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True Destinies

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Summary: *Completed* Faith is recruited to fight in a war to end all wars, discovering new things about herself, and the world around her. x-over with characters from Blade & The Matrix

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Marvel Universe > Blade > Faith-Centered
Movies > Matrix, The
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True Destinies
Rating: R (for Strong Language, sexual content)
Disclaimer: Buffy characters belong to ME & Joss, Blade belongs to whoever owns that, not me, and The Matrix belongs to Warner Bros. And the band Disturbed featured in this chapter does not belong to me either, although I wish they did.
Setting: After the series finale of Buffy - before the movie Blade - and during the 1st Matrix movie and into the second, although that depends on if the next movie comes out before I finish.
Summary: Faith and Frost join in to fight a war to end all wars, discovering new things about themselves, and the world around them.
Note: crossover with The Matrix, Blade, & Buffy, and then a ship full of my own characters. Lyrics for the song The Game are in (). Character pronunciation::: Eyecon=Icon…..Roin=Rowin.

Prologue: Feelings
After the destruction of the Hellmouth Faith followed Buffy and company to Los Angeles. She knew the Scooby gang wanted to go and track down the slayers, but all Faith wanted to do was sleep. The gang stayed with Angel for a while, before deciding to move to New York City. Faith followed, feeling like her purpose/destiny laid in New York. When they arrived in New York they learned that the vampires there were immune to wooden stakes. Instead silver bullets or stakes did the trick. This didn’t bother Faith in the slightest. Guns were new, but not impossible to handle. She helped Buffy patrol with the others, one night she discovered a club owned by a well-known vampire. She heard that he was gorgeous, vicious, and cocky. So naturally she wanted to be the one to take him out, and before Buffy decided to sleep with him. As she left her room that night a feeling trickled over her that made her stop and turn to look back at the room. It was just a room in the loft that she shared with four other girls.
Faith turned to see Buffy walking toward her from the bathroom. “B?”
Buffy checked out Faith’s clothes. “Going out?”
“Heard about a vamp, so I’m going to take him out.”
“Wearing that?”
“He owns a club, figure I’d catch him during dinner time.”
“Want backup?”
“Nah, you should rest. Normal life remember, take Dawn to the movies.”
“Be careful.”
Faith was about to give her a smooth answer, but changed her mind. “Buffy, if I don’t come back, don’t come looking for me.”
Buffy wrinkled her brow. “Faith, is everything okay?”
“I just…have a feeling. Not about the vamp, but like I have a bigger destiny out there. Bigger than being a slayer.”
“What could be bigger?”
“I don’t know.” Faith hugged Buffy.
Buffy seemed a bit surprised by Faith’s sudden show of affection.

The second she walked into his club, Deacon Frost knew he wanted her. Wanted her blood, wanted her sexually, he wanted to own her. She gave off a wave of power. She entered the club and walked straight through the crowd of dancing clubbers toward the long bar on the other end of the room. Her long brown hair flowing around her bare shoulders, the slick red pleather halter-top covered her chest, while thin straps criss-crossed twice over her back. His icy blue eyes traveled down her bare navel to the black leather pants that hugged her hips and ended to reveal the thick healed black boots. The beat of a drum from the band pulsed through the club. She smiled at the sight of the metal band on the stage along the left wall. Her fiery brown eyes watched the band and then traveled over the crowd. She saw Frost, but didn’t hesitate and kept looking. He followed her to the bar and sat a few seats down as she ordered a shot of the strongest liquors. She tossed it back and made no expression as it burned down her throat. She slammed the glass upside down on the bar so hard that the rim cracked. She turned her eyes meeting his and weaved her way into the middle of the dance floor. She smiled at him as she began to move her body to the music. ‘Who is she?’ He thought, as the band started a new song. She screamed in celebration.

Faith couldn’t understand why all the best bands always ended up playing at vampire clubs. Right now Disturbed was up there. She screamed in celebration as they began playing her favorite song, The Game. Just as she caught the vampire’s eyes again the doors burst open, he looked over there, Faith followed his point of view. A teenage girl with short spiky hair dressed in a black shimmery cat suit ran in. Behind her were two men dressed in suits with guns. She leaped over the crowd and dove behind the bar on the other side of the room.
“That’s impossible!” Faith exclaimed. She couldn’t do that and knew no vampire could either.

It was a simple mission: go to the post office, pick up the message from Zion and leave. But things are never that simple. El ran into trouble the second she opened the letter in the alley next to the post office. An agent dropped in trying to intercept the message, a few seconds after El destroyed it. As she ran out into the busy street, she pulled out her cell phone.
“Kale, I need an exit now!”
“There’s a club straight ahead. The phones are in the back, 3rd one.”
El slapped the phone closed and tucked it into the front of her shirt. She jumped onto a taxi and then on top of a tractor-trailer. She saw the club ahead, suddenly the trailer rocked. She turned to see an agent had jumped on behind her.
“Ms. Angelo.” The agent sneered.
El turned to see the club ahead of her. She ran and jumped off the truck onto a cab. As the cab turned the corner she jumped off and ran inside with three agents tailing her. She leapt over the crowd and landed behind the bar. As she landed she pulled out the phone.
“Kale, I’m surrounded and there are changelings everywhere.”
“Sorry, it’s a vampire club. Just stay put, this is the only place available.”
The bartender morphed and reached down and grabbed her by the back of the neck. She twisted around and shot. She flipped up onto the bar.

Faith found herself surrounded, with only one option: Fight! The men in suits seemed to hone in on the girl who could fly. Faith didn’t know why, but she felt an instinct to protect her. (Tell me exactly what I am supposed to do.) She tackled the man about to shoot the girl from the right.
“Why?” The girl asked as Faith stood up.
“It’s what I do.” Faith asked as she elbowed a vamp in the face. (Do you think that we could play another game?)

El watched as the strange girl stopped the agent from taking the vampire’s body. ‘Who is she?’ (Darlin’ you can trust me completely.) El pulled out her gun and shot the agent about to shoot the girl in the head. (I think that I could kill this time.) The girl turned and watched the agent leave the body.
“Fuck!” The girl exclaimed. “I’m Faith, what was that?” (It doesn’t really seem I’m getting through to you.)
“El, they’re agents. They’re here to stop me.”
“From what?” (A little bit of hell this time.)
“Spreading the truth.” (Lie to me.)
Faith grabbed her gun and shot the vampire to the left of her directly in the heart. “What truth?” (Lie to me!)
“That the Matrix has you.” El yelled as she flipped off the bar and sent a vampire flying across the room. “Faith, I need to get out of here!” (Is she not right?)
“Call me distraction girl.” Faith said as she flipped toward an incoming agent. Faith fought her way through the crowd helping to get El to the back.
(Is she insane?)
“What is she doing?” Frost growled. Enough toying, he wasn’t going to let this ravenous girl get away. He fought his way through the crowd until he was right in front of her.
“Leaving so soon?”
“Get out of my way, vampire!” She hissed.
“No, you are in my club and you will leave when I tell you to.” (Will she now run for her life in the battle that ends this day.)
She didn’t blink; instead she grabbed his left arm and spun him in a circle. She let him go to fly into a pair of agents. They bent away from him, letting Frost knock over his own lackeys. (Is she not right? Is she insane?) Faith watched as Frost leapt up and landed in front of her. She turned to see that they were surrounded by cops and agents.
“What the fuck are you doing in my club?” Frost roared.
Faith grabbed his hands and flung him over her head. He landed on top of a cop. (Doesn’t she realize she’s in danger.) He flew back toward her. She backed up against him and flipped him on top of an agent in front of him. Faith’s slayer sense told her to watch her back. She jumped as an agent fired through her spread legs. As she landed an agent grabbed her left leg and threw her. She landed on top of the lead singer of the band.
“Sorry.” She pulled him up with her. “You should get your ass out of here, before you accidentally get shot.” He smiled at her and started to grab his stuff. “Oh, forgot something.” Faith said as she grabbed his vest and kissed him hard and fast. Before he could recover, Faith jumped off the stage with the mike stand. She used it to knock cops and vampires out of the way. She turned to see El run into the back where the pay phones were. Faith used the stand to launch over the crowd that was now exiting the club. She got there to find the third phone off the hook and the receiver dangling. Before Faith could react, she was grabbed from behind and spun around.
It was the vampire. “I told you, you can’t leave!”
She was about to kick him when she heard several clicks around her. They were surrounded.
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