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Lost Boy

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Summary: When Micheal Emerson suspects that things may not be as over as he'd hoped, he looks for an expert on vampires. Contains ficlets written for the FfA, post LostBoys, s4 BtVS.

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Movies > Lost BoysLucindaFR151016,3382275,93031 Jul 0722 Dec 12No

Who's the Guy?

Author: Lucinda
rating: pg? pg13?
main characters: Buffy Summers, Micheal
disclaimers: Buffy was created by Joss, Micheal belongs to the creators of Lost Boys
distribution: Twisting, Mental Wanderings, anybody with ‘Lost Boy’, by permission.
notes: TtH FfA pairing # 629. Sequel to 'Lost Boy', also written for the FfA. Set at the start of an AU s4 BtVS, post Lost Boys the movie.

Buffy tugged her hair out of her eyes as she walked towards the Magic Box. College was a lot harder than High School had been, and the classes kept getting tougher as the year progressed. Now, not only did she have to write a five page paper for Psych, she had three pages of math and some stupid readings for Literature, and she was still Slaying. The only bright side seemed to be that Parker, this sort of cute upper classman had been flirting with her some. He was sort of handsome, and he'd seemed like he understood everything...

But instead of hanging around to see if Parker was just as interesting today, she had to go talk to Giles and find out if there was anything to look for on patrol before going out and fighting vampires, again. Some things never changed. Except that she'd be hunting vampires alone. Willow had Oz, and Xander had his... thing with Anya, and Angel was gone. She was alone, and it sucked. Some days, she really wished that she could have someone, though they’d all learned not to actually say such things out loud – you never knew who or what might be listening.

Buffy let herself into the Magic Box, thinking again that it really had been smart of Giles to get a shop to use as their base, and tried to paste a smile on her face. Giles didn't need to know how much she missed Angel. He didn't need to know how lonely she'd been feeling. Her near smile faltered when she found Giles in deep discussion with a guy. He looked a few years older than she was, though not quite Wesley's age. Shoulder length dark hair, torn jeans... He looked cute and a little on the bad-boy side of things. And did he have an earring?

Wait a minute, she shook her head. So what if he was cute or had a really nice backside? What was he even doing here? "Hey, Giles. I didn't know that you were expecting company."

Giles sighed, and picked up his tea, sipping at it slowly. After a moment, he spoke. "Buffy, this is Micheal. He's come to... well, I suppose you'd have to say he's come to consult with me. He needed to talk to an expert on vampires."

"Vampires?" Buffy blinked, and looked again at the cute guy. "I thought we were all about the non-sharing thing?"

"Once again, your treatment of the English language appalls me." Giles muttered, and shook his head. "Micheal's hometown is, unfortunately, also the hometown of a family of rather devious vampires. It was his concern that a lack of proper expertise on vampires could endanger them and lead to either himself or some of his associates ending up rather dead. Possibly with fangs."

Micheal shook his head, smiling slightly. "All that without actually saying the problem."

Holding one hand towards her, he smiled. "I'm Micheal. He said that between the two of you, I could learn the right way to fight vampires. Without ending up dead myself. Of course, he also mentioned that the big three were impalement through the heart, beheading, and fire."

Taking his hand, Buffy smiled back, no longer needing to pretend. Micheal knew about vampires already... Maybe they could get together, swap stories? "It'll be nice to have someone to patrol with me. I've even got a spare crossbow that you can use."

“A spare crossbow, huh?” He gave a small shrug, and grinned at her. “If that’s the place to start. It sounds a lot better than fighting hand to hand.”

“The hand to hand part comes later.” She ignored the way her stomach fluttered at his smile, or the little shiver that his touch sent up her back. After all, he was cute, that had to be it. Right? Because Giles was so not going to be inviting vampires into the shop to have long chats and tea with. She wondered if he had a girlfriend. “I mean, against the vampires.”

“Sure.” He glanced around, and the grin faltered. “So, a crossbow? And then what, on to looking for vampires?”

“Yeah, just a regular cemetery patrol to catch the newbies as they rise.” Buffy commented, dragging up the second crossbow and a batch of the bolts that it used. “Through the heart to kill them, anywhere else hurts but isn’t fatal. But if you can get the knees, they fall down.”

“The knees… I’ll have to remember that. And I already know that garlic doesn’t work.” The little twitch at his jaw hinted that there was a story behind that, but he didn’t elaborate. “Any other good advice for me?”

“Holy water is good, and you never, ever want to be without a real weapon.” Buffy shuddered, remembering one ugly encounter back in LA. “In a really desperate situation, Exacto knives work for decapitation, but it’s really messy and takes a long time. If you can find one, a number two pencil through the heart is faster and a lot easier to clean up.”

“An Exacto knife?” He shook his head and chuckled. “Well, at least those aren’t too bad to replace. Sam ended up shooting a vamp and he fell back into the stereo system… I don’t know if he got the heart or electrocution works as well as fire, but the vampire burned up, and the stereo was just as dead. Mom had a fit about that one.”

“Death by stereo? That’s just too funny.” Buffy decided that it was a really nice thing that Micheal had come to Sunnydale. She didn’t even think about Parker, and only occasionally about Angel as they walked into the cemetery.

end Who's the Guy?
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