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Summary: A young Professor Dumbledore seeks out a muggle-born witch and offers her the chance to attend Hogwarts. (Contains no spoilers for Book 7).

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Harry Potter > Drusilla-Centered(Past Donor)spikeNdruFR131529021,0672 Aug 072 Aug 07Yes

by spikeNdru

A/N: Short ficlet set in the Harry Potter universe that woke me up in the middle of the night and demanded to be written down. Apparently, Harry Potter has eaten my brain.


Professor Dumbledore looked down at the small, dark-haired girl beside him and patted her shoulder as they prepared to enter the Great Hall.

“Buck up, old thing! It'll be alright,” he attempted to assure her.

She fixed large, solemn, gray eyes on him and prayed he was right.

Had it been only two days ago that the tall, young professor had come to her house and changed her life forever? It hardly seemed possible. He'd told Mummy that she wasn't evil—wasn't a devil's child—because she 'saw' things, and she wanted to believe him. He then told Mummy that she was a witch, and Mummy crossed herself and said he was a witch, and he admitted it with no sense of shame! Mummy made the sign against the Evil Eye and told him to get out of her house. He called Mummy a 'stupid Muggle', and then he apologized to her.

He told her marvelous tales of a place called Hogwarts, and then asked if she'd like to go to school there.

Would she like to go away to school? To go to a place where everyone didn't stare or cross to the other side of the street when she passed by, fingers moving in the sign against evil that they made no attempt to hide from her, just because she saw things that hadn't happened yet? Of course, she wanted to go!

Suddenly, Mummy agreed to allow her to go, which was very surprising, but she left before Mummy could change her mind.

Professor Dumbledore took her to a magical place she couldn't have even imagined existed, and bought her robes and books and her very own wand! And now, she was actually here at Hogwarts!

Her eyes got even bigger as they entered the Great Hall. Professor Dumbledore guided her to a table with other First Year students and patted her shoulder again before he left to take his place with the other professors.

She dared to hope that maybe things would be alright, after all. Perhaps this marvelous change in her life would avert the fate she'd glimpsed in brief flashes for as long as she could remember. Pain . . . torture . . . despair . . . darkness and death.

She pushed the thoughts away from her with an effort of will. This was her chance to change her fate! She knew it. If the Sorting Hat put her in Hufflepuff, everything would be alright; she could go on to live a normal life.

She clenched her hands so tightly her nails cut into her palms, leaving tiny, bloody half-moons. She heard her name called, and she slowly walked to the stool, poised between hope and despair.

Please let me be in Hufflepuff please let me be in Hufflepuff please let

The large, kindly-looking woman handed her the Sorting Hat. As she reached for it, a smear of blood from her palm sank into the hat and she knew she wouldn't be able to avoid her fate. It was fate, after all.

Drusilla's eyes closed in disappointment as the hat slipped down over her forehead and pronounced her destiny.



The End

You have reached the end of "Fate". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking