered the room 20 minutes later to find her leaning back on the chair with her feet propped up on the table. One of the agents pulled her chair back so her feet fell to the floor.
“Ms. Wilkins.” Another agent spoke as he sat across from her. She craned her head back to get a good look at the two behind her.
“Present.” She replied as she looked at the one in front on her. He was opening a folder. Faith saw that is was her criminal record.
“You have quite a record here.” She didn’t reply. “Two counts of murder, several counts of assault on citizens and police officers.” He waited for a remark that never came. “Then you broke out of prision and in Sunnydale, California you assaulted more officers with a gang. Now I really don’t care about any of this. What I really want to know is why you attacked us as we were trying to apprehend a known terrorist.”
“She’s a terrorist?” Faith asked in disbelief. “She looks so young.”
“Looks are deceiving. Why did you protect her?”
“She asked me to.”
“Did she say what she was doing at that club?”
“No, but its run by a va-vicious gang, so maybe she was trying to stop them.”
“Ms. Wilkins, if you are not going to help us then we will make you.”
“How? By sending me back to jail?”
“No.” He nodded to the two agents behind her who grabbed, uncuffed her, and slammed her down on the table. She struggled as one grabbed her ankles and the other held tightly onto her wrists. The first one pulled a metal object out of his jacket. He pushed the tip of it with his thumb. It suddenly came to life and started wiggling around in his hand. He lifted her shirt up and dropped the thing on her bare stomach. They watched (Faith in horror) as it burrowed into her belly button.

“Fuck!” Faith sat up quickly, she looked around at her unfamiliar surroundings. It was a motel room probably in the worst part of town by the river. She looked down at her bare chest and touched her belly button. “Just a dream!”
Suddenly the bed rocked as the figure next to her jumped up. He rubbed his face with his hands. Then slowly turned and saw Faith staring at him.
“What the hell are you doing here?”
“Where’s here?” He asked standing up.
Faith raised his naked form in front of her. “Oh, no, please don’t tell me I dida vampire.” She said as she pulled up the sheets to cover her chest.
He eyed her breasts as she covered herself. He looked around and spotted them as the phone rang. Faith picked it up as Frost’s cell rang.
“Faith, Frost.” The same voice spoke on both lines.
“Who is this?” They both asked the strange male’s voice.
“They have probably tapped both lines. They got to you before we could talk, but if you are still interested in fighting a better fight, we would like to meet. Come to the corner of Hudson and 5th at 3.” The line went dead.
“What is going on?” Frost asked putting his cell his pants pocket.
“The girl at the club said that the Matrix has me.” Faith said quietly. She reached over and grabbed a red tank out of her duffel bag. She pulled it on, slipped on some underwear and jeans. She turned on the lamp on the nightstand by the bed and looked at her watch. “2:10.” She announced as she tossed Frost his shirt that was covering her boots. She grabbed socks and started putting them on. “So do you have a car or something?”
For the first time in Frost’s undead life, he had no idea what to do.
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