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The Second Seattle Slayers Annual Camp-out.

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This story is No. 16 in the series "The Seattle Slayers.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Seattle Slayer’s holiday is interrupted by an evil older than time itself! Xover with 'Call of Cthulhu' and Stargate SG1.

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Games > Horror > Call of Cthulhu(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR181235,14834810,0956 Aug 0717 Aug 07Yes

Chapter Eleven.

Chapter Eleven.

We are looking in on you now.
What do you think you can do now?
You’re very small from way out here.
The last thing you will feel is fear.

Track; The Watcher.
Album; Doremi Fasol Latido
Group; Hawkwind.


A Mindless scream of rage and despair escaped Alice’s lips as she watched her lover disappear under a wave of gibbering, drooling fanatics. As if by magic her Wakizashi appeared in her left hand as she used both her weapons to hack and slash her way to her true love’s side.

Sally looked over at the sound of the scream to see Alice leap through the air and start to dismember a knot of cultists. Not being able to see Tina she realised what had happened. Whirling her axe around her head to clear some space for herself, and co-incidentally behead a couple of cultists that got too close, she started to make her way towards her friends.


Shannon and Tammy fought back to back as the cultists closed in on them.

So this was it, thought Shannon, a short life but a merry one! Well at least a life full of incident and some good friends. She had done some good so she expected she had done her duty. They had just bitten off more than they could deal with this time, they had done their best but this looked like the end for them all.

Over to her left she could see the fight where Tina and the two younger girls battled, although they were only a few yards away they might as well have been on the moon. Shannon cut down two more cultists with economical strokes of her twin swords. If this was how she was going to die, she might as well make it count. She let out a Xenaesque war cry and started to cut her way towards where her friends fought.

Tammy felt Shannon start to move in a particular direction, she moved with her friend all the time thinking that if she ever got out of this alive she was going to take up a new weapon. Her Bowie Knife and Tomahawk were fine when faced with a few enemies. But in a big battle like this she needed something with a longer reach. Maybe she would take up the sabre or something.

She slashed open a cultist’s throat to the spine with her knife, while she cracked open another’s skull using her tomahawk. Yes something with a longer blade was definitely needed, her last victim’s blood had nearly blinded her. All because she was too close as she had sliced through the woman’s jugular.

Tammy got into a clinch with a cultist for a moment. As the insane man tried to bit her neck she ripped open the back of his thigh, she felt hot blood spill over her hand as he went down screaming, she moved to follow Shannon and cracked the cultist’s head open with her tomahawk as she passed.


High above the Valkyries wheeled in the night sky. One of their number peeled out of formation and started to dive towards the battle, she had chosen her hero. As her horse plunged towards the thick of the fight she felt something sharp prick at her throat.

“Pull up!” Said an Irish voice in her ear, “When I said no hero would die this day I meant it!”

Reluctantly the Valkyre pulled her winged horse up and rejoined her sisters circling the battlefield.


Buffy looked down at the battle and sized up the situation in an instant. Her heart tugged at her to go and save her younger ‘sisters’. But, her head told her that if she did they would all end up surrounded and worn down by the cultists while the ritual continued. She studied the ebb and flow of the battle.

The cultists were totally fixated on the fight with the Seattle Slayers. They had left a route open to the High Altar; she just needed to take advantage of it. She looked around at her Slayers and picked the two most experienced girls.

“Sarah, Violet,” She called, “You come with me. The rest of you cut your way through to the Seattle Slayers and retreat up here. Understand?”

About half the remaining girls nodded their understanding, Buffy shrugged, the rest would follow their sisters and do what was needed. As the larger party made their way towards the main fight Buffy turned to her two Slayers.

“Do you see that altar thing?” She pointed, “Well we’re going to skirt the fight and make our way there. Then we kill them all, leave no one standing…you understand?”

“Yes Miss Summers.” Chorused the girls.


Sam knelt by the pretty brunette girl who sat on the forest floor still clutching the book in her arms.

“I did it!” She whispered, then she turned to Sam her eyes focusing on her face, “I did it!” She said again louder this time.

“You sure did.” Agreed Sam as she helped the young woman to her feet and led her to where Willow still sat.

“Who’re you?” Asked the brunette.

“I’m Sam Carter.” Replied Sam.

