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Lament for a King

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Summary: At least one person remembers the Hot Gates and what happened.

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Movies > 300, Frank Miller'sWillowfanFR71708663,1686 Aug 076 Aug 07Yes
Lament for a King
by Willowfan


The explosions rocked the throne room now. The Taur’i were relentless and the Jaffa gave them a begrudging respect. While he did this, however, he also knew that his Master was all powerful. He had been to the Taur’I homeworld and seen them as Ra had; full of potential. Another explosion, so close, and finally his master spoke.

“I remember their world.” He said. “It was so primitive then, so soon after Ra had been chased off of it, by our reckoning.” He said, staring off into the distance. “I had conquered half of it with no Jaffa to aid in my quest. I went alone to minimize detection by the other system lords.” The Goa’uld’s voice reverberated as he spoke.

“I had led my entire force against the lone beacon of civilization on the entire European continent. The force should have been more than enough to wipe the puny protectors out of my way.” The Goa’uld spoke, turning slightly. “But even then, the Taur’i were a tenacious foe. I found a glorious battle against a foe that even my Jaffa would be hard pressed to combat.” He turned, searching for any sign of anger or resentment in my eyes. He would find none. I knew of the foes he faced, for I was there. I faced them and I was among the very few he took when he left the Taur’I world. Though many years have passed, I still remember the battle. The Goa’uld magic allowed me to stay alive, young and healthy all of these years. He is truly a God.

He turns back to the window now and shakes his head. “Their weapons are more advanced. They use new tactics and strategies but I can see it in them. The set of their faces, the determination in their eyes…glory awaits us once again my First Prime.” He turns back to me and a nearly insane smile is on his face. “For the first time in nearly two millennia I face a foe worthy of my personal parlay. Come, you shall join me and we shall see if these…Marines…of the SGC are truly descendants of your former foe.”

He strides from the room and I rise to follow. The Goa’uld magic is strong, and my faith does not waiver, but there is the smallest doubt. My former King’s curse still rings true in my ears and I still see how he died; fighting, determined to show that my God-King could be beaten. I do not know if the army he sent into Greece was successful. We left the planet before they attacked. We heard nothing from them again. My God still wears the scar as a badge of honor. He hated the King and the Spartans, but he also admired them. They were a challenge like none he had ever faced. King Leonidas faced my God Xerxes with no fear, with no awe; just another enemy to be cut down to keep Greece free. I betrayed King Leonidas then, showing my God the trail to outflank the Spartan forces.

“May you live forever.” King Leonidas said. So far I have, and it has been a hell for me. Not a day goes by that I did not wish to be dead and receiving eternal glory with the famed 300. Not one day. I now seek to break Leonidas’ curse by betrayal…it seems that it is all I am good at. I key the small communicator and make sure I am alone.

“He comes now. Remember, the First Prime is to be killed make sure of it. Make sure the First Prime cannot be brought back by any means and Xerxes will fall shortly thereafter.” I say into the Taur’i device. One small beep returns, signaling that the message was received.

Perhaps Leonidas will forgive me when I die, for saving his descendants. Perhaps he will forgive a foolish, crippled Spartan child for trechery most foul. Perhaps he can, for he was a great and noble King. I cannot…but perhaps he can. I heft my Staff weapon and head out to die in battle as I should have two millennia ago.

The End

You have reached the end of "Lament for a King". This story is complete.

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