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Fall of the Republic

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Summary: Darth Mortalis' did not die in the story 'Jedi Harris' but lived to continue his plans.

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Council in hiding

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters that are from BTVS/SG1/SW
Story made possible with permission from the Dark Scribbler, author of Jedi Harris and Terran Jedi. Thank you for letting me play in your alternate universe or is it sub-verse. This is my first attempt to write and I am working from inspiration from all the excellent authors here. I suggest everyone read Jedi Harris first.

SGC Conference Room, Colorado

President Sean Johnson sat with a grim expression at the head of conference table. His last contact with the White House staff a few moments ago ended abruptly. All communication with the Washington D.C. area seems to have all been lost. Alongside was U.S. Air Force General George Hammond, the commander of the SGC, Colonel Harry Maybourne, NID liaison, Watcher’s Council Director, Quentin Travers, and Major Davis, Pentagon liaison.

“Harry, what do we know so far?” as he turned to Colonel Maybourne.

“Well, Mr. President, it appears that the warning we received from the British Watcher’s Council a few weeks ago paid off. Something was definitely going on with Harris and Kinsey. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted Harris. Two years ago, Senator Robert Kinsey insisted on accompanying me to investigate the NID operation in Sunnydale and he overrode all my objections. Kinsey and Harris must have reached some sort of accord back then. He’s been Harris’ biggest backer for all his projects. Thank you for at least taking my suspicions seriously. I almost found myself contacting O’Neil for help.”

“I’ll see them hang for this. Kinsey will be the new Benedict Arnold for this century. I don’t believe the double we put in my place will convince them for long. We have to do something. What’s the status of our forces?” asked the President.

“It seems that we have lost touch with any forces that had Harris’ troops with them. All the weaponry we received from him has also malfunctioned and stopped working.” He tossed a blaster on the table in disgust. “Our techs are trying to find out why, perhaps, I really hate to say it, but Major Carter could probably find out why, if SG-1 was not off planet right now.”

“You’re telling me that in less than 24 hours, the most powerful nation on Earth, is powerless? Our older weaponry is already incapable of stopping his armored troops and the weapons he gave us have all stopped working. His troops that he convinced us to put in various commands around the globe are now against us? Didn’t we just win a battle off planet hours ago?”

“It appears so, Mr. President.” Answered the Watcher’s Council Representative Quentin Travers. “I’m sorry our warning was not sooner. We lost contact with our representative in Sunnydale a few years ago too. I’m just glad you at least agreed to our recommendation about leaving a double at the White House. Winston Churchill did something similar during the war. It’s unfortunate that your double will unlikely survive as well.”

“We finally start making headway against the Goa’uld and this happens? General Hammond what do you recommend?”

General Hammond of Stargate Command responds, “Mr. President, fortunately, our policy of keeping Harris’ troops out of the SGC has kept us from being infiltrated like other commands. We’ve always viewed them as no better than NID troops. No offense intended Colonel Maybourne.”

“None taken, General.” Replies Maybourne.

“Mr. President, I recommend we relocate you to the Alpha site at the very least. I don’t know how long this facility will remain safe from them. We’ve locked down the mountain just before they made their move but we don’t know how long we can hold them off.” Hammond replies. “Somehow they are jamming all communications. Ground landlines and wireless are down. Our techs believe it’s some sort of interdictor field. We were able to send info through the GDOs to at least inform our off world teams to head to the Alpha site. We’re lucky to still have the ability to dial out.”

“This is a preliminary report from Rupert Giles a few years ago on one Mr. Alexander LaVelle Harris, born to Anthony and Jessica Harris in Sunnydale, California. Less than average grades in school, until Halloween in 1997, when things change to the point that he became, unbelievably, mayor of Sunnydale too. We started to think that Rupert had started taking the California drug lifestyle and gone native. Many parts of his report were just too hard to believe but after seeing what’s happened recently…they no longer seem so far-fetched.” Travers states.

“The idea that someone like Harris would have the memories of being Darth Vader from a magic spell just sounds too fantastic. It’s like something from a bad TV show. It does explain why Harris’ inventions seemed so familiar. If we ever catch that Ethan Rayne I’m personally pulling the lever to execute the bastard.” President Johnson exclaims.

Major Davis replies, “I find myself still unable to believe that aliens, vampires, and demons exist and now you tell me that Jedi and Sith exist too? I remember Harris’ plan to put his special troops in many of the major cities to handle these hostile sub terrestrials (HSTs). It sounded like a great idea at the time. Any word on from your people, Mr. Travers?”

“No, we have not heard from Mr. Wyndam-Pryce in Cleveland for some time either.” Travers calmly states. Thinking to himself that no new Slayer has been called too if Slayer Summers’ had died too. Allowing the Americans to join in the war against demon-kind was something he had always worried about. Damn yanks always late for another war. At the time though the forces that Harris provided seemed more than capable and a godsend to our endless war, his pacification of the demon community on the hellmouth in Sunnydale was impressive. Bloody Harris and bloody Yanks. This is worse than that Yank attempt to resurrect Project Lazarus that Harris reported preventing.

Major Davis was thinking the constant secrecy between agencies prevented obvious warnings that were ignored. The NID had a report of an attempted breach a few years ago just about the same time that Mr. Giles last reported to the Council. The Council’s own secrecy kept them from letting us know until now about this report. Whatever Mr. Giles was attempting to do failed as no trace of him could ever be found. Harris stopped the reported breach when he reported a bunch of anarchist kids attempted to attack the facility. Damn it all, he used our own inter-service rivalry against us.

Maybourne’s thoughts echoed Davis’s as well. “Damn the man, when he first appeared and brought these high tech toys for us we thought it only strange that he would model them off a movie. A geeky, Star Wars fan boy, who was also a brilliant engineer. His use of cloning technology to create these troops of his was, I thought too, a general’s dream. No more worrying about recruitment drives, no more letters to consul poor widows, no more worrying about public opinion on casualties, the perfect soldiers for the future army, all a setup by that damnable Harris. Now with this Watchers’ report about the Halloween incident, how much did he use..” wiggles his fingers..”on us. Damn that Harris and Kinsey. I can see him appealing easily to Kinsey's lust for power. I just wonder who will be riding whom. I’ll never hear the end of this from O’Neil.”

“Let’s summarize quickly.” The President says. “Less than 24 hours ago, soon after our off world teams reported a victory against the Goa’uld Apophis' forces, communication with every command that Harris’ troopers were present stopped. Harris’ transmitted something about an Order 66 that suddenly had all the clones attack our own troops. At the same time, the advanced weapons we received from him also stopped working. Washington D.C. and a number of major military centers have all lost communication. Do we have a rough estimate of how many clones Harris has?”

Major Davis reports, “In the last few years, we estimate combat strength to be at least 120,000 clones around the world. We dispersed them under various commands and for local HST control. We never realized that he would find a way to subvert them all to his control. Combine that with their functioning advanced weaponry and we have a bad situation just getting worse. It’s fortunate that we never authorized any of them for gate travel.”

Sirens suddenly blared throughout the compound. Secret Service agents rush into the room, “Mr. President, we have to leave now, reports from the upper levels state that forces have breached Cheyenne Mountain’s main doors. We have to leave now.”

General Hammond stands, “Mr. President, we’re dialing out to the Alpha site now, please evacuate with those we were able to gather now too. This facility will not be captured while I am in command. If necessary, I’ll set the self-destruct myself.”
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