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The Fast and the Furious: The Slayer and the Key

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Summary: When Dom calls some old friend for help avenging his sisters death he learns that not everything is always as it seems.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy, Angel, or the Fast and the Furious. I'm not making money off this fic.

Summary: BtVS/The Fast and the Furious. Dom calls in some favors from some old friends when he needs help avenging his sisters death, and learns that not everything is what it seems.

A/N: Takes place about 6 months after The Fast and the Furious but before 2 Fast 2 Furious. For Buffy, takes place a few years after Chosen (End of Season 7). Buffy did not go to Rome and meet the Immortal. Has minor spoilers for AtS, but is not really compliant.


“I don’t like it Dawnie.” Buffy said to her sister, who had a bag slung over her shoulder.

“He said he needed you to bring another driver Buff, who are you gonna ask? Willow?” she asked, the sarcasm obvious in her voice. “I’ve already got the car, and you know I'm not letting anyone but me drive that baby.” She looked over at her Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. “Not to mention we don’t have the time to charge up another car. On top of that we can justify using council money for an apartment but I don’t think Giles would appreciate us taking another hundred thou for reasons we can’t tell him.”

“Dawn you know I'm in charge of that stuff cause Giles didn’t want to be, he just wanted to stick to research. Me being in charge means no one would know about the money till I wanted them to.”

“Okay, lemme just go get Willow. Hey Will,” Dawn mocked calling her friend, “would you like to go to LA to help out an old friend of ours. Its probably illegal and highly dangerous, oh and you’re gonna need to turbo charge your car, and learn to drive at max speeds in oh about,” she looked at her watch, “two hours. Buff, you told Dom you’d be there today.” Buffy sighed and looked at her own 2002 Dodge Viper SRT10. She threw her own bag in the car and then looked at Dawn.

“Fine, but if you get killed, I'm telling.” Dawn smiled, remembering the last time Buffy said that, before she threw her bag in and hopped into the car.

“They make doors for that, you know.”

“But what fun are convertibles if you actually use the doors.” Dawn said with a smile before turning the key. Buffy just shook her head.

“Go fast, I want to try and be there by midnight.” Dawn looked at her watch, it was 10 o’clock, “But for gods sake don’t get busted before we even get there.”

“Yeah. coming from you who had to buy her way out a couple weeks ago when she got busted. Giles just loved that expense.”

“Then you shouldn’t have told him about it!” Dawn shook her head and smiled.

“Don’t forget to call Willow, tell her she’s in charge for awhile,” Dawn reminded Buffy before pulling out and disappearing abound the corner. Buffy shook her head and called Willow before following Dawn. She hoped she was making the right decision in letting Dawn come. She knew she couldn’t stop her, she was 22 now, but if anything happened to her she would never forgive herself.

At about 10 minutes to midnight Dawns phone rang and she looked down, Buffy, of course. She flipped open her phone.

“I know you’re not there yet so what do you want?” Buffy was not checking up on her, it was just not happening.

“I was just wondering where you are, I'm about thirty miles away.” Ughh, Buffy was checking up on her.

“I'm in LA, but I'm no where near Dom’s.” Dawn looked down a side street to see Dom running from about ten cruisers, he would never get away on foot. She slammed on the breaks. “Gotta go Buff.” She said before snapping the phone shut. “Get in!” she screamed to Dom. Dom ran the rest of the way out of the side street and hopped over the door as Dawn slammed on the gas. Dom looked over to see who got him, and his eyes widened slightly. He was surprised he recognized her, Dawn was like 13 the last time he saw her. And she hated cars. Looking at her car now, he assumed she changed her mind about them.

“Long time no see kid, nice car.” Dawn looked behind her to see that the cops were getting closer.

“Screw this.” She shifted gears speeding away from the cops turning down a side street only to find two cop cars blocking the street. Her eyes flicked to the side and she saw a ramp at the loading dock, she smiled and swerved off the street and onto the ramp before flying over the cruisers. She turned to look at Dom as she kept driving trying to get away from the cruisers who had circuited the road block.

