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Xander and Kyra

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Birth of a New Race". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Is dating easier when you're made for each other? A side story about Xander and Kyra's relationship.

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Xander's point of view

The Birth of a New Race -Xander and Kyra

Is dating easier when your made for each other?
A side story about Xander and Kyra's relationship.

I don't own anything but the character Kyra. All of it belongs to the original owners/writers. I'm just playing with their worlds and making them my own. I make no money off any of this. It is purely for the enjoyment of the readers.
Xander’s POV:

Xander had felt a connection to Kyra from the moment the spell had broken. He had even named her after the one person to steal Riddick’s heart. Xander struggled trying to understand what he was feeling for the beast.

Logically he should look at her like a pet/friend but there was a deeper connection there. For a while he blamed it on the remnants of the Hyena possession or a Furyan connection to beast.

After the week in the desert it had gotten stronger, yet he told himself it was the fact that she was always there for him. That she gave her love and loyalty unconditionally. When they moved to the new house and she still slept by his side every night and chased away his nightmares, one had even been about a life without her in it. He had come to depend on her and need her to help give him strength and calm his rage. She balanced him, a Ying and Yang, Light and Dark, Male and Female.

He tried exploring his connection with Cordy but Kyra obviously did not like her. It cause problems and the two realized they were not meant to be. He wondered what would have happened if not for Kyra. Would they have work out? Would someone else have come between them just as easily?

Then he found out Kyra was more than a beast. He found out she had been stuck in beast form. He would search for hours through books and online and chat with witches and other spell casters trying to find a way to return her to her normal state.

When he found the spell to fix Angel’s curse he was happy for Buffy and Angel but sad that he was no closer to helping Kyra after all the help she had given him. He wondered what she would look like when he did find it, as he was even more determined now to do so. He wondered if she would leave him and not need him anymore. The thought tore at his heart and soul.

As he lay down that night while the other couples celebrated with their respective mates he wondered what he was going to do. He realized he had fallen in love with Kyra and no other woman could fill his heart like her. Even in her beast form she was beautiful to him. His mind was full of such thoughts and his heart was heavy with sadness as she curled up next to him and they sleep. He dreamed of having her in human form as his mate and was troubled with a dream where she left him or he turned into Tony. Then his dream shifted to a memory of seeing Riddick’s Kyra in the Crematoria Slam. She nuzzled him in his sleep and quieted his dream so he could rest.

When he woke in the morning he was at first sad that she was not there, and then he felt the very human, very nude form of a woman beside him. He leaned over and looked at her. She was just as he had seen in his dreams. She smiled up at him and her silken voice said “HI” in such soft shy tones he fell in love with her just a little bit more.

Xander smiled, “Hi Kyra. What happened?” she thinks for a bit, “Not sure I guess it was my time. When I was created I was able to switch forms but then I got stuck and found myself in limbo for a while. I was told by the Elemental who found me that I had a destiny and when my mate accepted me I would be free.” She licked her lips nervously, “I guess you except me then?” she asked almost shyly. Xander leaned over and kissed her softly, “Yeah I guess I finally figured it out.”
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