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Hot Study Watcher Nights?

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Summary: Sam and Dean come to the Watcher's Council, but they aren't prepared for Andrew, who has been discreetly checking out Sam. Dean's gonna have fun with this one, while Dawn can't get the idea of the two out of her head. No actual slash yet, might never be!

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Supernatural > Andrew-CenteredsupercrossnaturalFR1521,079061,56431 Jul 0716 Aug 07No

...Or Something

Hot Study Watcher Nights?

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke

Spoilers: Post “Chosen” for Buffy and post “All Hell Breaks Loose” for Supernatural

Author’s Note: I don’t know how old Andrew is, but I assume it’s younger than Buffy and older than Dawn and that’s a five year gap. Since Sam is twenty-four, Andrew is around there.

It was their bi-weekly meeting that morning, which was not out of the ordinary. All the Council heads had to be present for it, apocalypse pending. Giles and Robin were out of the country at the moment, so they were broadcasting from their respective countries.

Buffy sat in the chair beside the head chair, with Xander across from her and Willow next to her. Dawn took her seat beside Willow, while Faith sat across from the Wicca. Andrew took his seat beside Faith, much to her annoyance.

“Let’s get this started, shall we?” Giles surveyed the room.

Andrew, after saying his part tuned the rest of the conversation out. He would have felt bad, but he was recently evil, so he felt no remorse for not listening. Buffy started speaking again and passed out a folder for everyone to see. Taking his from Faith, his breath hitched in his throat when he opened the manila folder.

“This is Sam Winchester, age twenty-four,” Buffy spoke. “He comes from a family of hunters and I think he’d be a good field Watcher. But, we know he won’t leave his brother, Dean, age twenty-eight.”

“They had a lot going on their entire life,” Willow spoke. She, along with a few others, was able to get a lot of information on the Winchester family when they discovered them.

“They killed the demon that kill their mom and Sam’s girlfriend,” Xander pointed out.

“And that demon was a bitch to deal with,” Faith nodded. They hadn’t actually fought him, but they had heard about him and then after doing research decided that he was definitely an upper level demon with an affinity for fire.

“But they also let hell on this Earth,” Robin held the file up.

“Oh, who in this group hasn’t done that once or twice already,” Dawn waved that piece of information away.

“How did we find out about the Gates of Hell being opened?” Giles asked. “I would imagine they wouldn’t want that information getting out.”

All eyes turned to the formidable hacker in the group and she sunk deeper into her chair, looking quite guilty.

“That solved that,” Giles sighed. He could be heard through the television making a strange clucking noise in his throat.

“So, are they coming here?” Andrew finally said something.

“Next week,” Buffy answered him. “They’re handling a case in Montana first.”

“Keep it in your pants, Andrew,” Faith turned to him, “For all our sakes.”

He saw that no one else heard her, or at least, they didn’t look at him. He figured Buffy heard because her superior vampyre slayer hearing, but she didn’t look either. It couldn’t have been that obvious, could it?

“Maybe you two can have some hot study Watcher nights or something.”

That came from Dawn, who just about yelled across the table. It would seem that it was that obvious, especially now.

“You can role play!” Dawn kept going. “One of you can be the naughty slayer who needs to get punished.”

“Dawn, please,” Buffy frowned. “We just ate.”

By the end of the meeting, Andrew was pretty much red faced because Dawn kept passing notes to him instead of speaking out loud and her ideas were pretty out there, though he wouldn’t mind trying a few of them…

As everyone filed out of the room, Andrew opened the folder once more to take a look at the dark haired man. Maybe this could be the person who would help him with his redemption.

This may not be an actual slash story, just Andrew lusting after Sam, but Sam being straight as an arrow. I mean, Andrew might have some solo moments, but no actual sex, though. Thoughts?
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