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The Fast and the Furious: The Slayer and the Key

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Summary: When Dom calls some old friend for help avenging his sisters death he learns that not everything is always as it seems.

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Chapter 2

“For Mia then, let’s just hope he’s telling the truth. When’s the race?” Dom heaved a big sigh, and Buffy knew she was so not going to like the answer.

“Saturday at 11”

“Jesus, Dom, that’s like two days away.”

“Day and a half actually, I meant Saturday morning not night.” Buffy closed her eyes and sighed.

“Can we crash here tonight; we haven't had a chance to rent a place yet?”

“Course, one of you can take the spare room and the other can take…” Dawn realized that he didn’t want to say Mia’s old room. She didn’t blame him; she remembered how hard it had been when Willow and Tara had moved in to Buffy’s room.

“Thanks Dom. I'm gonna grab a beer, Buff you want one.” Buffy shook her head no and Brian raised an eyebrow looking Dawn over.

“You even old enough to drink?” Dawn turned and gave him a look that would make Spike proud.

“I still haven't seen you race. Once you prove to me you don’t need training wheels, then I’ll answer your questions. Until then you’re just gonna have to wonder.” Brian just raised his hands a little and gave his smile, the one that made girls melt. Dawn just rolled her eyes and walked back into the living room.

Five minutes later when Brian walked into the room Dawn was telling some guy to back off. He walked over to help her, something about this girl just drew him in. When he was a few feet away Dawn pushed the guy away and turned to face him.

“I can take care of myself.” She poked him for emphasis, “And I don’t need your help.” She walked away heading up the stairs, beer in hand. He smiled at her retreating back, wondering just how long it would take for her to like him. He turned to see Buffy and Dom standing behind him.

“You know what I said about not killing people?” Buffy asked him, “Hurt her and I’ll change my mind.” He glanced at Dom who just smiled. “Listen,” she said to Dom, “I'm gonna head to bed, I wanna go check out the site tomorrow, get the feel for the land. I might need help finding it, it’s been a while.” He gave her a look.

“The bedroom?” She threw back her head and laughed.

“Guess I walked right into that one didn’t I?” She said before retreating up the stairs. Brian looked up at Dom once she was gone.

“Look you know I got nothing against female drivers, but you sure those two can handle it?” Dom smiled.

“Remember when you picked me up to keep me from getting busted and you swerved through the cruisers blocking the road?” He waited for Brian’s nod before continuing, “Dawn did the same tonight, only, she thought it would be better to go over the cruisers.” He looked at Brian’s smiling face and hoped for his sake that he never hurt Dawn, because somehow, he was pretty sure Buffy could take him.

Upstairs Dawn stood at the foot of Mia’s bed willing herself to get in. Dawn was never as close to the Toretto’s as Buffy was, but it just seemed wrong. She shook her head and crawled into the bed; she was exhausted, after all, she had only gotten about three hours sleep the night before because of a horribly annoying Kara’luk demon.

Two doors down Buffy was having no problems crawling into the bed. She had spent many nights in this room when she was younger. Mr. Toretto would always let her stay when she just needed to get out of her house. Whether she was running from her parents or the story she didn’t want to tell her mother, he always let her in.

Downstairs Brian was getting ready to leave. He nodded his goodbye to Dominic before walking out the door. Unlike the two girls upstairs, he was fairly certain he would have a hard time sleeping tonight. His thoughts drifted to Dawn, and he wondered if she had a boyfriend back home, wherever home was. She had to be pretty familiar with L.A. though, to know where she would find Dom. He sighed as he walked into his house and headed for the shower.

The next morning Buffy pulled Dawn out of bed around 10 o’clock.

“C’mon sleepy head, if we were still in Vegas you would have been up two hours ago.” Dawn mumbled something that Buffy was certain was unflattering, but she still crawled out of bed and walked out of the room mumbling something about a shower. Buffy wanted to say something to her sister about walking out of the room in just a T-shirt, but she had the feeling it would make Dawn walk around in just a T-shirt all day, so she kept her mouth shut.

20 minutes later Dawn walked into her room wrapped in a fluffy towel. She threw on black leather pants and a red cutoff tank top. She did the minimum acceptable amount of make-up and headed down stairs. Buffy scowled when she saw her shoes.

“Dawn, we’re going to be driving not patr-dancing,” Dawn rolled her eyes at the slip which she knew Dom had caught and just not commented on, “And those boots are not made for driving.”

“Just because you can’t drive for shit in 4 inch heels don’t blame me.” She grabbed a slice of toast. “Ok people, chop chop, you drag me out of bed to drive, so lets drive.” She followed Dom out to the driveway but stopped as she was getting into her car. She looked over at Dom.

“Brian coming?”

“He wishes,” Dom muttered under his breath so that Dawn couldn’t hear him, to her he said, “He’s right there.” Dawn turned to the street and sure enough there was a 2002 Toyota Supra MK IV. Dom shook his head at her smile, he knew that if anything came of those smiles there would be trouble. That made him smile.

A little while later they pulled into the abandoned base used for race wars. He suspected that the mock races today had more purpose than Buffy and Dawn needing the practice but he didn’t ask. He looked over in time to see Dawn talking to Brian.

“So, time to prove you don’t need training wheels big boy. Stakes?” They both knew she meant do you want to put money on the race, but he took it to mean what do you want the stakes to be.

“I win, we go out to dinner.” Dawn arched an eyebrow and let it fall just as quickly.

“And if I win?” he gave her that smile.

“We go out to dinner.” She laughed, and got into the car. Dom walked over to start the race, at his signal they both took off down the track. Dawn managed to stay just ahead until the hid the midline where Brian hit the NOS. Dom shook his head at the amateur mistake, on this track he should have waited another 10-15 seconds before hitting it. Just as his NOS was wearing off Dawn hit hers pulling her ahead and she easily crossed the finish before him. She turned to head back to the start followed closely by Brian. He got out of his car and looked at her.

“So, dinner?” She smirked.

“This means you pay.” She said gesturing to the cars

“Oh Dawnie, dinner, what would Spike say?” Buffy teased. Brian looked at her cautiously and raised an eyebrow. Dawn smacked Buffy on the arm.

“No he’s not my boyfriend, he’s my va-visiting cousin. Buffy just likes to be an ass about it because he looks like a guy I used to date.” Dawn smiled at her cover-up and only wished she had dated a Spike look-a-like. She was over the whole crush on Spike, but that didn’t mean she now thought he was ugly.

“Come on Dom, lets race.” Buffy walked to her car but Dom stood there watching her. Buffy looked over to Dom. “Dom, you coming?” Dom found himself muttering under his breath again, but this time it was ‘I wish’. He walked over to his car not noticing the grin Dawn had on her face.


A/N: So once again, please review. If you haven't figured it out I decided to go with Dawn/Brian and Buffy/Dom, mostly because that’s what I was originally thinking and I had several people suggest it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Fast and the Furious: The Slayer and the Key" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Aug 07.

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