“Oh you’re the Air Force lady,” Announced Dawn knowingly, “Buffy likes you.” She giggled and sat down next to Willow, “Hi Willow.” Said Dawn just before she keeled over and fell asleep.

“Is she alright?” Asked Sam feeling for Dawn’s pulse.

“Yeah,” Replied Willow, “She’ll want to sleep for a week but she’ll be fine.”

“What about you?” Sam asked concerned.

“Oh I’ll be okay for now,” Willow smiled tiredly, “I can keep going till it’s all over.”


The Seattle Slayers stood in a tight little circle surrounded by cultists who hurled themselves at this ‘forlorn hope’ of Slayers. For a moment the cultists backed off leaving the girls to catch their breath before the final attack came.

“I’m sorry!” Cried Tina over the insane screams of the cultists, “I’m sorry for leading you into this.”

“Nothing to be sorry for Tina.” Called Tammy.

“Here they come!” Shouted Sally.

The cultists moved in for the kill.


Buffy and her two girls ran around the edge of the clearing until they had a straight run towards the altar.

“We stop for nothing!” Buffy instructed, “One of us must get through and take out those bastards on that platform…Ready?”

The trio started their run towards the altar, a few cultists appeared to try and stop the vengeful Slayers. But they were easily swept aside as the young women ran on. They ran through a litter of dead and wounded bodies as they closed in on the altar until they could see the figures standing on the strange structure that towered above them.

Buffy led the way as she climbed through the tangle of logs that made up the alter. Suddenly Violet hurled herself in front of Buffy stopping her from going any further. Buffy heard the wet thump of a bullet hit the girl who had used her body to save her life. She looked to see where the crack of the pistol had come from, a woman in blood splattered priest’s robes laughed hysterically as she tried to aim at the two remaining Slayers.

Any thoughts of mercy left Buffy’s mind as she jumped onto the blood slick floor of the altar platform. She raised her Scythe and advanced on the screaming, babbling priests who fought to escape their doom.


“Please!” Begged the Valkyre as the Celtic Goddess blocked her way, “She’s already dead. Let me take her soul to her reward.”

Reluctantly Badb stepped aside to let the Valkyre pass, her sister had been wrong, a hero would die today.


Tina caught a glimpse of severed arms and legs flying into the air as blood and other bodily fluids splattered onto the ground. The cultists hesitated as they closed in for their last attack. Some looked around in confusion as the sound of butchery got closer. Tina seized the moment.

“COME ON!” She screamed and led her tired Slayers into the enemy ranks once more.

The cultists started to give ground before this unexpected attack. The Seattle Slayers crashed into the front ranks of cultist with renewed strength cutting a bloody path towards the altar. First one or two cultists started to turn and flee from the unstoppable blades of these dealers in death. Then more started to run as they were cut down from both front and rear.

Within moments the Seattle Slayers stood in a battered huddle and watched as their Cleveland sisters chased the cultists from the field leaving a bloody trail of bodies as they ran.


The creature that had once been Norm Van Damme screamed and clawed at the end of the Slayer Scythe as Buffy pushed it unmercifully into his chest. Pulling the weapon from the madman’s ribs she reversed the Scythe and brought it whistling round to decapitate the priest with one effortless swipe.

Norm’s head spun away into the night as a fountain of blood shot up towards the stars. Finally his body collapsed at Buffy’s feet. For a moment she stood and looked down at the priest’s still form, his blood pattered down around her and on to her head like rain as she stood in silence. As if coming out of a trance Buffy walked to the edge of the platform and jumped down to land next to Violet who lay at the foot of the altar a bullet hole just above her heart.

Buffy sat down heavily on the blood soaked ground next to the girl’s body. She gathered her into her arms and gently rocked her back and forth talking to her so quietly that no one could hear what was said.

“I’m sorry.” Murmured Buffy as she rocked the dead girl in her arms, “I’m so sorry.”


Sam and Willow looked up at the sound of running feet it was one of the Cleveland girls.

“Miss Rosenberg?” She called as she approached.

“Here.” Replied Willow getting to her feet with the aid of Sam’s strong arm.

The girl walked over to them, she glanced at Sam then looked at Willow.

“Miss Tyler says there’s some magic stuff she thinks you should look at.”

For a moment Willow could not work out who ‘Miss Tyler’ was, then it dawned on her, the girl meant Tina.

“What sort of ‘stuff’?” Asked Willow.

