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When The Future Beckons

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Summary: What happens when Buffy gets bored and wishes for an adventure. First part crossovers will come in future chapters. Buffy/Firefly/Highlander - Buffy/Mal - some Buffy/Methos

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Firefly > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Mal
Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Methos
aeriallaFR181021,47513219,3336 Aug 0722 May 08No

Secret Meetings

Disclaimer *All characters from Buffy,Angel,Firefly is the property of Mutant Enemy and Fox, Highlander is the property of Davis-Panzer. No infringements are intended and no property is gained from this material. It is for entertainment purposes only and under no affiliation with the above companies.*

Author's Note: This chapter would have been done sooner and would have been longer if there would not have been a tragedy in my family. My brother at 44 years old had a massive heart attack and died instantly while him and my sister in law were out hitting the garage sales. My brother Vince left behind 6 children, four under the age of 18 and the youngest at 10 years old along with a wife of almost 17 years. He died on May 10, 3 days after our mother's birthday, one before Mother's Day and 6 days before his 17 year wedding anniversary. He will be greatly missed here on earth as he plays with the angels. I will miss you forever big brother. Any prayers that can be sent to my sister in law and their children would be incredibly appreciated as it will be a very hard on them for a long time to come.

Now onto other things before I get further interrupted by yet another marathon of crying.

Secret Meetings

After showers that lasted forever and naps that wanted to last for days the girls albeit grudgingly woke and started getting dressed.

At 4:30 right on the dot two matching envelopes bearing old fashioned wax seals were passed under two opposite doors. Both girls bent and received their message simultaneously, breaking the seals and quickly reading the contents. Buffy was the first to take out Spike’s nicked lighter and set the note or file, removing any trace of its existence. Cordy tore hers into miniscule pieces and flushed it down the toilet in a succession of flushes so that not all pieces would be found together. Cordy opened the door to Buffy when she knocked and together made their way down the stairs. They each knew what they had to do.

Making their way down the elevator they turned and looked at each other silently. Smiling and nodding before taking off in opposite directions. With adrenalin pumping and their minds on nothing but the task at hand they ordered separate rickshaws to take them to two separate locations. Neither knowing where the other was heading.

Buffy tried to tell herself that this was a good plans, but how many plans had she been involved in that never went the way they were planned. She just hoped Cordy knew enough training to protect her life and get the hell out of dodge if anything went down. Darn it she was actually starting to care for her “cousin”
On the ship they had went over the possibilities of a plan like this, that they would each have their own separate mission, and had made a rendezvous point just in case. Buffy wanted to have all her basis covered and all the I’s and T’s crossed, know she just had to trust that working with Angel all those years had taught Cordy more than how to put on nail polish and talk on the phone at the same time. Her rickshaw was to take her to a Peking Ornamental Garden where she was to meet Methos. Damn it why’d she have to be the one to meet him, couldn’t she just wait for further instruction in her nice safe hotel room with room service. As the runner weaved in and out through people Buffy saw the sights and sounds and thought of home and even though she missed it, she was trying really hard not to be overexcited about everything around her.

It was officially show time.


Buffy’s destination the ornamental garden was eight blocks away from the hotel. Her message was explicit she was to make her way on foot to the hedge maze in the middle of the garden. Once there she was to wind her way through the maze until she came to a statue of Buddha. Once there she was supposed to sit on the bench and wait, someone would contact her there.

A block and a half away from the hotel she knew she was being followed. The person always kept at least one building behind her, but he was there. When she passed in front of a long bank of windows she caught barely a glimpse before he ducked into a narrow alley way.

It was hard not to give into the urge to follow the guy and beat whatever information he had out of him. Instead she continued on slowing her pace just a little in hopes to catch a better glimpse of her stalker.


Cordelia made her way around the hotel and caught a taxi shuttle just letting it’s passengers out. Her mission was to head to almost the outskirts of civilization to a small bar and wait for her contact. With her eyes firmly focused ahead it wasn’t long before she noticed the small shuttle following them at a distance in the rearview control panel. The driver paid no attention focusing more on the bopping of his head to the music coming from the console speakers.

The shuttle was too far behind to make out any discernable features on the pilot. Worry began to gnaw at her gut. Keeping herself in check, she tried to relax, if she did not then the hour long drive would have her too tense for later. Instead she meditated like Angel had once taught her, focusing on the mantra that she spoke over and over in her head. It was not long before she felt her body unwind and her mind began to focus on the tasks.

The End?

You have reached the end of "When The Future Beckons" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 May 08.

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