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True Destinies

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Summary: *Completed* Faith is recruited to fight in a war to end all wars, discovering new things about herself, and the world around her. x-over with characters from Blade & The Matrix

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Marvel Universe > Blade > Faith-Centered
Movies > Matrix, The
(Past Donor)GACTsevilFR182245,52721315,75612 Jul 0322 Mar 06Yes



She stood on the roof top and watched him fight. He moved like his father. She had searched, but he had vanished. So instead she sought the son. He was younger less ties to the world, he would understand. As he staked the single vampire, she noticed the group of fifteen emerging from the shadows.
“Oh, no you don’t,” she whispered, “he’s mine. Wait, here.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Faith stepped over the edge of the ten story building and landed in a crouch on her feet. No one had noticed her; all were busy circling and threatening her target. She quietly snuck up, raised the scythe, swung it and took off three heads. The group froze as her target took the distraction to stake one. They pounced, but Faith continued swinging. Not one hand touched her and in no time there was nothing left in the ally but her, dust and him.
“Faith? They said you were dead.”
“Nah, just miss placed, where’s your father?”

“Dead, dragon fire dust.”
“And your family?”
“Demons came after them, they’re dead.”
“So you’re alone?”
He nodded his head, “Spike and Illyria joined the council, but apparently the vampire in me sets off the slayer senses so I stay away from them. Why?”
“I need your help,” she held up her right hand. Hannibal landed next to her.
“Connor, we want you to choose but Hannibal has to touch you.”
“I don’t like magic!”
Hannibal put his hands on either side of Connor’s face, “this isn’t magic, it’s truth.”
Hannibal let the images flow from his mind into Connor’s. He was gentle and let the boy take it all in slowly. When they were done he stepped back slowly.
Connor opened his eyes.
Faith held her breath waiting for the explosion.
But he remained silent.

Waking up was strange and hard, but then so was most of his life. When she placed the sword in his hand for the first time, he knew he was home. Hannibal told him that most people renamed themselves, he had considered this. In the end he realized that his father died to protect him so he kept his name.
Plus Connor the Destroyer had a nice ring to it, especially next to Faith the slayer, Hannibal the guide and Ra the first vampire.

The End

You have reached the end of "True Destinies". This story is complete.

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