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As the Whirl Wind Blows Across The Sands of Time..

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Summary: Xander has see the raise and fall of Nations, Empires and Planets...Now will he see the fall of the Universe?

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Chapter One

Title: As The Whirl Wind Blows Across The Sands Of Time
Author: LLN
Fandom: Buffy/Dune Crossover.
Pairing: Xan/Spike...Paul/Chani...others as they come.
Spoilers: All of Buffy/Angel...Dune and Children of Dune books and movies.
Disclaimers: Joss own's Buffy/Angel. Frank Herbert and the Scifi Channel own Dune series.
Summary: Xander's seen the rise and fall of Nations, Empires, and Planets. Will he now see the destruction of the Universe?


The unfinished biography of Alexander Harris-
The One That Sees-
Lex the Merciless-
Consort of William the Conqueror.

...Arrakis-Dune-Desert Planet, as it has been called by some but I...I know it by many others...
Demon World. Hell Planet. Paradise. Terra. Earth. name just a few of them.

It's been almost three millennium since I last stepped foot there.

And it will be many more if my Consort has anything to say about it. And he more than likely will.

My...Beloved...Consort...has had very few happy memories of our home world.

But people, places and events have begun to come to a head in spectacular ways.

Ancient secrets are coming to light, the old ways are returning. Soon humanity will change once again.

The whirlwind is coming, and I wonder if the known universe will survive it's storm.

But the one thing I do know is...That My Consort and I shall remain unchanged...We always remain...


Xander Harris sighed. Yes, that was the name he was using again. Though it had been many lifetimes since the last use of it. He stood on the balcony of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen's Palace looking out of the stark and dark landscape of Giedi Prime. Xander preferred his home world of Sarlaruis to this place...

But his...Beloved...Consort... 'Insert Sarcasm Here'...seemed to be entranced with Giedi Prime and the Harkonnens.

"Best place in the Universe to be, pet. Reminds me of the Dale it does." Xander's consort once told him. Of course, dear William, had been drunk at the time.

William...the Conqueror...the Bloody...Spike...But Xander's favorite moniker for him now was...well over the years he had given Spike so many, but oldies were goodies and Spike was still a menace when he wanted, and still bleached his hair blond.

Giedi Prime did remind him of SunnyDale. On the days when the Hellmouth seemed to weigh heavily in the air and all you could feel was darkness and evil.
The Harkonnens seemed to enjoy their sadistic ways, much like the demons of the Hellmouth once did.

"Not everyone loves that paradise you built on Sarlaruis," Spike told him, "I can indulge myself on Giedi Prime without having to worry if I traumatized your girls or not."

Sarlaruis was Xander's home world now, his world. On that world there was an army of women who were at his command. Women who were the descendants of the ones The Powers That Be had picked to be the defenders against evil, the Chosen Ones to fight the dark beasts of the night, they were the Slayers...once. But Xander knew that many of the women that he trained would never even know the supernatural world existed. They, whom were not trained for the unknown war against Evil. Many of the women would never fight the darkness. Will never know there is a need for it.

Xander often wondered when it had come to this...when the Slayers had come to this end. In the beginning it had been for protection but now he wondered just who had be protecting whom...and why...The Witches had some thing to do with it. This he knew.

'Damn Willow, for planting the seeds of the Sisterhood and not killing it before it had turned into the monster it was now.' Xand thought darkly.

The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood were the reason the descendants of the Slayers were know reduce to what they were now...those who were once great warriors were reduced to less...reduced to nothing more than Bodyguards, concubines, companions or pleasure slaves or some mix of all three and that was if they were lucky.

'Buffy would...' But Xander quickly shakes all thoughts of the past away for he knows it will do him no good-the past is gone, dead and buried. There is no bringing it back or changing it, this was something he knew well.

"My lord?" Came a soft voice. Xander turned and faced the product of one of the many breeding programs that went on in the universe, but this one was the product of one of his programs. She was the end result of one of the few slayer lines he had cultivated over the centuries. She resembles her ancestress almost exact, except for her naturally dark blond hair she wore in a waist length braid, she would be Faith Lehane made over.

"Yes, Hope?"

"The ship with the girls for the Harkonnens will arrive in a few hours." Hope's voice shook ever so slightly with fear. Not for herself, for she knew her bloodline was one of the few favored by her Lord. No, she feared for the ones who would be sacrificed to the Harkonnens.

"You have the names?" Xander asked her in a distant voice.

Hope nodded, "Yes, my lord."

"When they arrive prepare them...notify me when the ship lands."

"Yes, my lord." Hope as she walked to the door.

"And Hope,"

Hope stopped and looked back at Xander, "Yes?"

"Make sure you keep the Amazons appraised of the situation."

A savage smile graced Hope's features making her look more like Faith than ever.

"I'll send Queen the message myself." She told Xander

Xander sighed, as he return to looking out over the stark and dark landscape of Giedi Prime, 'Things are falling into place now. I wonder if the Baron knows how soon his house will fall?'
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