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Cycle of the Universe

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Cycle of the Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: BtVS/Angel/SG1 and a Surprise Crossover at the end. Illyria feels a familiar presence which brings hope of restoring herself to her former power and reuniting herself with some existing Old Ones.

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Stargate > Fred/Illyria-CenteredtheonlyreeceFR1836,74832113,9378 Aug 0727 Dec 07Yes

Chapter One

Authors Notes:  Hi everyone.  Here’s a Angel/BtVS/StargateSG1/Surprise crossover.  I don’t want to say what the other crossover is, because it’s kind of the payoff at the end of the story.   If you follow the fandom of the “surprise” crossover, this story will pay off big time in the end.  If not, I’ll explain in the end Author’s Notes. 


Summary:  Illyria contemplates her existence on the earth, five years after the events of the Angel Finale.  It’s then that she feels a familiar presence which brings hope of restoring herself to her former power and reuniting herself with some existing Old Ones.  

Disclaimer:  All charcters within the Buffyverse/Angelverse do not belong to me and I do not claim them as my own. All characters within the Stargate Universe do not belong to me and I do not claim them as my own. This was created for entertainment purposes only and does not intend any copyright infringement.  

Cycle of the Universe


It was a typical summer day, and she was sitting inside a bar, contemplating her next move.  For five years she had been travelling the globe, in search of a meaning to her existence on this world, but it had not come.  She was now back in the country that she had started from, on her way to investigate something which had been a myth in her time and was probably lost to time now.  It would satisfy her curiosity and boredom for now at least.  In all her travels, she had come across perhaps two things which had sparked her interest.  One was the army of Slayers spread across Europe and the witch which had created them.  She had heard many tales of the power of the red-haired witch from her now dead counterparts; she had heard how they had tried to persuade the witch to prevent her return to this world.  The witch had true power, which she thought had been beyond the grasp of mortals.    She had tried to stay with the group, but was not given the proper respect or trust which she deserved.  She had deserted the group to travel the world further, in hope of finding something which would spark her interest for a while. 


Now Illyria sat within a bar within the town called Colorado Springs, thinking what her next move could be.  The bar around her was dark and dank and filled with the same type of people which were in every bar which Illyria had gone into.  Illyria still did not understand why humans preferred to trap themselves within small dark boxes such as this bar.  It wreaked of alcohol and cigarettes, and the music which bleared out of the electronic speaker system did little to entertain Illyria’s ears.


Despite the rituals and procedures which were meant to occur upon Illyria’s resurrection, it did not go according to plan.  Not all of Winifred Burkle had been consumed by her resurrection, a trace still remained within her body; within her consciousness, and it was starting to infect Illyria.  Time and time again, she had caught herself thinking of the consequences of her actions and their effects on the mortals around her.  The infection of Winifred Burkle had made interaction with humans easier, however, which was something which Illyria was grateful.  The humans often did not cooperate with her requests if she did not allow the Winifred Burkle infection to alter her behaviour, and threatening them often didn’t work either.  Using this, she was now able to successfully able to interact with humans on almost all levels. 


Illyria’s travels had shown her the truth behind Wesley’s words; humans did rule the earth now.  They infected the entire surface of the planet.  There was only one place within the remnants of a great rainforest which had spanned continents, where she could hear the song of the green in its full force.  Illyria had learned from her travels that when humans wished to contemplate their existence, thy often travelled to a bar.  That was what Illyria was doing now; contemplating her existence; choosing her next move.  


It had been only a few weeks ago that Illyria had remembered something which had just been a myth when she was still in power, but if the myth were true, it could serve to propel her back into power and gain some semblance of her former self.  She remembered that a small group of Old Ones had left this world at the end of days to a new world in an attempt to preserve their existence.  She knew the location of the supposed world, if it even existed; she just needed a way to get there.  Her current power was not enough for her to open a portal to the world, so she needed another way.  Illyria was on her way to the Antarctic to look for an ancient artefact which she was sure that the humans of Earth had not deciphered yet.   


Illyria was just about to leave the bar when she sensed a presence she had not felt before her binding to the Deeper Well.  Slowly, she looked around the room, trying to pinpoint its location.  Illyria looked towards the door as a trio of men walked into the bar.  The last one which had come through the door had sight enhancing spectacles, and was the source of the presence she had just sensed.  The presence was the mark of the ascended humans which had come before this generation, however the presence wasn’t the same as she last remembered it.  Rather, it was detached, like it was hanging in the background of the person’s consciousness.


Illyria sat across the bar, observing the trio of men.  As she observed them further, she could sense an artificial presence flowing through the veins of the bulky, dark-skinned male.  Indiscreetly, Illyria moved closer to the group and started to listen in to their conversation using her enhanced hearing.  She was still halfway across the bar, but she was able to enhance the noises which she heard with the shell’s ears, and her mind was able to filter out all unwanted distractions. 

“… we need to relax and unwind before we go on this trip.  Come on Danny boy, loosen up,” one of the males said to the one touched by the ascended. 

“I know. Its just that I need to prepare.  Even with all of the Asgard’s Technology and a ZPM, it will take weeks for us to travel and I can use that to loosen up.  I need to make sure that we have everything we need,” the one touched by the ascended replied.  That caught Illyria’s undivided attention, as she was familiar with the beings called the Asgard.  She didn’t know whether these humans were referring to the same beings which she had known of, the current language having twisted the meanings of many names, however this still required her undivided attention.  The Asgard had been allies of the ascended who had imprisoned them, and if they became aware of her return, it would be dangerous for her.  Still though, the mention of the name Asgard had given Illyria slight hope.  If the Asgard still had influence upon the current humans of this world, there may be a way for her to journey to the world which it was rumoured that her counterparts had ventured to millennia ago.



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