“Some big old books and talismans and…you know? Stuff!”

Willow thought for a moment and a little nagging voice at the back of her mind started to whisper to her. Imagine what she could do with magics like that, it said. Why, she would be able to do anything she wanted…anything!

With an effort Willow shut the voice up.

“Burn it!” She ordered, “Burn everything and scatter the ashes. Anything that can’t be burnt smash it up and hide the pieces.” She took a deep breath, “And whatever you do don’t let me get anywhere near it…you understand?”

“Yes Miss Rosenberg,” Replied the terrified girl as she took a step away from the Witch Queen of Seattle.

The two women watched as the Slayer ran off into the night.

“You know,” Willow rubbed at her temples, “It saddens me that a girl like that should be frightened of me! She’s probably faced all sorts of hellspawn without flinching. But she comes up against little old me an’ she’s terrified!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Sam came to stand next to Willow, “She’s now got a story to tell of how she spoke to the Great Willow the most fearsome witch in the world…and didn’t get turned into a frog!”

Willow did not look convinced; instead she looked down to where Dawn lay.

“I think we better get Dawn home…but first I want to see if my Slayers are all alright.”

Willow left Sam with Dawn and walked to where she had an unobstructed view of the clearing. It was still well lit by the torches that flickered and flared around the site. Willow looked up at the sky and noticed that it was starting to get light, it must be near dawn she thought.

Looking down the slope she could just make out the forms of five figures that made their weary way towards her. Willow started to walk towards them slowly picking up speed until she was running down the hill. She was brought up short when she got within a few feet of them. She stopped and starred in shock at her girls. They halted and starred back at her.

“Sorry about the mess.” Sally shrugged holding up blood covered hands, her clothes already going stiff from all the blood that soaked her to the skin. “I think most of it will wash out.”

“Of course it will.” Replied Willow trying to smile, “Come here, all of you.”

The ‘terrifying’ Witch held out her arms to her girls and tried to hide her tears of relief.


Half an hour after Sam had watched the Seattle Slayers go back to their commandeered Jeeps the first Air Force helicopters arrived. As a helicopter landed and disgorged the first of the SG teams the remaining Slayers faded into the trees. Sam walked into the clearing to greet the team leader.

Major McCready O/C of SG 24 walked over to her and saluted. Sam nodded her head in acknowledgement.

“You’re in command here Major,” She called over the sound of the helicopter as it took off to make way for another.

“Don’t you want to…” Asked McCready.

“I’m still on leave Major.” Smiled Sam to the confused officer, “If I might give you a piece of advice.”

The Major nodded.

“Shoot first and ask questions later!” Advised Sam, “These people are too dangerous to let escape. There’ll be a Colonel Finn arriving later on today. He’ll be in charge then, his people know what to do in these sorts of situations. I expect he’ll know where to find me if he needs me.”

Sam looked around, there was no sign of any Slayers anywhere. She waited for the next helicopter to land and jumped aboard when the SG Team had got off. She sat next to the rather stunned young pilot, she pulled on a spare head set and spoke into the mike.

“Give an old Colonel a lift son?” She asked.


Jack watched as the three local police officers awoke from their magically induced sleep, he waited until they seemed to be fully awake.

“How you feeling sheriff?” Asked Jack pleasantly.

The sheriff looked around and opened his mouth to speak.

“Before you say anything Sheriff,” Explained Jack in full General mode now, “Every thing you’ve seen in, oh,” Jack looked at his watch, “The last twelve hours is classified. If you talk about it to anyone, even amongst yourselves, you could leave yourselves open to charges of treason.”

Just then the borrowed jeeps turned up and the blood drenched Slayers started to walk unsteadily into the cabin. The Sheriff looked around at the battle stained girls and opened his mouth to speak.

“SSH!” Said Jack putting his finger to his lips, “Classified.” He added.

The Sheriff looked back at Jack and tried again.

“No!” Ordered Jack, “Remember not a word to anyone.” Jack smiled.

The Sheriff and his deputies got to their collective feet and shuffled about uncomfortably under the gaze of the weird General.

“Now why don’t you go home,” Jack suggested reasonably, “Take a shower and go about your work as normal. You’ll find a lot of abandoned cars up on one of the fire tracks. Don’t worry, someone from the Department of Defence will be along shortly to tell you what to do and what you did or didn’t see…okay?”

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