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Leonidas's Sorceress

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Summary: Andrew makes a stupid mistake and Willow fights with Sparta (Based on the 2007 release)

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Movies > 300, Frank Miller'sserpentladyFR1511,2491173,2015 Aug 075 Aug 07Yes
Disclaimer: I do not hold the copy right to Buffy the Vampire Slayer™, Angel:the Series™, or 300™ nor do I claim to. All characters belong to their original creators, networks, and subsidiaries. I make no profit from the making or sharing of this fanfiction.

"That was such a cool movie! And the men. . . Grr!" Kennedy raved. The group of them, Willow and Kennedy, Xander and Andrew, Dawn and her new significant other, had done a kind of three-way double date, or would that be a triple date? Anyway, the six of them had done dinner and a movie rather than a demon-massacre and chocolate fest. It was better to break the new guy in slowly, hence the seeing of "300".

"Ken!" Willow pretended to look shocked at her girlfriend. "I know what you mean. If I drove stick. . . meh-mum. Yummy." She pretended to look innocent. Which didn't work with the lascivious look she shot the slayer, or the way she licked her lips.

"I know! Wouldn't it be so cool to have lived through it? And that Persian magic? Pu-lease! Willow could so kick their asses! I wish tha-" Xander immediately slapped his hand over his lover's mouth, waiting to see if anything had heard he blabber-mouth.

After a few tense seconds and a confused look from the new guy, the Scoobies let out their collective breaths.

"Done." And Willow vanished.

"From now on, you are wearing a bridle and bit, got that?" Xander looked exasperatedly at his lover.


Two simultaneous cries of "Dawn!" answered that comment.


'What in all the hells. . . "I'm going to fucking kill Andrew!"' Willow looked around herself at the narrow canyon called the Hot Gates. The tramping footsteps of Spartans and Greeks could be heard from down the throat of the passage. "Buggering son of a bitch on D'Hoffryn's left horn! What did the twerp say? Something about living through it and Persian magic? Oh, Goddess grant that I live through this!" She looked up at the sky beseechingly.

'Well, if I don't want the Spartans to kill me on sight, I'll have to look the part.' A Spartan-red chiton and mantel replaced the modern shirt and jeans she had worn on the date, leather sandals replacing her combat boots, her red hair braided up in a fancy coronet, modest golden jewelry draping her frame. As soon as the change was complete, Leonidas and his 300 crested the rise to set eyes on her back.

"Who are you Lady, to be waiting here? Between Sparta and Xerxes?" It was a good thing she could understand and speak ancient Greek.

She turned to face the swarthy Greeks and they were stunned by her beauty. "I was sent here to stand beside you, King Leonidas. To aid you in your battle. The Ephors lied, tongues twisted by Persian gold and I was sent to you. Think you there is a place for sorceress among your ranks?"

"Ahay. Should you prove to have true powers." The men behind him shifted, doubt of her power making them reluctant, fear of her annoyance unnerving them.

"As a demonstration, let you and the brave men behind you witness the raising of the Earth to block the sea passage. Come King Leonidas, let them make camp, then see a power to rival a God-King's." A coy smile graced her face as she turned. It helped to know the plot of what was and what will be. Unbeknown to her though, campfires sprang up in her wake for the men to warm themselves at.

Soon the Spartan king and many of his men gathered to watch Willow raise an Earthen wall to funnel the Persians into the Hot Gate. She knelt in the dust and plunged her hands elbow-deep into the solid rock. "Gaea, Mother Earth, Demeter, hear my call. Raise the stone beneath my hands to defend this land. Aid these warriors against the heathen pretender. Arise!" Stone shifted and rippled like water before rising into the air to become a wall of solid rock, jutting into the sky from the mouth of the Gates to the edge of the cliffs.

She turned to the awed Greeks. "So. . . Is my power true enough?"

"That it is my Lady."

The day that would have been spent hauling rocks was spent in relaxation and leisure. Until the first scouting parties came. They were swiftly killed by the men, Willow watching on with amusement at their joking and a slight bit of queasiness, standing beside Leonidas and his captain Artemis.

A deformed creature shambled to their rear begging for the king to hear his plea, attempting to bribe his way into the ranks with information. When Leonidas began his refusal, Willow placed a small hand on his shoulder, pulling him down to whisper in his ear.

"Do not send him away or he will betray your flank to the Persians. Send him with the Arcadians to guard the goat trail. Assign him as scout or watcher against the Persians. Just do not humiliate him." He looked at the petite red-head. she was truly wise. He followed her suggestion. And Ephialtes was over-joyed that he could fight for Sparta.

In the first wave of attack, Willow keeps to the rear, dispatching any still living Persians with a soft touch and a smile, moving with the phalanx. When the Immortals come, she alone stands before them. "I have done battle with a true Goddess! And she died before my eyes. You are but men, masquerading as immortals. And you will die!" A wave of green fire spread before her and flew through the ranks of masked fighters, all of them dropping dead at it's touch. It's light could be seen far into Xerxes' camp.

The Persian God-King saw it and was impressed. "Send in the sorcerers."

Willow laughed at their fireworks and black powder bombs. She picked up a simple rock and charged it with destructive power, chucking it into the false-magicians' midst. It blew up like a grenade, killing dozens of Persians and one fugly ogre.

Xerxes himself came to speak to Leonidas, and Willow went with him. Here again, her beauty stunned the slaves and the God-King. "And you, Sorceress? Will you to defy me?"

"I fought and helped kill the goddess Glorificus. I stood before the magnificence of Illyria, God-King of the Primodium. She was old when man was nothing but the ooze at her feet. You are not a God, Emperor Xerxes. And you are not my king. I will stand with Leonidas against you, though you are an enlightened and learned ruler." Willow turned her back to the very large man, and he placed his hands on her as he had Leonidas.

"You speak blasphemy, yet you do it with a graceful and polite tongue. Is there nothing I can offer you?" He bent nearly double to whisper in her ear.

"No, Emperor Xerxes. What I long for you cannot give me." She walked away.

At the end, Willow killed dozens of Persians with the wave of her hand, and healed even the mortally wounded of Spartans with a soft touch. At the end, Ephialtes died defending his little goat path. At the end, it wasn't enough. She was sent away with Dilios to speak before the Council and give Queen Gorgo her husband's last words.

On the eve of battle, when 10,000 Spartans leading 30,000 Greeks again faced the army of Xerxes, she killed 300 Persians with the clenching of her fist, before fading into her own time and place.


"Andrew! Don't you run from me, Pipsqueak!"

A/N: Just watched the movie and this popped into my head full-blown. Be nice? Please?

The End

You have reached the end of "Leonidas's Sorceress". This story is complete.

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