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You Eejits!

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Summary: Drabbles and unusable fragments of larger things.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralStrangerFR154597012,31229 Jul 0726 Nov 07No

Doom of Kavanagh (Leviathan)

Disclaimer: I own nothing, nothing of Stargate nor Buffy nor anything other than the original characters you may encounter here. Pity the original characters, they don't get sent back at the end of the day...

AN: This doesn't fit into the Atlantis time line, what with Kavanagh jumping ship a few months into season two. Anyway, I thought I'd post it to tide to you guys over til I update. Have fun.

Doom of Kavanagh

From down the corridor and several lab rooms along came a roar of outrage.

You! I’ll kill you!”

Ronon nearly dropped the test tube he had been fiddling with.

This was followed by a vaguely masculine yelp of fear.

Genny blinked. “Was that…?”

Sheppard’s mouth was curling slyly upward at the corners.

There was frantic scuffling and a crash from the next lab.

“Come back here, you arrogant, selfish little weasel! I’m going to skin you alive and sell you to the Wraith as a throw rug!”

“That is!” cried Genny, eyes wide with horror. “What is she doing?

Casper was by this point desperately clutching his sides with suppressed mirth. Ronon had finally ceased fidgeting with the test tubes and was watching the closed door with an expression of avid delight. Sheppard was exchanging smirks with Teyla.

Howls of terror could be heard from the neighbouring lab.

At that moment, Dr. McKay slammed the door open and confronted them, glowering his indignation.

“Alright,” he snapped. “Which one of you put Berry and Kavanagh in the same lab together?”
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