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Cycle of the Universe

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Cycle of the Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: BtVS/Angel/SG1 and a Surprise Crossover at the end. Illyria feels a familiar presence which brings hope of restoring herself to her former power and reuniting herself with some existing Old Ones.

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Chapter Three

Authors Notes;  Final chapter of the story here.   Can you guess the crossover?  Unlikely, until the last line of the story.  See Authors Notes at the end for an explanation to the story. 



Chapter 3


Illyria stood watching the entrance to the Cheyenne Mountain complex from outside the chain link fence.  A number of guards were standing on the other side of the fence, all with automatic weapons and some kind of energy weapon trained on her.  She had morphed into the Winifred Burkle visage before they had arrived at the compound, in order to appear less threatening.    She knew perfectly well that she’d be able to walk straight into the compound, find and then use the Chapa’aii to get to where she needed to go, however she had told herself that she would try to play by the rules; that she would try not to harm any humans.  This was for two reasons, the first being that she had promised Wesley that she would not kill any more humans.  The second, well, Illyria was unsure of the second reason, but she believed that it was because of the infection of her shell’s personality into her own.  Over the five years she had been existing within this shell, the infection had grown and grown each month.  Now, she was unsure as to how much the shell’s persona was influencing her actions.  She knew that she would remain Illyria and in control of the shell, but she also knew that the infection was influencing her. 

Illyria wished access to the Chapa’aii because she had heard of a story just before her imprisonment within the Deeper Well.  The story told of a number of Old Ones who had fled to a world which had been made hidden in the furthest reaches of the galaxy, and that they took some of the second generation of humans which had just evolved on Earth from the Ancients with them in order to create a new beginning.  Rumour had it that it was Inanna some other Old Ones who had fled with the humans.  They had never agreed with the fact that the majority of the Old Ones ruled by the sword.  They were seen as the weaker class, and Illyria had not interfered with their kingdoms unless they interfered with hers.  If they had escape to this other world, they were Illyria’s only hope of restoring herself to even a fraction of her former power.

She knew where the world was, and even knew the unique coordinates to input into the Chapa’aii.  Before Illyria’s time, the world had been hidden from the rest of the universe by Old Ones which had come before.  Yet, all of the Old Ones knew it’s location.  All they knew was that the world was sacred, and had something to do with their creation myths.  The knowledge of how they came to be had been lost eons ago because of the immense lifespan of each Old One.  The Chapa’aii was an ingenous invention by the Ancients, and since its conception, the Old Ones had used them to move their armies between worlds within the galaxy.  A special Chapa’aii had been created and placed on the planet in question, guarded from the rest of the network and only accessible by the Old Ones.  It was this gate that Illyria wished to venture to from Earth’s Chapa’aii. 

Illyria was currently waiting for Daniel Jackson to return to the front gates and grant her permission to enter the underground complex.  She had agreed to try to play by the rules, and Daniel had to let his superiors know of the situation.  Illyria knew that if they refused, she would enter the complex anyway. 


It had been almost a quarter of a day before the former ascended had returned.  Illyria had spent the time preparing herself and equalising the energies within her shell, as she was sure that the ascended would attempt to stop her from entering the Stargate if they learned of her intentions.  If she were to regain her former power, the ascended would be able to do nothing to prevent her seeking revenge on them for millennia of imprisonment within the Deeper Well.  It had taken an alliance of four of the most advanced races, save her own, between four galaxies to imprison her people.  They had only been successful because the Old Ones were experiencing a waning period in their power and influence upon the universe.  If Illyria returned to her former power, she was almost certain that she would be near full strength.  

“What have your superiors communicated to you?” Illyria asked Daniel Jackson as he approached the front gate. 

“They told me that you will be granted access to Stargate Command.  You will have a personal escort at all times, and you will not be given information which could compromise our security,” Daniel explained.  “My superiors wish to have a discussion with you, and then you will be granted access to the Chapa’aii.  Once you go through the Chapa’aii, you will not be permitted to return to this world,” Daniel explained. 

“That is adequate,” Illyria replied.  “Your superiors are wise humans not to oppose me.”  Illyria glanced to the guards and noticed that their weapons were not trained on her anymore.   Illyria waited for the boom gates which blocked the road entrance to the complex to rise, and then she began to walk behind Daniel Jackson as they travelled to the entrance to the complex.


Daniel had escorted Illyria into the base and had watched as a brief medical check was attempted to confirm that she didn’t carry any diseases or harmful substances within her.  It had been very difficult, as the needles which Dr. Lam had used had not penetrated her skin.  They had attempted an X-Ray of her body, however none of the X-Rays penetrated her body either.  In the end, they had to take her word that she would not spread any infections throughout the base.  They were taking her word for a lot of things, but in the end, what choice did they have.  Daniel had watched and experienced as she had stopped them being transported by the Asgard beaming technology after it had began.  According to Carter, what Illyria did, it shouldn’t be possible.  Illyria had done that with no visible signs of any technology at all.  If she had done that, and was as powerful as she claimed to be, their best course of action would be to comply to her demands if they didn’t compromise any matters of national security. 

