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Operation: Potential

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Summary: Sector V is in a tight spot. With the return of a missing member, it might have just got tighter.

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Operation: Lil'sis

Operation: Little Sis


Since I still stink at Anagrams, anyone wanting to take a crack at this one I’ll be happy to use whatever you come up with.


Disclaimer: I don’t own them.  Buffy belongs to Mutant Enemy.  Kids Next Door belongs to Curious Pictures.  I make no profit off of the following.




Cree Lincoln slipped through the bushes outside the tree house the local Kids Next Door used as their HQ.  It felt good to be back in her armor after three months.  She could tell, though, she still needed a little toning to get back in perfect shape, but at least the tearing pain in her abdomen when she tried to flex had finally gone away. 


She had been surprised when Abigail had asked her if she would go with Abigail to a local park to talk.  Cree had suspected a trap, but it had been a boring couple of weeks, and playing tag with Abigail’s KND team for an evening seemed like a fun.


When they reached the park Abby had gone to a swing and started swinging. Cree took the next one and they had swung for a couple of minutes.  Abby finally broke the ice and asked Cree why she had decided to run rather than accept decommissioning.  Cree stopped swinging and stared at her younger sister; surprised that she could even ask the question.  Cree had loved being an agent, the things she did, the places she’d seen, there was no way she was going to lose all of that.  Plus, the prospect of joining the other side and putting one over on the organization was impossible to resist.  Of course the fact that she could make Abby’s life a living hell, like it was every older sister’s God given duty to do, was just icing.


She must have taken a little too long to form her answer though, because Abby had asked heatedly if she was blowing her off.  As she opened her mouth to respond she saw the first of the browned robed figures coming out of the bushes behind Abby.  At first she thought that, finally, here was the lame attempt by Sector V to capture her, but she realized that when the second figure appeared that they were too big to be KND agents, and that they were all wielding knifes, instead of the 2x4 technology that was Kids Next Door’s trademark.  Her expression must have warned her sister, because she had jumped off of the swing and turned, so they were both facing their attackers.


The fight got nasty quick.  Cree didn’t like her sister all that much, she was a goody-goody pain in the ass, but she was her sister.  “If anyone is going to kill that pain it’s going to be me!”  She stated as she waded into the fight.  Cree didn’t remember much after that; it was the nastiest fight she had ever been in.  She went back to back with her sister for a while, in a way that was bizarrely natural.  When they were down to three or four of the creatures, the lack of eyes was major yucksville, she got separated from Abigail.  She saw one slipping close and the knife going back, the only thing she could do was throw herself forward between Abby and the knife, so she did.  She remembered the tearing pain as the knife went in just under her belly button and the creature ripping up, her next memory was waking up in the hospital with her mom in the chair next to her bed and her dad standing at the base.  Both had tears in their eyes as their eldest daughter had woken up.  She saw though there was someone missing.  “Where’s Abigail?” she’d asked in a shaky voice that she couldn’t believe came out of her throat.


Her mom shook her head.  With tears in her voice she said, “We don’t know.  After she dropped you off at the hospital, she disappeared.  The police think she’s run away because she stabbed you and they have a warrant out for her arrest.”


“Abby didn’t stab me, it was some guy in brown robes,” Cree explained. She was happy that her sister had managed to finish off the couple of creatures; there was no way she was going to give the cops an accurate description of them.  The cops would lock her up.


Her mother looked at her father, then back at Cree, “They why did she run?”


Cree hadn’t been able to give her an answer.


Cree had just about gotten where she wanted to be and was starting to look around for the KND operatives that would be watching the tree.  She’d managed to convince her dad and mom a couple of times to take a walk with her in the evenings and she had steered the walk past the tree so she knew there was at least two around somewhere.  A flash of light to her right caused her to flinch.  Looking that way she saw a brunette white chick dressed in leather pants and a jacket over a t-shirt that just missed her belly button.  The flash was caused by the lighter she was using to light a cigarette.


Cree immediately went on guard, this woman looked like she was in her twenties, and her causal acceptance of her in armor was somewhat daunting. True, many of those who were against the KND were adults, but this one didn’t feel like one of those.