“I'm not a kid.” She lost the cops after a few more turns and a couple close calls, but didn’t ease off until she was sure they were clear. After she slowed she turned to him again. “Shouldn’t one of the team have been around to help you?” He looked at her for a minute.

“There’s no team left. Vince was shot awhile back and didn’t make it, Leon’s doing 3-6 years, Jesse moved to Santa Fe to help out with his dying grandmother, and Letty left after Vince was shot, she blamed it on me.” He chuckled, “This is twice now that the last person in the world I expected to show kept me outta cuffs.” They pulled you to Dom’s apartment.

“There's a hella lotta people here if your team’s gone.”

“They come around for the after-race party, but they’re not my people.” He got out of the car, and popped the hood, looking the mechanics. “Nice, who did the work on it?”

“Me.” Dawn said and headed to the door, followed by Dom. The second Dawn was in the door some obnoxious guy was all over her. He reached down and grabbed her ass, a quick look to Dom and Dawn saw he was about to lose it. She knew if Dom went at this guy, so soon after his sisters death the guy might not get up. She threw a punch to the nose and kneed him in the nuts. While he was bent over she took both fists and brought them down where his neck met his back. As he fell to the floor she turned to Dom.

“So, got a beer somewhere around here?” He was about to answer when he heard a car screech to a stop out front before he heard a door slam. Dawn groaned.

“Uh, that’s gotta be Buffy. Prepare for hell.” Buffy slammed the door open and spotted Dawn immediately.

“Where the hell were you? I got here and you weren't here. I was all over town looking for you!”

“Jesus Buffy! Had some cop trouble, had to ditch them before I could get here.”

“I told you not to get caught!”

“If I had got caught I wouldn’t be standing here right now.” Dom looked at the two sisters glaring at each other, then noticed that almost everyone else was staring too. He pushed both of them into the kitchen.

“Hi Buffy.” She looked over at him.

“Dom.” She acknowledged before turning back to Dawn, “Jesus Dawn, a hell of a lot of good you would of done Dom if you were sitting in jail right now.”

“A hell of a lot of good we would have done Dom if he were sitting in jail right now,” Dawn retorted. Buffy looked at her sister for a second and then turned to Dom for confirmation. He nodded his head.

“Some stupid ass shot my car to shit, and I had to bail out of it before it blew. Cops were on my ass, they’re always trying to bust me for racing. Dawn kept me outta cuffs.” Buffy still didn’t look she believed it but she didn’t say anything else about it.

“Who’s our fourth?” Before he could answer a man walked into the kitchen.

“That’s Brian, he’s our fourth.”

“Brian…Brian…” Buffy gave him an incredulous look, “The cop Brian?!”

“I'm not a cop anymore.”

“Are you forgetting he kept me outta jail?” Buffy gave him a look.

“You turn out to be undercover anything, and I’ll kick your ass.” Brian gave her the once over and couldn’t help a chuckle. Dawn had to hold Buffy back.

“I wouldn’t laugh man,” Dom told him, “Her little sis kicked Benders ass earlier.” Buffy raised an eyebrow at Dawn who just shook her head. Dom turned to Dawn.

“Last time I saw you, you were a perfect little kid who hated cars. You sure you’re gonna be up to this?” Dawn raised an eyebrow.

“You know I can drive, and if it’s the legality of the situation you’re worried about you should worry about Buffy. I'm good with it, but I'm not killing anyone.”


“I won’t kill anyone Dom, but I loved Mia like a sister, I’ll help you out. What's the plan?”

“There is no plan yet. I still need to find out who killed her. I wouldn’t have called you in yet, but I need help with something else too. A while ago, before I lost my team, I made a deal with Johnny Tran. We’re racing down where they hold race wars. If I win he backs the fuck off and leaves me alone. He wins and I leave the city. I need you three to race. One of us Vs. One of them, winner stays in. The last team standing wins.”

“This is Tran, Dom, you know you can’t trust him, why would you agree to that?”

“Because he said he knows who killed Mia.”


A/N: Please review. Should I continue? What should the pairings be?
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