After that, Daniel had immediately escorted her to the briefing room to meet with General Landry, Teal’c, Samantha Carter, Cameron Mitchell and himself.  While standing at the opposite end of the table, preferring to stand, Illyria had, so far, explained the events which she had explained to Daniel within his apartment.  She had also elaborated on how she had been resurrected into the body of Winifred Burkle.  Daniel could tell that the others, along with himself, had found it disturbing that the Great Alliance between the Ancients, Asgard, Nox and Furlings had been formed in order to imprison Illyria’s race.  If what Illyria was telling was the truth, then the only reason that the alliance succeeded was because Illyria’s people were going through a ‘weak’ period.  Daniel also found it fascinating that Illyria’s people were really the only surviving native species within this galaxy which had been around for more than 10,000 years.  He was snapped out of his thoughts as Illyria started explaining something else which he hadn’t heard before. 

“As the first generation of humans, or Ancients, as you label them, pushed us out of existence, we unleashed a plague upon the alliance in one last attack against them.  The plague was called the vampyr virus and mutated their consciousness and body and merged it with the spirit of a demon.  When exposed to this virus, the humans required human blood for nourishment and turned on their own kind.  We hoped that it would rapidly spread throughout the population and that the alliance would destroy itself from within.  The spread of the virus turned out to be more restricted than we had hoped, however.  Since we created the virus in a rush just before our imprisonment, an unforseen side effect occurred.  Humans infected with the virus would be destroyed upon exposure to sunlight,” Illyria explained.  Daniel was blown away as she had successfully described creatures which were still known as vampires in their own myths and legends.  “Despite this unforseen circumstance, the virus raved the Human, Nox, Asgard and Furling populations.  We watched as it, along with our armies, crushed the Furling empire.  The Nox and Asgard found a cure to the virus within their own people, albeit, the cure being created by completely different methods.  The Nox found a spiritual method of curing the virus, while the Asgard engineered their bodies to be resistant to all strains of the virus.  The virus was more prevalent within the human species however, and the humans learned to ascend to escape the virus.  It was this ascension which tipped the balance of power in their favour, allowing them to finally banish those of us who remained to the Deeper Well,” Illyria explained.  Daniel was having a hard time to digest the information which was flowing out of Illyria.  She had, essentially, just told them the reasoning behind the Asgard’s engineering of their own bodies, the way the Nox were peaceful and a spiritual people, the fate of the Furlings, and the reasons why the Ancients ascended.  All of SG1 and General Landry sat stunned at these revelations. 

“I have supplied you with information.  I now believe that it is your turn to supply me with information,” Illyria stated after a few moments. 

“Uhh, umm, yes,” Daniel heard himself say, without knowing where this was going.  “We can’t guarantee that we’ll know the answers to the questions you ask, but we’ll try to answer them as best we can,” Daniel added. 

“What is the fate of the Ancients, Asgard and Nox?” Illyria asked.  Daniel took a moment to compose himself, and looked to his team members and General Landry.  They were all looking at him, obviously expecting that he’d be the one to answer. 

“I’m not sure that we should answer that question.  Those races are our allies, and from what you’ve just described, it would seem that you would wish to seek revenge,” Daniel stated. 

“You are incorrect Daniel Jackson.  I wish only to know about their fate so that I might be able to avoid them once stepping through the Chapa’aii.  I do not wish imprisonment within the Deeper Well again.  I am confident that the members of the alliance would be able to send me back there and that I would only be able to resist them for so long in my present form,” Illyria replied.   

“The Nox are out there somewhere in this galaxy.  We don’t know if they have a presence in any other galaxies, or how much of a presence they have in this one, but we do know that they’re out there somewhere.  They live a peaceful existence, and are advocates of non-violent solutions,” Daniel said.  He watched as Illyria just gave a very small nod and continued to stare at him.  “The Asgard are still around, but they don’t have much of a presence in this galaxy,” Daniel explained. 

“But yet you possess Asgard technology?” Illyria queried. 

“We had been working with them to solve a number of problems, and for our cooperation, they installed a number of their systems on our ships,” Daniel replied. 

“Why would the Asgard require your assistance?” Illyria queried. 

“For all their genius, the Asgard lack an ability to come up with highly practical solutions, something we excel at,” Carter replied to Illyria.  Daniel felt really uncomfortable talking about this information with Illyria. 

“And the ascended?” Illyria asked.  Daniel could feel himself returning a blank stare to her, not understanding her question.  “And what is the fate of the ascended?”

“The ascended are still around.  They have a rule to not interfere in the affairs of ‘lower beings’,” Daniel replied. 

“A feeble attempt to not become like the race they imprisoned,” Illyria replied.  Daniel was just about to ask another question when General Landry decided to speak. 

“­Ms. Burkle, or Illyria, as you liked to be called,” the General said.

“What you call me is unimportant,” Illyria replied. 

“Yes, Illyria.  Suppose you regained your former power.  What would be your intentions towards us, and towards the ancients?” Daniel heard the General ask.

