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Good Help

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Summary: Xander needs Tris' help to find Buffy. FFA non-romantic pairing.

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Literature > Fantasy > Author: Tamora PierceColdhandsFR131946191,4517 Aug 077 Aug 07Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don’t own Shatterglass. And I’m not making any money off of this.

I decided to use Tris from the Circle Opens Quartet rather than the Circle of Magic so she's a little older and more in control, hope that’s okay.

“I was told you do lightning magic?” Xander asked the annoyed teenage girl. According to the few people he asked who were actually able to figure out what he was talking about, this was the girl to go to for help with his problem.

When Buffy had jumped off the tower into the portal they had all known she would die. But there had been no body to bury. Dawn was the one to timidly theorize that maybe it hadn’t killed her sister, that she was just very far from home. After all, once Buffy had jumped there wasn’t any more blood flowing as far as it was concerned. Being a rip in the fabric between dimensions it was entirely possible that she had fallen through into another.

Willow had looked feverishly for a spell to tell them where Buffy might be. They hadn't dared to get their hopes up, as it could be that Buffy had been completely disintegrated by the wild energies of the rift. When Willow had performed the spell and it actually found something everyone had been left speechless. Everyone but Willow who had jumped up and down excitedly in her seat, energized by the magic, with joyful tears streaming down the sides of her face. She’d narrowed it down to this dimension but couldn’t any further than that – something to do with interference, the magic equivalent of static getting in the way. They figured they would have to send someone over.

Dawn couldn’t go because she was too young, and the Scoobies all agreed Buffy wouldn’t want them to endanger her sister just to get her home. Willow couldn’t go because she would be casting the spells to open two portals to the dimension in question, one to send one of them over and one to bring he or she (and Buffy) back. Spike wouldn’t go because he’d promised Buffy he’d look after Dawn, not that the Scoobies would want him to anyway. They didn’t trust Anya to be able to focus on finding Buffy, and Giles had to remain to help with research and keep an eye on Spike. Tara was still recovering from her mental injuries incurred from Glory and they did not want to put any more strain on her.

Which found Xander here in Tharios with a very irritable mage.

“I’m a Lightning Mage, so yes, I do lightning magic,” Tris answered the strangely dressed man. She wondered who’d told him. True, after she had helped to catch the Ghost her powers were known to the arurim, but she had thought they were not common knowledge. She rearranged her shawl before narrowing her eyes in suspicion. “Why do you ask?”

“I have a problem I think you could help with, I could pay you…” the man trailed off at her stormy expression.

“I will not kill anyone, not for any amount of money,” She told him. If he wanted a battle-mage he was looking in the wrong place. Her lightning wasn’t useful for much of anything else, and she simply would not use it that way except in the most exceptional circumstances. She was quite insulted when the man began to laugh. “It isn’t funny!”

“Of course it is!” the man exclaimed. Once he had calmed down enough he said, “It's just that’s not what I was going to ask at all.”

“Then what good would a lightning mage do you?” Tris snapped. What could he want that only she could do? Move the weather? She wouldn’t, but she wasn’t the only one he could have asked if he wanted it done. Weather magic was tricky, but not because it was difficult for anyone gifted in its use. The problem was if you moved a storm you invariably ended up denying someone somewhere needed rain. Unfortunately, any number of weather mages would do it anyway, and this man could have gone to one of them. So what did he want?

“You can sense it right? Lightning?” At her curt nod he continued, “Well could you sense if there had been a let’s say – unnatural - lightning storm, even if it happened a while ago?”

“Yes…possibly.” Tris said, hesitantly. In fact she thought she had sensed something along those lines when she had been disentangling that storm at Aliput. “What is this about?”

The man sighed heavily, “I’m looking for a friend of mine who’s lost, and all we were able to gather was that she would be near a magic lightning storm, since that’s what the portal made on our side.”

Tris didn’t entirely understand what he was talking about, but she could find that out later. The man certainly seemed to honestly want to find his friend, and as Tris knew, your friends could be closer than family. Just thinking of Sandry or Daja or Briar brought about the familiar ache of homesickness she'd felt for weeks after leaving with Niko to see more of the world. Tris pushed that feeling away crossly and concentrated on the man. She was going to help him, (for pay, of course) whoever he was.

Which reminded her, “Whatever is your name?”

“Oh, I’m Xander,” He answered, “What’s yours?”

“Tris,” If he wasn’t going to give her his full name then neither would she.

“Well, Tris, you aren’t going to get mad at me if I say you’re the first sane person I’ve talked to all week are you?”

“Of course not,” In Tharios, that was perfectly reasonable.

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The End

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