“Cree Lincoln?”  The woman asked as she blew out a cloud of smoke.


Cree nodded, “And who’s asking?” She asked, putting more bravado into her voice than she felt.  That knife had done a lot to her self-assurance.


“Name’s Faith, I’m a friend of A’s.”


A? Did she mean Abigail?  “You know Abigail?”


Faith took a drag and nodded, “She wanted to talk to her friends, but was afraid that some KND agents had the tree under surveillance.  Turns out she was right,” Faith said nodding at the tree.


Cree looked in the direction of the tree and spotted two humps hanging from one of the lower branches of the tree that housed Sector V’s headquarters.  Looking closer she realized it was the two KND agents. They had been mummified in duct tape and hung on the branch to keep them out of the way. She saw that they were angrily squirming in their cocoons, and the vigor at which they were squirming indicated they had plenty of air.  So she could safely ignore them. 


Turning back to the leather clad woman Cree asked, “So you figured you’d keep them company?”


Faith took another drag and smiled.  “Nah, I wanted to talk to you.”


“Me?”  Cree asked, going on higher alert.


“Yep, A talked about you a lot. I hoped when A called her folks, you’d show up to make sure she wasn’t disturbed, figured if you did, I should talk to you.”




“Because where you are now, I was a couple of years ago.  See, want, have, familiar sentiment?”


Cree cocked an eyebrow at the other woman, “And if it is?”


“Have you killed anyone yet?”


“What?  No!”


“It’s only a matter of time girl.  You probably won’t do it on purpose, someone’s armor might not be as strong as you thought, or someone will zig when you were sure they were going to zag and then everything changes.”


“You’ve killed people?”  Cree asked, taking an involuntary step back.


“A few, the first was an accident, the others weren’t”


Cree digested that.  “I’m not sure I want you hanging out with Abigail.”


“Two years ago I’d agreed with you.  Now, I’m not sure I want her hanging with you.”


Cree bristled, “I don’t like the kid, but we’ve co-existed for years since I defected, I’m not going to do anything to her.”


Faith shrugged and took a drag, “Truthfully, I’m not overly worried about how a fight between you and A would turn out.”


“I’ve held my own,” Cree retorted.


“Things have changed.  If you want my advice I’d stay away from A, she’ll take you apart.”


“Please,’ Cree said sarcastically, Abigail?


“Your funeral.”


Cree looked at the other woman curiously.  She seemed dead serious about this.  “Well since you’ve taken care of the KND bozos,” there was an angry murmur from the tape wrapped bundles, “I’ll be on my way; I want to be home when Abigail gets there.”


“You want a job?”


Cree stopped and turned around, “What?”


“A is upstairs pitching a recruitment pitch to her fellow agents.  She’s trying to get them to sign on.”


“For what?”


“I’m what’s called a Vampire Slayer, so’s your sister.  She became that along with a whole bunch of other girls and women around the world.  We need trainers, I’ve listen to A tell stories about you.  I think you’d be a heck of an advanced combat instuctor for the girls.”


“In case you missed it, I’m one of the bad guys.”


Faith smiled as she ground out her cigarette on the sole her boot, “You’ve been playing at being a villain.  I’ve met real villains, trust me kid, you don’t measure up. From what I’ve heard, you’re good at what you do.  Use it for something besides either putting yourself in prison or on a morgue slab. I can tell you the first isn’t a whole lot of fun.  For the second you’ll have to talk to B.”




Faith smiled and hopped off the picnic table. Then with out another word she faded into the night.


Cree watched where she had disappeared for awhile, thinking.


A body flying out the window distracted her, she glanced up and stepped aside as the body slammed into the ground about were she had been standing.  She looked on with a cocked eyebrow while covering the figure with one of her forearm blasters.  She dropped her arm when she recognized the figure, “Spankula?”


“Run! There is a wampire slayer up there!” The purple clad figure put action to words and ran off into the night, right in the direction that Faith had taken.


“There’s one that way too Spanky!”  Cree yelled into the darkness.


She could hear Spankula altering course while he screamed into the night.


Cree smiled and headed home, a job where she could be one of Abigail’s trainers might not be that bad.   




The End

You have reached the end of "Operation: Potential". This story is complete.

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