“I am now bound to this shell and my former power and the existence I once knew is lost to me.  This can not be changed,” Illyria replied.  Daniel saw her look around the room, but she continued.  “If I were to regain my former power, I would not hold any ill intentions towards this planet or your race.  If the ascended tried to stop me or interfere with my actions, I would wipe them from existence,” Illyria explained.   At this stage, it was only Illyria who knew that she was lying.  She would attempt to exterminate the Ancients and their brethren as her first act if she regained her former power, which was possible and she sought to do.  

“Could you do that?” Carter asked.  “Exterminate the Ancients?”

“It is difficult to say as I am unaware of their numbers.  Nevertheless it would be along and difficult struggle against them by myself, however I believe that it would be possible given that their numbers haven’t increased since my imprisonment.  They are among the weakest of the ascended.  If I were at my former power, I would be most powerful among ascended beings,” Illyria replied.  The room was silent as this revelation, and Daniel was feeling very uneasy.  “Do not be alarmed, this is not a possibility,” Illyria continued.  That did nothing to calm the mood within the room.  After a few moments, Illyria spoke again.  “I have shared plentiful information with you.  I will now have access to the Chapa’aii,” Illyria said.  Daniel caught the drift in her tone; it was more of a statement rather than a question. 

“Very well,” General Landry replied.  “You’ll need to give us the address of where you’re going so we can dial the gate for you,” he said. 

“I will dial the Chapa’aii myself,” Illyria replied. 

“We don’t have a dialling device attached to the gate.  You’ll need to give us the coordinates to where we’re going so that we can input them into our computers,” Landry explained. 

“I do not require a dialling device to operate the Chapa’aii myself,” Illyria replied.  This stunned Daniel even further.  He watched as General Landry led the way for Illyria to the gate room.  It was just as they went out the door that Daniel remembered he had one more question for Illyria.  He accompanied the marines, Illyria, Sam and General Landry to the gate room and watched  as Illyria moved up to the Stargate.  Daniel watched as she approached the gate.  As she put one of her hands on its surface, the inner ring started to spin and light up. 

“Walter, is there an incoming wormhole?” Landry shouted as he turned around and looked up to the glass which separated the gate room from the control room. 

“No sir.  She’s dialling the gate somehow,” Walter replied over the PA system.  Daniel watched as the chevrons lit up as each of the coordinates was dialled.  When the Stargate locked in the sixth chevron, the dialling process disengaged and the chevrons began to light up from the first one again.  

“Certainly Illyria would know about the point of origin symbol,”  Daniel thought.

“Walter, what’s happening?” General Landry asked him again. 

“I don’t know sir.  We’re reading some unusual energy fluctuations through the gate.  We’re connected to another gate, but there’s no wormhole.  It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” Walter’s voice replied through the PA system.  They watched as the gate went through another six sets of six chevrons, before the seventh chevron in the sixth set was selected as the point of origin.  The Stargate then engaged without the typical burst of energy which burst from the ring which was present in all wormhole activations. 

“Do not attempt to follow me,” Illyria said.  “Once I am through the Chapa’aii, I will change the sequence of chevrons which unlocks the destination Stargate, and you will not be able to follow.  If you come by ship, I will know and I will return here,” Illyria stated. 

“Illyria, wait!” Daniel shouted.  “I have one more question.”  Daniel saw that there was no reply from Illyria, and decided that he would attempt to ask the question anyway while digesting the fact that they had just learned that the Stargates could essentially be ‘locked’.    “Where are you going?  Why is this planet so significant?”  

“It is Kobol.  My homeworld,” Illyria replied before stepping through the stargate.  


Authors Notes:


For those of you unfamiliar with Kobol.  It is from Battlestar Galactica.  One of the ‘laws of the universe’ in BSG is that “Everything has happened before and everything will happen again”.  Kobol in BSG is rumoured to be the homeworld of humanity, where 13 tribes (or countries/cultures of) humanity lived with 13 gods, called the Lords of Kobol.  All of the tribes left, 12 going in one direction, while the 13th went in another direction.  The 13th settled on a ‘mythical’ planet called Earth.    Having Illyria refer to “Kobol, her homeworld” implies the rule of “all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again”, implying that perhaps Kobol was more than the homeworld to just humanity.   


Just to make it clear for those who didn’t get it (as I was trying to be subtle throughout the story).  In this story, The ‘Old Ones’ (13 of them mind you – this number is not stated within the story) who fled just before the imprisonment within the Deeper Well, are rumoured to Illyria to have fled to Kobol, and took some humans with them.  Illyria is returning to Kobol in hopes that these “Old Ones” will still be alive and can help restore her to her former power.  It is implied that there is some link between the “Lords of Kobol” in BSG and the Old Ones in BtVs/Angel.   


Anyway, I believe that this story may be successful with people who are familiar with the BtVS, Stargate and BSG (RDM) universe.  There might be sequels to this down the track (such as what happens to Illyria when she gets to Kobol; OR Illyria roaming the galaxy / universe in search of a purpose to her existence IF I decide that the “Lords of Kobol / Old Ones” are not at Kobol). 


Leave plenty of reviews, and this will speed up my decision as to whether I want to do a sequel!

The End

You have reached the end of "Cycle of the Universe". This story is complete.

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