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Moonlight Desire (beta)

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Summary: This is a small drabble for a picture I did in "Love on the Hellmouth" with Oz and Gibbs called "Moonlight Desire".

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Gibbs always reminds me of a alpha wolf and since Oz is a red head I thought himmmm ....

Moonlight Desires (Gibbs - NCIS/Oz - BTVS)

Now one was in the building with his team, a beta that called to his Alpha as a potential mate but also a changeling that could be plotting to kill his team.

Gibbs head snapped up as the elevator stopped and the doors open, his hand rested on his gun if he needed it as he cautiously stepped out of the elevator. The first thing he saw that Tony was being embracing by a dark haired man. Slowing Gibbs started to withdraw his gun but with a sniff Gibbs could tell that this man wasn’t the one he was seeking. Not only that but that the strange male appeared to be a close relative of Tony’s. His attention was captured by a petite man with blue tipped red hair that stood not far from the hugging men a slight smile on his face.

Gibbs saw the beta’s posture stiffen as the young wolf’s freckled face turned towards him. Blue eyes locked with his.

Gibbs’s first impression was that he saw no signs of either insanity or bloodlust in the pixie like face, but instead saw heartbreaking loneliness that made him want to embrace and claim the young man as his beta. To keep him safe and made sure he knew that he was loved.

Blue eyes widened and the scent of fear as well as arousal filled the air as the young man slowly backed away from Tony and the others. Keeping the young one in sight Gibbs slowly moved his hand from his gun as he tried to convey silently to the young beta that he wouldn’t hurt him.

Gibbs fought his instinct to rush the young beta and claim him before another wolf did. But he also knew that if he did the young beta would run and he never would find him. Standing completely still and trying to be as nonthreatening as possible he waited and watched as the young wolf started to slowly relaxed. Then cautiously the young beta moved towards him submissively keeping his eyes lowered.

Taking it as a good sign Gibbs slowly backed up and pushed the button for the elevator. His eyes tracked the beta’s progress towards him only to stop out of arms reach. Neither of them said anything as they waited for the elevator doors to open.

When the door opened Gibbs stepped to the side gently ushered the younger man inside. He kept his movements slow and easy so that it did not make the beta feel threaten in any way, but he also made sure that he did not touch any part of the beta. Gibbs knew himself well enough that if he did touch the young changeling he wouldn’t stop until he claimed the young wolf for himself be damned the consequences.

Following the beta inside Gibbs hit the button to take them to Duck’s area. Turning he faced the young wolf while keeping a firm grip on the elevator railing to prevent him from doing what instinct demanded. Gibbs took the opportunity to look over his potential mate and he liking what he saw.

The beta had a small but compact muscular frame, fair freckled skin telling him that the red hair was natural, while the naked flesh of the young wolf’s neck making it hard not to jump the beta to claim and mark him for all to know. But it was the dark circles and signs of stress around the young man’s eyes and mouth that made Gibbs want to take the beta somewhere safe to hold and comfort the young wolf until he knew that he was loved, desired, and wanted.

A low soft male voice broke the silence with one word. “Oz.”

Gibbs struggled not to smile as he returned, “Gibbs.”

The beta dared a quick look up and the sad little face brightened with a quirky smile.

The End

You have reached the end of "Moonlight Desire (beta)". This story is complete.

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